Root for Your Favourite Team at Toronto's Top Sports Bars

When a game is on that you really, really care about, it is not enough to set aside the time to watch it. In Toronto, you have to decide where you will watch it. And sports bars will fight to the teeth to get you to choose them. 

Some may win you over with high definition television screens that are significantly bigger than your living arrangements. Others will have wings that will be so spicy that you may lose your voice from the heat, rather than from cheering. Some bring sports off of the screen with attached bowling alleys, like the entertainment centre The Ballroom. Or you may be swayed with the brand of a sports megastar. Wayne Gretzky's pays homage to "The Great One" in every way possible, even charring the burger buns with his jersey number 99.

Whether you are a fan of cricket or football, there is a bar in Toronto that is filled with your people. You don't have to feel the rush of sweet victory alone – nor do you have to cry in your beer solo. Meet some of the thousands of people who care about your passion with just as much intensity as you do. It is one of the joys of being in any large city; you are never alone. Especially when it comes to watching "the game."

The Football Factory


When they speak of football at The Football Factory, let's get our facts straight. This is not American football. This is soccer. And if you aren't interested in soccer, the patio may be the best place to enjoy the drinks and atmosphere. Inside,...  Read More

High Park/Roncesvalles


331 Roncesvalles has seen a lot of businesses come and go in the last ten years, but we are hoping Round the Horn stay. Roncesvalles was due for a sports bar and this bar manages to infuse sports into its personality without shoving sports down...  Read More



TVs, TVs everywhere and not a drop to drink. Scratch that not a drop to drink part. There are TVs everywhere and a ton to drink at Rally Sports Bar (we were just aiming for poetic language). Does 7000 square feet, 40 high definition TVs and 13...  Read More



It is one of the oldest bars in Toronto, so no, it does not have a website, thank you very much. It does have a Facebook page, and most importantly, it does have beer. Piles of nachos, the gooiest of wings and the coldest of beers are served at...  Read More



Right near the CN Tower and Air Canada Centre, this is a great bar to go to before the game or to watch the game itself. Craft beers and rare imports will make it hard to decide what to drink for the evening. Ask for little tastes of a wide...  Read More



The Dock Ellis is an upscale sports bar that offers some reasonably priced libations and a great setting to watch the game. Dimly lit, we would almost call The Dock Ellis romantic were it not for the whole sports bar thing. It tends to attract a...  Read More



Once only available to Western Canada, the premium sports bar experience finally made its way East in the heart of Toronto's Yonge and Dundas Square. Shark Club boasts a 90' long full colour sports ticker, a massive 15'6" big screen TV and an...  Read More



If you go to Toronto, and talk badly about Wayne Gretzky, it is about on par with going to London and bad-mouthing the Queen. It may be even worse. Get on board by getting your sports fix at Wayne Gretzky's in the heart of the entertainment...  Read More



You have to love multitasking Toronto. An ever-competitive city, it is not enough to open a restaurant any more. It must be a restaurant-slash-something. And the Ballroom certainly has a lot of slashes. It is also a bowling alley, a sports bar...  Read More

Real Sports Bar
Photo courtesy of Real Sports Bar Facebook page


From press conferences to large scale versions of game night, The Real Sports Bar doesn't pull any punches. It treats you, the sports fan, and your relationship with your team with the utmost respect. Right beside the Air Canada Centre, on game...  Read More


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