Life Beyond the Patio: Great Outdoor Activities in Toronto

When you live in a city, your version of the outdoors may be limited to that space between Starbucks at your office. Not exactly the inspiring and invigorating space that nature enthusiasts rave about. Toronto is 630.2 square kilometres, which means that there ought to be a green corner or two.

For those starved for a different rhythm, one where the sun is boss rather than your smart phone, you need not go far for the great outdoors in this world class city. The Humber River is directly connected to the subway line, offering bike trails, fishing spots, hiking trails and maybe some coveted peace of mind.

There is also diverse vegetation, plant life and a long winding network of trails that wind through Toronto's largest public park, High Park. There are several waterfalls in the middle of the Hillside Gardens. There are also Sakura cherry trees that were given to Toronto as a gift from Tokyo in the 1960s. The gorgeous sight of exploding pink blossoms is only for a matter of weeks and on very cold years, it doesn't even happen at all. But if you are lucky to take a stroll through the pink dotted wonderland, breathing in the sweet odour, you are one lucky tourist indeed.

Recent studies have declared that communing with nature makes you healthier. Although Toronto makes it possible to stay inside all the time, it is time to see the great, close outdoors.



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West Toronto


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The Beaches


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East Toronto


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