Toronto Restaurant Menus Let You Be Gluten-Free and Proud

There are those who must be gluten free, but the gluten free movement has exploded much beyond need in Toronto. Many people feel that a lack of gluten in their diet can bring everything from clear skin to a flat belly. Whether you are celiac or in want of Miley Cyrus' abs, you are not destined to live off of salads and breads that weigh as much as bricks. Take a journey with us through Toronto's seriously tasty gluten free world.

You can go for the restaurants that are so health-conscious that everything on the menu is naturally free of gluten. Feel Good Guru and Live Food Bar fit this bill with menu items so delectable you won't miss the heat, the meat or the gluten.

If you are craving the familiar favourites under a new cloak, there is also plenty of selection. Riz Restaurant has an Asian fusion menu that can be made entirely gluten free, with spring rolls to match. Villa Restaurant gives you gluten free crusts to feed your wood oven pizza craving. And Starving Artists creates waffles that you would never imagine that may make you consider purchasing a waffle iron.

There is no need to stay in anymore with a restricted diet. Bring your dietary preferences into the open air. Toronto is happy to feed them.

West Toronto
Villa Restaurant


If you are gluten free and looking for a classy meal, look no further than Villa. Rather than jealously gazing at your friend's pasta and pizza dishes, you can revel in your own. There are gluten free options to almost every traditional dish....  Read More



When it comes time to pick up lunch, choices came seem worse for the wear when you are gluten free. Should you cross your fingers and hope that the item in front of you has not been contaminated? Going to iQ Food Co with three locations takes...  Read More

Starving Artist
Photo courtesy of Starving Artist Facebook page


When you are thinking "gluten free" the last thing you are probably thinking about is waffles. Heck, when you think "restaurant" an experience built around waffles is probably not on the top of your list. Think again. Starving Artist was opened...  Read More



The Beet is owned by certified Nutritional Practitioner Michelle Vella and Homeopathic Doctor Heather Osler. Whether you want to eat well when you eat out, or you have a specific dietary preference, the Beet has you covered. The Beet supports...  Read More



Hibiscus cafe in Kensington market is cozy like a warm hug. Even if the only thing gluten free about you is the fact that you occasionally indulge in a cup of soup, you won't be disappointed. Speaking of soup, the soup and salad combo gets rave...  Read More



Gourmet, gluten free and sugar free, the restaurant "live" will allow you to feel more "alive" upon exiting. Although it caters to the raw and vegan subset of the population, you certainly don't have to be either to enjoy the inventive food of...  Read More



This extensive pan asian restaurant includes dishes inspired by Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea and Vietnam and yet manages to have cohesive flavours. Choose all you can taste if you are currently suffering with fierce hunger, or try the menu...  Read More



Fresh restaurant opened its doors in 1999, way before "clean eating" and "vegetarian" were on the lips of every second Torontonian. As the times changed to make healthy choices not about deprivation, Fresh grew along with it, opening four...  Read More

Queen West
Feel Good Guru
Photo courtesy of Moira Nordholt


Feel Good Guru may have hippie written all over it (hyper-local, super-awesome organic plant-powered food, thank you very much) but it is not just for the granola crowd. Local businesses have become addicted to the plant powered juices,...  Read More



The general mathematical rule is that the more kale a Toronto restaurant has, the more expensive it will be. Healthy doesn't have to break the bank now that Kupfert & Kim have set up shop right in the heart of the financial district. Healthy...  Read More


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