The Perfect Romantic Restaurants In Toronto For Your Next Date Night

Romances don't run themselves. Sometimes it takes a perfectly executed evening with a special touch that says to your date that you are still interested; that you are still in this thing called love. Life, especially in a fast-paced city such as Toronto, can get busy enough to make romance fall by the wayside.

To which we say: it is time to bring the romance back! (And no, a naughty text does not count as "romance.")

We have compiled a list of restaurants that are the culinary equivalent of a big frilly Valentine. Whether you are in the dog house, or just feeling extra-appreciative, a reservation made at one of these places will not go unnoticed. Private booths and multi-course meals at George will set the perfect backdrop for declarations of love (both for the food and for your dinner date). Or go classic Toronto and visit the award-winning Canoe restaurant, with a view that will make your heart go pitter-patter. Most of our choices are a little beyond everyday dining in terms of the price tag, but that is what helps the fire to burn. When it feels special from the minute you walk in, your relationship is given the opportunity to soar.

So take out that wallet and steam clean your suit or dust off those high heels. Time to get it style.

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Remember when going out for dinner was a no fuss thing to do? Remember when going out for dinner didn't require you checking your bank account to see if it was really, truly feasible? If you and your significant other have gotten into the...  Read More

Little Italy


When it comes to keeping the romance alive, one nugget of advice that is often circulating is to try new experiences together. Although Bar Isabel falls into the "safe" category of restaurant, it does have menu options that you likely haven't...  Read More

Davisville/Forest Hill


Scaramouche has one of the best dining views of Toronto. The sublime food has been receiving raves for over 30 years, as this is one of the rare restaurants that keeps impressing. The tables by the floor-to-ceiling windows are a hot commodity,...  Read More

Little Italy


Simple, honest and handmade is not a bad thing to aim for in any diet, especially when the night may take a romantic turn. Woodlot adheres to a "simple is best" philosophy and after tasting their dishes composed of high quality ingredients, you...  Read More



Canoe is appropriately situated above TD bank in the centre of the entertainment district. This splurge of a restaurant is impressive through and through, from the artful handling of the food in the immaculate open kitchen, to a menu by chef...  Read More

West Toronto


Somehow Enoteca Sociale manages to take basic ingredients and elevate them. Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe sounds simple enough, but the sheep milk's cheese and perfect portion of coiled pasta strands sprinkled with freshly cracked black pepper go well...  Read More

North Toronto


Not all of Toronto's best restaurants are downtown, and Auberge Du Pommier proves that. Ontario chef Malcolm Campbell brings New French flair through his cuisine at this North York neighbourhood restaurant. Auberge has been constructed around...  Read More

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Multilingual as Toronto may be, there are also a lot of people who speak bad French. We can make up for the fact that we butcher our country's official language by taking romantic partners to French restaurants. If we are dating the person we...  Read More



Cluny Bistro takes French food and makes it unfussy. You can have your caramelized onion soup and moules frites but you don't need to have a side of snobbery. Even so, the backdrop for your dining experience will be absolutely stunning. Imagine...  Read More



George is the kind of fine dining that is becoming less common in our modern age. The food itself almost demands formal attire, with chef Lorenzo Loseto committing his evolving menus to seasonal and local produce. The food is presented...  Read More


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