Best Brew Pubs in Vancouver

Enjoy Craft Beer and Tasty Bites at Vancouver's Brew Pubs and Breweries

A freshly poured cold pint of beer? You don't have to ask us twice. From lively spots where you can catch some live music to cozy spaces that are perfect for hangouts with friends, Vancouver has plenty to offer. Pair your beer with some delicious bites and you're set.

In East Vancouver, you'll find a number of microbreweries where you can grab a seat, a nibble and a sipper. It's at these microbreweries that you'll get to try unique blends that you won't find anywhere else. When you find something you like, fill a growler to take home and enjoy. 33 Acres Brewing Co opens pretty early and closes late so check them out throughout the day. They're brunch is pretty great!

Over in Railtown is the Settlement Building. What initially started out as an urban winery, has now grown to accommodate a restaurant, brewery and winery all under one roof. Postmark Brewing makes delicious beer that you can enjoy in the beautiful space, while tucking into Belgard Kitchen's tasty food.

Sometimes you want to keep it simple and when the mood strikes, Hastings Mill Brewing Company (what used to be Pat's Pub and Brew House) has a seat with your name on it. Located on East Hastings, this space has been around since 1914. What started as the Patricia Cafe where jazz music filled the room is now one of the city's most charming pubs. It's nothing fancy, but the beer is cold, the music's live, and the history's rich.



Located in the heart of Granville Island, the Granville Island Brewery is open to the public for tours of the brewery and has a restaurant where diners can enjoy a beer and a bite. They offer daily tours and each tour can accommodate up to 10 people. Tours are on a first come, first serve basis. The Taproom is open until 8pm and where you can go and take a seat and order tasters or 12 oz pours and enjoy a little snack to go with your drink. The food options include bites like wings, pizza, burgers, and charcuterie plates, to name a few. Whether you're starting off your visit to Granville Island, or ending it, grabbing a pint or tour at the brewery is worthwhile.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Located on Granville Island, it's a convenient location to quench your thirst while you're shopping.

Natasha's expert tip: This small batch brewery also has a wine and beer store where you can take home a six pack to consume at home.

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Look for the bright neon sign that says "Patricia" along East Hastings Street and you're in for a special surprise. This hidden gem of a brew pub offers a delightful atmosphere that complements the cold beer and hearty food. Pat's Classic Lager is all-natural, preservative-free and micro-brewed on site by Hastings Mill Brewing Co. They use hops, barley, malt, yeast and filtered water to make this popular beer. Accompanying their own brews is a selection of over 20 other microbreweries and a selection of wine on tap. The menu is made up of comforting pub fare. To name just a few, you'll find dishes like fish tacos, wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and a very Canadian classic, poutine.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: The Hastings Mill Brewing Co. started as the Patricia Cafe in 1914. It definitely has the most history out of all of Vancouver's pubs.

Natasha's expert tip: Don't let this East Hastings neighborhood deter you from coming. Cabs frequent the area and public transportation is close by.

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With its truck stop theme, it's hard to miss Red Truck Beer Company. This neighborhood brewery combines freshly brewed beer, diner-style eats, and live music. Together, it makes for a good time. On a nice day, sit outside on the patio and enjoy a cold one. On cooler days, take it inside where there's a decent amount of seating. They usually have over a half dozen of their Red Truck beers on tap to choose from and if you're not sure what to order. When it comes to the food, it's all about comfort. From hot dogs and burgers to flavored fries and an all day egg-centric menu, you've got options.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Red Truck Beer Company's weekly live music is a welcome addition to the beer, food, and good times.

Natasha's expert tip: Check out their online music schedule to find out who's playing when.

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Located in the charming Deep Cove community on the North Shore, Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers is a gem. While the vast majority of breweries around the city focus on just beer, these guys bring a solid beer and spirit game. On tap, you'll find over a half dozen brews made from sustainable Canadian ingredients. When it comes to the spirits selection, they make an awesome gin and vodka. Whether you're here for a cold one or a craft cocktail, the drink options are solid. To eat, the lounge menu has everything from flat breads and sandwiches to share plates like charcuterie.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Not only do Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers make great beer, they also make a tasty vodka and gin.

Natasha's expert tip: They have live music from time to time so you may just catch a show when you're there.

