Treat Yourself with Toronto's Top Lunch Spots

Let's bring the lunch back.

For too many years, we have been neglecting this meal, eating it hurriedly in front of a computer screen. We are spending far too little time indulging our epicurious side; our inner gourmands. We are spending far too little time slowing down.

Lunch in Toronto doesn't have to come at a high price point. From a bowl of steaming hot noodles concocted by superstar chef David Chang at Momofuku to a vegetarian food done right at Planta, we have you covered. We have the burgers slathered in cheese, and the pizza slathered in...cheese. We have the spots where you can sit and linger, or the perfect places to grab and go and get on with your day. That fresh air will do you good either way.

From downtown Toronto to Roncesvalles, our picks transverse the city. It is hard to run a restaurant in Toronto and keep the customers interested. The ones that "make it" have inventive chefs, fresh food and an energy that never wanes. 

Whether you are solidifying a business deal or gossiping over illicit lunchtime drinks is your prerogative. Just step away from the desk, already. Right now you must tend to your stomach. That work will wait for you to return.



Momofuku in Japanese translates to "lucky peach." Now that we have the linguistics lesson out of the way, let's get to the details. With the surging popularity of New York's Momofuku scene, Toronto couldn't have been more thrilled to welcome...  Read More

East Toronto
Wilbur Mexicana
Photo courtesy of Yelp


You will be hardpressed to find a friend who will say no to a bowl of guacamole (and you must always be skeptical of these "friends"). Should you need to get your fix of healthy fats, Wilbur Mexicana is the place to go. Burritos and tacos are...  Read More

West Toronto


This is the real deal kind of pizza. You may find yourself enthusiastically affirming the taste of real Neopolitan Pizza at Pizzeria Libretto in Italian. Or, if words fail you, "Mmmm" works well in most languages. This pizza has a soft chewy...  Read More

Queen West


If you are looking for a unique twist on a filling Vietnamese sandwich, you certainly can't go wrong with Banh Mi Boys. On Queen and Spadina, this sandwich shop takes the Vietnamese construct and gives it multicultural twists, from Korean to...  Read More



If you are looking for fast food that is made of ingredients that you can pronounce, in general, you are out of luck. However, chef Stephen Gardner foresaw a need and in 2005 opened up Urban Herbivore in a small restaurant in Kensington. They...  Read More

Queen West


Mexican food is amazing with a beer and a patio and a hot summer day, but it is equally as satisfying when you can hide under a warm winter sweater and eat your weight in tacos. Grand Electric has amazing tacos (and other stuff) for reasonable...  Read More



When The Burger's Priest opened in 2010, it catapulted in popularity. Now with eight restaurants in Ontario alone, there is a cult following, because Torontonians love nothing better than overpopulating a new hot spot. Luckily, the service is...  Read More



With growing to-do lists, our brunch and newspaper-reading weekends may be replaced with visits to IKEA, the dry cleaner and the grocery store. It is no wonder that by the time Monday rolls around, we are grumpy. Maha's is a restaurant designed...  Read More

High Park/Roncesvalles
Barque Smokehouse
Photo courtesy of Jill Chen


If you are a person who hears the words "baby back ribs" and salivates, you must make a trip over to Roncesvalles for a spectacular lunch. Lucky for us, owners and childhood friends Jonathan Persofsky and David Neinstein left the corporate world...  Read More



Take the "a" off of "Planta" and you will realize what this restaurant is all about (and it's not the hokey pokey). Marketed as plant-based cuisine rather than vegan, this fresh and airy restaurant specializes in delicious food from around the...  Read More


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