Lounge Around in Style at One of Toronto's Top Lounges

Toronto has many sophisticated people who want a sophisticated place to go. Enter the lounge, the place that warrants a high heeled pump or a Windsor knotted tie. Mind you, we have also included some establishments that wouldn't blink if you decide to make your entrance in yoga pants. 

The word lounge already indicates the relaxed nature of the evening. Rather than working to scream over loud bass, you can converse. You have your choice of cocktails to either help along or hurt that conversation. Some lounges get opinionated on what your beverage of choice should be by specializing in tequila, such as the Reposado Tequila Bar. Others are more opinionated on what your beverage of choice shouldn't be, such as Hoof Cocktail Bar's obvious distain of vodka.

You can get a magnificent view of the city from many of these locations, whether you are peering over a rooftop or seeing Toronto from a new angle. The DEQ at Ritz Carlton Toronto has a magnificent patio that provides an urban oasis right in the heart of downtown. If downtown is your jam, you can always transition from the office to the tiki bar with Toronto's polynesian oasis, The Shameful Tiki Room

Some of these locations are hard to get into and others require a membership. Are you serious enough about your cocktails to make that kind of commitment?



From Fashion Week to TIFF to Hot Docs, Stirling Room is the rare lounge that can keep up with the changing face of Toronto. Located in Toronto's historic Distillery, even Prince Charles has walked past this hot spot. Elegantly appointed, the...  Read More



The rooftop lounge in the Thompson Hotel is not necessarily the easiest spot to secure a spot, but do attempt it. Go early and stay for awhile, loading up on sunblock and cat eye sunglasses to fit in with the Beverly Hills Hotel vibe. Situated...  Read More

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With room for 60 people and earlier closing hours than many downtown lounges, Nikai attracts a mature and polished crowd. Hip, Asian-influenced decor includes a ceiling that looks like a giant Jenga game. To add to the irony, Jenga is available...  Read More



Although most people may not think "lounge" and think "tequila" Reposado Tequila Bar may make you change your mind. If you and tequila haven't had a solid relationship yet, a reposado is a type of tequila that has been aged in a oak barrel....  Read More

Little Italy


An opinionated cocktail bar that can be hard to find from the street, Hoof Cocktail bar is the drinking extension of the extinct, yet popular, restaurant The Black Hoof. You will find classic and clever drinks with bourbon, rye, cognac and more...  Read More

Drake Hotel Lounge
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The Drake Hotel Lounge describes themselves as "your home away from your home's living room...only better." That tagline is ideal for dedicated homebodies, and this eclectic Toronto space lives up to its promise. The Drake is a trendy and unique...  Read More



Wear something fancy and indulge in an equally fancy cocktail at the Ritz Carlton's elegant DEQ Terrace and Lounge. During the winter, cozy fireplaces and furnishings inspire patrons to hunker down. During the summer, the fireplace will follow...  Read More



There is nothing shameful about craving a tiki room in Toronto. In fact, we would go as far to say that it is perfectly natural. After winter in excess, we could all stand to have a pineapple or two. Rod Moore is the Vancouver native behind the...  Read More



If you like hearing the word "exclusive," have we got the cocktail bar for you. The Toronto Temperance Society is a members-only cocktail lounge, so delightfully old fashioned you half expect Humphrey Bogart to saunter in. If you don't want to...  Read More

Little Italy


Bar Raval has an aesthetic appeal so universal, most people start out their evening by taking a photo or two. The Gaudi-inspired panels appear like Swiss cheese that has turned into wood. Wine bottles balance precariously on the swirly wooden...  Read More


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