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This local gem serves freshly brewed beer on tap in a beautiful, contemporary space that's perfect for drinks with friends. They brew all of their own beer and cider and there's a healthy variety to choose from. Glasses are available in 6oz, 10.5oz, 12oz and 24oz pours so you can try a lot or just a little. When you find something that you really like, grab a growler and have them fill it so you can take it home to enjoy. They offer a variety of snacks to nibble on throughout the day. In the morning and midday, they serve brunch dishes like egg dishes, an acai bowl and avocado toast. Later in the day, the menu brings out pizzas, along with their nibbles. Capacity is 60 people so it's best to go in smaller groups.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: 33 Acres Brewing Co's casual cafe-like atmosphere is the perfect place to hang with friends while sipping 33 Acres of Sunshine.

Natasha's expert tip: Throughout the week, they also have food trucks set up shop.

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If catching up with a friend or two over a cold beer is your idea of the perfect night out, head to Brassneck Brewery. Get comfortable in the laid back atmosphere and cheers with one of their craft beers. The roster of beer changes and on it you'll find familiar styles and some that are lesser known. These guys like to experiment! On some nights you can grab something to eat from a food truck outside of the brewery and bring it back inside. Otherwise, you can order something from their selection bar snacks. This brewery also has a tasting room and a growler shop where you can fill one up to enjoy at home. They're open seven days a week. If you want to make a night of it, there a number of other breweries in the neighborhood to check out too.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: They're always making new beer at Brassneck Brewery so if you're a fan of surprises, check these guys out.

Natasha's expert tip: It's a small space so it's better to go with a friend or two.

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Alibi Room

If a delicious craft beer and a chill atmosphere is what you're looking for, the Alibi Room is what you want. Having been around for years now, it has long been a favorite among Vancouverites and is a go-to spot for a bite and a brew. Inside the space you will find a number of long communal tables, seats along the bar, large windows and a solid mix of music playing. The Alibi Room is known for having one of the best beer selections in Vancouver and you will be hard pressed to choose from the 50 plus beers they have on tap. For those that aren't here for the beer, they've got plenty of creative cocktails and wine to keep you satisfied. An added bonus is that all of their meat, poultry and fish are either sourced locally, ocean friendly, naturally raised or free run.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: The Alibi Room is the OG when it comes to Vancouver's craft beer scene.

Natasha's expert tip: Weekend evenings at peak times can have a lengthy wait; if you can make a reservation, do it. They don't take reservations for more than groups of ten.

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R&B Brewing Co. has become a staple spot for locals to hang out, sip a pint and grab a bite. If you're coming for the beer, you've got plenty of choice at R&B. Throughout the year, they brew all sorts of seasonal, limited releases, ciders, and year-round tipples. Because it changes, there's always something new to try. To eat, smaller options like charcuterie or a freshly baked pretzel, among other items, are great to nibble on while you sip. For your main though, you should go for one of their Neopolitan style pizzas, fresh from the oven. With a handful of vegetarian and meat options to choose from, your appetite is set.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, and R&B Brewing Co. have it dialed.

Natasha's expert tip: Join them on Sundays for their hot dinner and a beer for $18, until it runs out.

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Located in the Settlement Building, Postmark Brewing is where it's at. Within the building is the Urban Winery, Belgard Kitchen, and the brewery so there's a great mix of beer, wine, and food. The space itself has soaring ceilings and an industrial vibe, but retains a cozy atmosphere. It's great for everything from a date night to an evening with friends. They brew their beer in small batches and use quality ingredients. On the beer menu you'll find a nice blend of seasonal and staple brews so there's always something new to try. The food comes from Belgard Kitchen and includes dishes like pizzettes, dips, share plates, and desserts.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Postmark Brewing has a lovely atmosphere that makes it a great spot for your next date night.

Natasha's expert tip: If you want to beat the crowds, head there mid-afternoon for a snack and sip.

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Started by three East Van friends who were home brew and craft beer enthusiasts years before they opened their own brewery, these guys create fun and tasty beers. They're not afraid to take some risks and you'll find unique blends here that hit the spot. At the brewery you'll find a mixture of brews that are always available and some seasonal options. Not only do they have some fun with making the beer, they take it to the next level with their naming. Hoparazzi, Gypsy Tears and Lord of the Hops are just some of the fun labels they make. Prior to the brewery, they opened St. Augustine's, a popular pub that's known for their beer. Food comes from the Street Kitchen. On the menu are share dishes like chicken wings (Hello, jalapeno cheddar wings!) and poutine, Hawaiian jackfruit tacos, burgers (meat and vegan options) and sweets.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Out of all the brewery kitchens, Parallel 49 Brewery has the best. You can also make reservations here.

Natasha's expert tip: Check their website to see what's on tap.

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