Toronto's Top Gourmet Stores Could Make A Foodie Out Of Anyone

If you pore over food magazines the same way that some people read the news, you were born in the right era. Toronto has a profound appreciation for food and respects people who want more from their meals than energy. If your taste buds are on high alert, give them the expedition of their dreams by frequenting one of Toronto's spectacular gourmet stores.

Foodies go to these specialty stores for chef-worthy ingredients. If you are one step away from donning a white toque and watch The Food Network like it is CNN, these are your people. All of these stores offer hard-to-find products at price points that may increase your heart rate, but gourmands will go to great lengths to score exceptional ingredients. If your love of food is very likely the love of your life, you don't want to have to settle for everyday tastes, flavours or concepts.

The St. Lawrence Market is consistently considered one of the best markets in the world and will offer you any esoteric ingredient from passionate food vendors. Or you can travel for a single specialty ingredient, whether it be a vegan prepared food at YamChops or an ethically cut bison steak from Custodio's Meats and Eats

Reading this article will acquaint you with the ingredients of your dreams, from flaked sea salt to delicate truffles. As Martha Stewart would say, that is a good thing. A very good thing.

The Big Carrot Natural Food Market
Photo courtesy of The Big Carrot Facebook page


The Big Carrot opened in the 80s with a mission to be organic and GMO-free. This was a time where such concepts were not nearly as trendy as they are today. It now works as a co-op, where full time staff are voted into membership. They become...  Read More

West Toronto
Max's Market


As you walk into Max's Market, you will be presented with delicious prepared foods that will make you hungry, even if you just ate. The variety is astounding, from salads, empanadas, Schnitzel, stuffed vine leaves, and hundreds of other options....  Read More

Little Italy
Photo courtesy of YamChops Facebook page


When you are on the lookout for a new gourmet store to peruse, you probably aren't looking too closely at vegetarian butchers. Perhaps that is because you didn't know that there was a vegetarian butcher. Family owned YamChops opened in the...  Read More

Queen West


Fabulous Eats For The Allergic And Sensitive Types is not just for those who have wheat, gluten, shellfish, nut, dairy or other types of allergies. It is for those who love food and want to Instagram a picture of a really good doughnut. It is...  Read More



Pusateri's is so vast that it's frequently compared to Harrod's in London or Fauchon in Paris. It's on every Toronto foodie's radar and is always bustling with well-dressed people carrying baskets that are overflowing with baguettes and sushi....  Read More



All The Best Fine Foods specializes in cheese and even has a dynamic cheesemonger who can help you to choose from the global selection. Weekly cheese tastings are always popular in-store events. However, All The Best specializes in much more...  Read More

High Park/Roncesvalles


Often when people speak about eating ethically, they are thinking about vegetarian food. Custodio's Meats and Eats keeps the experience carnivorous yet provides the gourmet customer with ethically butchered meats. Traditionally and locally...  Read More

West Toronto
Cheese Boutique


Some people love cheese so much that they name their children after it. This family owned enterprise doesn't have any children with cheese names, but they have treated the cheese industry as a member of their family. Enraptured Torontonians...  Read More



In case your high school French is not up to par, let us warn you in advance: Cote de Boeuf is not a place for weak stomached vegetarians. However, it is a place for meat-loving foodies, particularly those who have been or dream of going to...  Read More



Toronto is home to the world's best food market, according to National Geographic – a pretty reputable source, if you ask us. Even if you don't subscribe, you will certainly rank The St. Lawrence Market highly due to the fantastic collection...  Read More


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