More Excuses To Stay In With These Best Toronto Takeout Spots

Sometimes you don't want to bothered with sitting down at a restaurant, perusing the menu and providing scintillating conversation. Sometimes dressing down in pyjamas seems like a dream evening, coupled with some takeout containers to keep you warm.

Toronto is well known for its multiculturalism and the food scene proves this. You can go and Google your ethnic preference, or you can try some of these special offerings. Just because you are watching reality television and eating with chopsticks does not mean that you don't deserve special.

We have tried to cover a wide range, from sandwiches stuffed with everything from meatloaf to BBQ chicken at Dundas Park Kitchen to food bowls that are delightfully packed with nutrients at IQ Food Company. We assume that you may be in one of two moods: 1) celebrating your vacation by consuming as much cheese as possible or 2) desperately trying to reclaim your weight after you ate your weight in airport food. Healthy takeout is aplenty in Toronto, but we only have the best, such as Feel Good Guru which has the magical ability to disguise their fruit and vegetables in dessert. Their raw carrot cake just has to be tried. For your health, of course.

Get out your walking shoes and do some sightseeing on the way to your takeout. Whether you are eating it in your hotel room or on a park bench people-watching doesn't matter. At least your belly will be full and happy.

Flock Rotisserie is miles away from Swiss Chalet, even though the two both claim to have mastered the rotisserie chicken experience. We think you should trust Rotisserie's word, as they specialize in naturally raised chicken without hormones or...  Read More

Queen West

If you are looking for a unique twist on a filling Vietnamese sandwich, you certainly can't go wrong with Banh Mi Boys. Right on Queen and Spadina, the sandwich shop takes the Vietnamese construct and gives it multicultural twists, from Korean...  Read More

Queen West
Feel Good Guru
Photo courtesy of Moira Nordholt

Feel Good Guru may have hippie written all over it (hyper-local, super-awesome organic plant-powered food, thank you very much) but it is not just for the granola crowd. Local businesses have become addicted to the plant powered juices,...  Read More


When it comes time to pick up lunch, choices came seem worse for the wear when you are trying to stay in reasonable shape. Should you cross your fingers and hope that the item in front of you will not make you balloon? Going to iQ Food Co with...  Read More

Fish may not be on the list of your lunchtime staples, especially if you are worried about becoming the tuna fish person at your workplace (which is also the quickest way to deflate any existing workplace camaraderie). Little Fin switches up the...  Read More

Montreal's smoked meat fits in well in Toronto, with this popular deli on College Street. Hand-smoked and hand-cut, the attention to detail results in a sandwich that is on every meat-lover's "must eat" list. Zane Caplansky taught himself how to...  Read More

The general mathematical rule is that the more kale a Toronto restaurant has, the more expensive it will be. Healthy doesn't have to break the bank now that Kupfert & Kim have set up shop right in the heart of the financial district. Healthy...  Read More

Chino Locos
Photo courtesy of Chino Locos Facebook page

For those nights when you can't decide if you want Chinese or Mexican (if there are those nights), Chino Locos is a dream come true. Even if you can't decide what you feel like, the word "dream" still applies here. Exceptionally good burritos...  Read More

High Park/Roncesvalles

You have probably heard good cooks proclaim that the secret ingredient is "love." In Alex Tso and Melanie Harris' case, this may be true. After a multi-continental love affair, they have settled in the Dundas West area to raise a family and feed...  Read More

Raw chef Lisa Labute and Catharine Parker were frustrated that "crap food" seemed to be the only choice for takeout and fast food options. When you want a change to come to the world, the best way is to do it yourself. That is exactly what they...  Read More


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