The Farm-To-Table-To-Stomach Restaurants In Toronto That Are Worth A Reservation

You need only turn on the TV for a second to know how widespread the farm-to-table movement has become. Commercials follow the farm-to-table formula of acoustic music, natural environs and close-up shots of fresh produce. Even fast food juggernauts are getting in on the action. We can't deny it: agricultural awareness is hot.

The farm-to-table ethos is so engrained in the minds of Toronto chefs that whether you’re at a burger joint or sitting down to a high-end meal, you can be certain that most of what you’re eating was grown close to home. Still, we have moved past the days when chef knows best. Now the farmer knows best and Toronto is blessed to be near a number of incredible fruit and vegetable growers, dairy and animal farmers and artisan cheese makers. An hour’s drive outside the city in virtually any direction will lead you to farms supplying products to Toronto’s best farm-to-table restaurants. And with wine producers and craft brewers also dotting the local landscape, the circle between grower, producer and chef is a tight one in Toronto.

For rustic and fresh Italian fare like you’d find in Tuscany, try Local Kitchen & Wine Bar, with chalkboard specials and pasta with just the right amount of bite. If you don't like to waste anything, have a seat at Beast, which has established a strong reputation on the Toronto restaurant scene for creating a flavour-packed menu with a nose-to-tail approach.

Nose-to-tail or farm-to-table, let's get real: this is all about fork-to-mouth.

West Toronto


Chef-owners Joel MacMillan and Melissa da Silva have brought farm-to-table to this Dufferin Grove restaurant. Expect twists on standard Canadian favourites and deconstructed dishes that show a flair for the funky. Braised goat is not an unusual...  Read More

East Toronto


"Think Global. Eat Local!" Globe Bistro takes their motto seriously, sourcing ingredients locally then preparing them with creativity and flair. Although the glory days of the Globe have passed and they no longer have locations all around...  Read More

West Toronto


The upward growing nature of Toronto's condominiums puts us further and further away from farm-to-table dining. Luckily, there are people that save us from ourselves, such as the manager of Farmhouse Tavern, Darcy MacDonell. Darcy grew up in...  Read More

West Toronto


Chef Scott Vivian spent time early in his career cooking under Jamie Kennedy, the chef most often associated with farm-to-table cuisine in Toronto. So it was of little surprise that his own restaurant, Beast, celebrated local farmers and...  Read More



In bustling downtown Toronto, there is a brick and tinder building that stands out. Marben is one of Toronto's original farm-to-table restaurants. It continues to focus on fresh and local ingredients. High bar stools in canary yellow drench the...  Read More



Food is fuel. Food is medicine. Food is love. Or so says Cafe Belong. We believe them, as they practice what they preach, using succulent ingredients that you don't need to be told are picked straight from the vine. Cafe Belong is designed to...  Read More

Little Italy


Simple, honest and handmade is not a bad thing to aim for in any diet. Woodlot adheres to that philosophy. Situated in the heart of Little Italy, Woodlot cooks spectacularly filling dishes without overloading them with unnecessary ingredients....  Read More



French food is often still seen as fussy, even though decades of nouveau cuisine have proven otherwise. Union Restaurant has the attention to detail you may expect from a French restaurant, with surprises like a delicious red wine float that...  Read More



2009 was a memorable year for restaurant openings in Toronto, and Local Kitchen and Wine Bar was among the notable debuts. Childhood friends Fabio Bondi and Michael Sangregorio teamed up to open the space. It's tiny and decorated in an...  Read More

East Toronto


When chef Lynn Crawford opened this restaurant on Toronto's east side in 2010, she brought a different dining style and some celebrity to the Riverside neighbourhood. The star power comes from Crawford herself - known for stints as a Food...  Read More


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