Save Water, Drink Wine at Toronto's Favored Wine Bars

A meal without wine is called breakfast (or so the joke goes). But wine is a drink that many don't joke about. With the care and attention it takes to cultivate the grapes and create a memorable experience, these Toronto wine bars pay tribute to the nectar of the gods. Whether you are an oenophile or someone looking to shake off a bad day, these are the places to park. With mood lighting and careful pours, the air seems perfumed by cork and everyone seems a little happier. Or maybe that's just us after a glass or seven.

Although wine is meant to be the star of the show, Toronto is a city for food lovers and the food pairings available at our wine bar choices are sublime. Midfield Wine Bar has short ribs to wash down with your bold red. Sapori has beautiful cheese boards to go along with superb wines that cut through the richness of full-fat dairy with aplomb. Some of their cheese boards take up more than one table, so best to bring both your friends and your stretchy pants.

If wine isn't the answer, we don't know what the question is. Let's drink our antioxidants in their preferred form: one sip at a time.

CIBO Wine Bar


CIBO Wine Bar is as much a restaurant as a wine bar, but we will let it slide. It also works hard to bring the entertainment factor, living on the vibrant King Street West and being run by the Liberty Entertainment Group. It seems to be working,...  Read More

Bar Buca


Bar Buca is the kind of place that understands that you may need a little upper with your downer. Equally interested in the coffee scene as much as wine and cocktails, it is a casual place to grab a snack and shoot the breeze. Italy's aperitivo...  Read More



Given its location inside First Canadian Place (Canada's tallest skyscraper) in Toronto's financial district, one would expect Reds to be an exclusive dining spot for those with expense accounts. But while the bistro and wine bar's clientele...  Read More



With lightly stained wood decor and affordable pours, Archive is the kind of bar that doesn't need to be a special occasion only. It is devoid of snobbery yet dedicated to delightful pours and has a giant wine list to tickle any grape lover's...  Read More



2009 was a memorable year for restaurant openings in Toronto, and Local Kitchen and Wine Bar was among the notable debuts. Childhood friends Fabio Bondi and Michael Sangregorio teamed up to open the space. It's tiny and decorated in an...  Read More

Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern


Midfield Wine Bar fits the first (and most important) characteristic of a wine bar: it is a great place to drink wine. With a rustic coziness and wines that slant on shelves behind the bar, you want to stay a while. Imprisoned wine sits behind...  Read More

Grey Gardens


Although Kensington is one of the places in Toronto to see and be seen, it is not exactly the place you would expect to go for a spectacular glass of wine. Grey Gardens is willing to challenge whatever preconceived notions you may have about the...  Read More

Chez Nous


If you live in Canada, you know that our country can make some pretty competitive wine. If you don't live in Canada, that sounds like an oxymoron: doesn't wine need constant sunshine and a corner of Europe to thrive? If you want to get in on the...  Read More

Brothers Food and Wine


If you exit the TTC at Bay subway station, you are either part of the fancy rat race, with a crisp suit to match, or you are part of the fancy shopping set, with a pair of expensive shoes to match. Life looks a little different on Bay Street,...  Read More



Natural, biodynamic wines are the forefront of the experience at Sapori, but it is also about the food (is it never not about the food?). Sweet and sour chicken wings come highly recommended, as do the cheese and charcuterie boards which can...  Read More


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