Turn Your Instagram Filters Off: These Top Toronto Dessert Destinations Need No Editing

Maya Angelou once wrote, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

I bring this up because how does dessert make you feel, Toronto?

Once you leave it in the occasional indulgence category and not the everyday, you can ditch the guilt. We can all enjoy something laden with frosting or oozing with chocolate. Sorry, what was I saying?

One of the city's best known bakeries is Dufflet, which has become so ubiquitous with sweet teeth that they are now available in many grocery store freezer aisles. Don't sell yourself short: Toronto's "finest purveyor of pastry" is even more delightful the day of, with hand crafted creations from scratch that are suitable for birthday parties or portioned for one. 

If you have some dietary restrictions, it certainly isn't too hard in Toronto to find your bakery. Through Being Cool has doughnuts so large and fluffy, they threaten to ruin all other doughnut shops. The fact that they are vegan is the least important thing about them: they are delicious. Bunners has gluten free cinnamon buns piled high with frosting and so sticky sweet you will be licking your fingers for hours.

You may refine your diet and grow an adult palate, but admit it, there will be always be some room for dessert.



Soma is considered by many Toronto foodies and chocoholics to be the best purveyor of chocolate in the city. Step into the store and cafe in the historic Distillery District, and the scent of chocolate hits you instantly. That's because...  Read More

Queen West


Nadege has four locations in Toronto and all in posh and upscale neighbourhoods. This makes sense, as the desserts look like they could be on a best dressed list. Ganache and curd tarts are decorated with fruit that is so artfully arranged, it...  Read More



Toronto's one and only vegan and gluten free shop is in high demand. Even though gluten free living recently became as famous as one of the Kardashians, this is not why you should stop by. Owners Ashley Wittig and Kevin MacAllister didn't let a...  Read More



Opened by pastry chef Dufflet Rosenberg in 1982, this much-loved bakery has become one of Ontario's most popular purveyors of wedding cakes, party trays and special treats for folks who feel the need for a little pampering. Whole cakes, pies and...  Read More



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After a period of celebrating the jack-of-all-trades, it is nice to see some specialization in the dessert world. Nugateau is a bakery that uses French baking techniques to result in fantastic eclairs, and only eclairs. This doesn't mean that...  Read More



There are tons of documentaries and books that we can read teaching us the evils of sugar. Christina Tosi, Momofuku pastry chef, also wants to teach us the pleasure of dessert. Items that started in the New York bakery have now become classic...  Read More



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