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    Cold Tea Bar

    Unless you live in Canada, you couldn't imagine how big a deal the patio season is in the great white north. With winter aplenty, there is no better feeling...

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    Hugh's Room

    Music is becoming more and more private. Earbuds are stuffed into our eardrums to create an internal symphony. However, remember the concert? The small...

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    Horseshoe Tavern

    The Horseshoe has been entertaining Torontonians since 1947. Most people who have lived in Toronto for some time have a Horseshoe Tavern story. An...

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    Located in the Thompson Hotel, The Wildflower is cooler than you. Even the website seems vaguely bored as if it no longer has time to do such monotonous...

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    Bovine Sex Club

    Lest you are convinced that you need to have "that talk" with your partner, let's start straight out of the gate by declaring that Bovine Sex Club is NOT a...

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    Snakes and Lattes Board Game Cafe

    For an "out of the box" night out, consider breaking out the board games. Snakes and Lattes has over 2500 board games with an alphabetical menu to help you...

    Photo courtesy of Snakes and Lattes
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    The Beaver Cafe

    There is that friend that is supremely hard to drag out. Heck, sometimes you ARE that friend. The Beaver is a good happy medium because it is a little of...

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    Paris Paris

    Paris Paris is an all-day wine bar in Toronto because Toronto is fast becoming one of those cities that never sleeps...and in sleepless cities, wine is a...

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    Get Well

    If you and your friends just want to hang out, Get Well is the perfect place to do that (besides your place, but Get Well has pizza that doesn't come from a...

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    Drake Underground

    In some ways, Toronto is an underground labyrinth. With subways connected to condos connected to office buildings, there are many months of the year where...

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