Photo courtesy of Photo Courtesy of The Legendary Rivoli Backroom

The Rivoli nurtures its reputation as a purveyor of eclectic entertainment by booking live music, comedy acts, DJs and poetry readings. You may recognize some of the acts who have performed here in the past, including the Kids in the Hall, Cowboy Junkies, Beck, the Indigo Girls, Iggy Pop and Janeane Garofalo, to name just a few. There are several spaces here: a restaurant, a bar, the back performance room, and a 5000 square foot pool hall upstairs, complete with 13 vintage pool tables. If you can swing it, go on Monday night for the ALTdotCOMedy Lounge – it's a winner.

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Annex Wreck Room

Wreck Room is a play on words – this place has a casual, rock-and-roll vibe with pool tables, a dance floor, arcade games and a huge bar, sort of like a glorified rec room. There's a stage for live acts, but usually DJs provide the sounds, which range from alt rock and Brit rock to retro and electronica.

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The Guvernment
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Massive is the operational word here. This place is huge – it's actually several clubs in one, each with its own vibe and specialty. Whether you want to dance til the wee hours, catch a live band, or sip champagne with friends, you can do it here.

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A bar with history! Dominion on Queen was originally opened as a hotel and brewery. Over a century later, the place is still operational, although these days it functions as a bar and restaurant, but the award winning brews are still on tap. The classy, wood-paneled atmosphere is enhanced by live jazz and blues several nights a week.

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When it opened in the late 1990s, Billiards Digest magazine named the Charlotte Room one of the top ten best new pool rooms in North America. The place has continued to live up to the initial kudos, offering a classy space with several tables and impressive food and beverage menus (no greasy wings and canned Schlitz here!). If the pool tables are occupied or you simply want a break, you'll find a number of other diversions in the form of board games, everything from chess to Boggle to Risk. Some Friday nights host live bands or magic shows.

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