Toronto's Best Nightlife: Find Late-Night Fun in These Party Spots

As so eloquently stated in the 90s comedy Wayne's World: "It's party time! Excellent." (Now that Mike Myers has cemented his Canadian celebrity status by making it onto a stamp, a quote by him is reputable.) If you want to watch the dark night become darker and "just one drink" turn into "too many drinks" we have your party-central destinations in Toronto. Being the Canadian city with the largest population, Toronto's only problem when it comes to nightlife is too much choice.

You can certainly go the comedy route with a visit to Chicago's sister location of Second City, where Mike Myers perfected his comedy chops. Toronto also has the spots to entertain you musically, with live acts at places like The Garrison. You can also go to The Bovine Sex Club for rock and roll and not for what you were thinking. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

There are other nights to sleep, although we don't know when, because like a fine wine, Toronto gets better with age. The city is waiting for you to get out and stay out.

The Garrison
Photo courtesy of Regine Hervy


The Garrison is a no-frills place where some of the top acts in the city congregate. It has the two essentials of live music: good acoustics and space to dance (or at least sway without taking someone's eye out). Go into the front room to get an...  Read More

Second City
Photo courtesy of Second City Facebook page


Toronto's Second City has churned out some of the best of the best of epic Canadian comedy talent. We are talking Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Michael Myers, Catherine O'Hara, Gilda Radner, Martin Short and...  Read More



Formerly The Annex Wreck Room, Coda is a nightclub that is super proud of their audio and lighting system. Your favourite energetic gym songs will feel like they are directly pumping through your veins. The specialty is electronic, house and...  Read More

High Park/Roncesvalles
Hugh's Room
Photo courtesy of Bently Quast


Music is becoming more and more private. Earbuds are stuffed into our eardrums to create an internal symphony. However, remember the concert? The small venues where you felt like you had a relationship with the artist on stage, and there was...  Read More



Toronto restaurateur and nightlife kingpin Charles Khabouth has been at the forefront of both the city's dining and dancing scenes for years. So when he opened Uniun in the downtown Entertainment District in 2013, Toronto's party-loving set knew...  Read More



Lest you are convinced that you need to have "that talk" with your partner, let's start straight out of the gate by declaring that Bovine Sex Club is NOT a sex club. (That would just be too obvious, wouldn't it?). This local watering hole has...  Read More



The Horseshoe has been entertaining Torontonians since 1947. Most people who have lived in Toronto for some time have a Horseshoe Tavern story. An innocuous looking place on Queen Street West, it changes along with the times, providing...  Read More



Located in the Thompson Hotel, The Wildflower is cooler than you. Even the website seems vaguely bored, as if it no longer has time to do such monotonous activities as picking a daisy clean to get the answer to the question, "Does he love me?"...  Read More



In some ways, Toronto is an underground labyrinth. With subways connected to condos connected to office buildings, there are many months of the year where Torontonians do not see the light of day. (A seriously vitamin D deprived culture.) Why...  Read More



Some places in Toronto revel in the "I don't try too hard" attitude that all the cool kids have. The Reservoir Lounge is not that place. Located a few steps down from street level, this sub-basement space tries to be hip and cozy with exposed...  Read More


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