Why Go to Any Bar When You Can Drink at Toronto's Best?

It's hard work for a writer, getting a "best bar" assignment. Even though it has been a struggle, we did manage to scope out everything from watering holes to high end establishments that require the right shoes (and no, Toms don't make the cut). Drink by drink, we established what makes a bar unforgettable in Toronto. Then we promptly forgot what we were writing about.

Bar-goers can have it all in cosmopolitan Toronto. Whether it is a drink that puts hair on your chest, or the right people who make you forget about your 9 to 5, the bar can be a personal hub of community and transformation. Plus, most bars have booze, which, we have learned, most Canadians tend to enjoy.

If you like feeling like a spy, go to Toronto Temperance Society and be transported to the roaring 20s, where cocktails and gentlemen are equally classy. If you like to go to somewhere with live music and lots of (good) tequila, try out the Reposado Tequila Bar Toronto. You may not be as classy.

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all people, so why shouldn't our bars be as unique as we are? Whether you love a laid-back lounge or a dive bar, we don't judge.

Take a swig of what the city has to offer.

Drake Hotel Lounge
Photo courtesy of Connie Tsang

The Drake is not right in the centre of Toronto, but it sure feels like it is when you arrive. A hub for the fabulous, this revamped space manages to be edgy yet elegant. It offers everything from brunch to late night entertainment with world...  Read More

High Park/Roncesvalles

Like a fine wine, the area of Roncesvalles just keeps getting better with age. Enter The Ace, which used to be a Chinese restaurant and has become a chic and cozy bar which is just the ticket on a cold weather day. Dinner and lunch items take...  Read More

Plush black leather couches, reclaimed wooden tables and a sleek entrance may make you think you have stepped into Pretension District when you go to Spirit House. Don't be fooled. The ambience is just a sidenote, and the focus is first and...  Read More


You may be able to have too many shoes, but you can never have too many brew pubs (too much beer is another thing, but we don't want to be downers). Toronto's Barhop doesn't require that you engage in a tour of the city. There is more than...  Read More

Little Italy

An opinionated cocktail bar that can be hard to find from the street, Hoof Cocktail bar is the drinking extension of the extinct, yet popular, restaurant The Black Hoof. You will find classic and clever drinks with bourbon, rye, cognac and more...  Read More

This cocktail bar is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in case you want a stiff drink with your Eggs Benedict. It is often the case that bars either shine with drinks or with food, but Bar Begonia is the rare exception where both are...  Read More

Reposado Tequila Bar Toronto
Photo courtesy of Reposado Facebook page

There are two types of people in this world: those who have a good relationship with tequila and those that do not. If you and tequila have the relationship status of "It's Complicated," Reposado may be the place to deepen your bond. (FYI, A...  Read More

If you like hearing the word "exclusive," have we got the cocktail bar for you. The Toronto Temperance Society is a members-only cocktail lounge, so delightfully old fashioned you half expect Humphrey Bogart to saunter in. If you don't want to...  Read More

The King West restaurant Marben has a secret. It's The Cloak, which is found down the stairwell between its bar and kitchen, and then you must go through a heavy curtain (like a magician's cloak) to enter. (If anything is more exciting than...  Read More

Little Italy

Bar Raval has an aesthetic appeal so universal, most people start out their evening by taking a photo or two. The Gaudi-inspired panels seem like Swiss cheese that has turned into wood. Wine bottles balance precariously on the swirly wooden...  Read More


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