Enjoy Craft Beer and Tasty Bites at Vancouver's Brew Pubs and Breweries

A freshly poured cold pint of beer? You don't have to ask us twice. From lively spots where you can catch some live music to cozy spaces that are perfect for hangouts with friends, Vancouver has plenty to offer. Pair your beer with some delicious bites and you're set.

In East Vancouver, you'll find a number of microbreweries where you can grab a seat, a nibble and a sipper. It's at these microbreweries that you'll get to try unique blends that you won't find anywhere else. When you find something you like, fill a growler to take home and enjoy. 33 Acres Brewing Co opens pretty early and closes late so check them out throughout the day. They're brunch is pretty great!

Over in Railtown is the Settlement Building. What initially started out as an urban winery, has now grown to accommodate a restaurant, brewery and winery all under one roof. Postmark Brewing makes delicious beer that you can enjoy in the beautiful space, while tucking into Belgard Kitchen's tasty food.

Sometimes you want to keep it simple and when the mood strikes, Hastings Mill Brewing Company (what used to be Pat's Pub and Brew House) has a seat with your name on it. Located on East Hastings, this space has been around since 1914. What started as the Patricia Cafe where jazz music filled the room is now one of the city's most charming pubs. It's nothing fancy, but the beer is cold, the music's live, and the history's rich.




Located in the heart of Granville Island, the Granville Island Brewery is open to the public for tours of the brewery and has a restaurant where diners can enjoy a beer and a bite. They offer daily tours and each tour can accommodate up to 10...  Read More



Look for the bright neon sign that says "Patricia" along East Hastings Street and you're in for a special surprise. This hidden gem of a brew pub offers a delightful atmosphere that complements the cold beer and hearty food. Pat's Classic...  Read More



With its truck stop theme, it's hard to miss Red Truck Beer Company. This neighborhood brewery combines freshly brewed beer, diner-style eats, and live music. Together, it makes for a good time. On a nice day, sit outside on the patio and enjoy...  Read More



Located in the charming Deep Cove community on the North Shore, Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers is a gem. While the vast majority of breweries around the city focus on just beer, these guys bring a solid beer and spirit game. On tap, you'll...  Read More



This local gem serves freshly brewed beer on tap in a beautiful, contemporary space that's perfect for drinks with friends. They brew all of their own beer and cider and there's a healthy variety to choose from. Glasses are available in 6oz,...  Read More



If catching up with a friend or two over a cold beer is your idea of the perfect night out, head to Brassneck Brewery. Get comfortable in the laid back atmosphere and cheers with one of their craft beers. The roster of beer changes and on it...  Read More

Alibi Room


If a delicious craft beer and a chill atmosphere is what you're looking for, the Alibi Room is what you want. Having been around for years now, it has long been a favorite among Vancouverites and is a go-to spot for a bite and a brew. Inside...  Read More



R&B Brewing Co. has become a staple spot for locals to hang out, sip a pint and grab a bite. If you're coming for the beer, you've got plenty of choice at R&B. Throughout the year, they brew all sorts of seasonal, limited releases, ciders,...  Read More



Located in the Settlement Building, Postmark Brewing is where it's at. Within the building is the Urban Winery, Belgard Kitchen, and the brewery so there's a great mix of beer, wine, and food. The space itself has soaring ceilings and an...  Read More



Started by three East Van friends who were home brew and craft beer enthusiasts years before they opened their own brewery, these guys create fun and tasty beers. They're not afraid to take some risks and you'll find unique blends here that hit...  Read More


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