Tuck into Early Morning Fuel at Vancouver's Best Breakfast Spots

With so much to get out and do in Vancouver, a solid and nourishing breakfast will give you the sustenance you need to get on with the day. Grab something to go from one of the city's best bakeries or sit down to a leisurely and indulgent breakfast. Whatever you choose to do, these restaurants satisfy.

If you love freshly baked goods, made with plenty of butter, head to Gastown's Purebread. Before you even go inside, the aroma will have you salivating. When you walk in, take a moment to just appreciate the display before you. Honestly, it's so hard to choose because everything looks so good! The best way to tackle your decision is to decide if you want sweet or savory and to then go from there.

Yolks is the place to go when you're really craving eggs Benedict. They make their hollandaise from scratch and give you a handful of options like portobello mushroom with aioli and arugula or double smoked bacon to choose from. Add on a side order of their truffle-lemon hashbrowns and you're winning breakfast.

While Chambar's a popular spot with the evening crowd, they also are a favorite for early risers. It's a delicious spot to go if you're into trying not so typical breakfast dishes and Belgian waffles from their Belgian-North African inspired menu. 


Twisted Fork Bistro is an unlikely gem amongst the sea of bright lights along the Granville Street strip. This restaurant is only open for breakfast and brunch, serving up comforting dishes from 8 am until 3 pm every day. The menu is chock-full of tempting dishes with options like a sweet banana stuffed brioche French toast. Feeling savory? Order a favorite brunch classic, eggs Benedict (with your choice of filler). Twisted Fork makes their own jams and pickled vegetables that accompany some of the dishes. They even sell them so you can grab some to take home. It's a popular spot with a line that builds quickly. If you find yourself waiting in line, there are cafes nearby where you can grab a cup of coffee to


One visit to Purebread in Vancouver's Gastown and you'll see what all the fuss is about. With freshly baked goods that change daily, there's always something new that will tempt. Purebread uses only quality ingredients and bakes everything from scratch. From spinach feta brioche to vegan flourless chocolate chip cookies, Purebread serves a wide variety that caters to varying dietary restrictions. With all of the options, it's overwhelming (in the best way) when you first walk in. Take a moment to scan before choosing. Purebread serves Stumptown Coffee and Namaste teas along with hot chocolate and cold drinks. They're open throughout the day so you can stop by for breakfast, lunch or a quick snack.

The atmosphere inside of this East Van restaurant evokes the retro furniture section in a thrift store. Although it's very charming, their reason for doing so is ethically sound and their devotion to the environment and the health of our bodies is dispersed from concept to menu. Local wines and beers mingle with organic and free-range ingredients to produce a socially responsible and healthy environment. They're constantly looking at ways to give back to the community. The menu is vegetarian but also favors vegan diets. With the use of nuts, tofu and beans, it's hard to miss the lack of meat. For breakfast, tuck into breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, breakfast tacos, their version of eggs Benedict, French toast, and so many other tasty options. The price point here is also pretty reasonable and the portion sizes are decent.

Au Comptoir

If you have a love affair with Parisian cafes, Au Comptoir in Vancouver's Kitsilano doesn't disappoint. When the sun rises and you're feeling perfectly caffeinated, marinate over the breakfast menu. From simple options to the more involved, there are just enough items to make your decision a tough one. If it's the former you want, freshly baked croissants and pain au chocolat satisfy. For the latter, the croque-madame made with gruyére, ham, and a fried egg on country bread with a salad will hit the spot. The space itself nods to Parisian cafes, complete with classic French bistro chairs. When it comes to service, it's friendly and efficient.

Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

Step inside Catch 122 Bistro and immerse yourself in this Gastown eatery, where comfort food reigns supreme. The large space is warmed up with the custom wood tables and modern industrial lighting that looks cool during the day and sets the mood at night. While there are a bunch of egg-centric dishes, they also have sweet options like liege waffles and hot cakes. Though, if it's eggs you want, it's eggs they have. You can't go wrong with their eggs Benedict. This classic brunch staple usually comes with bacon, but at Catch 122 you have a choice of a vegetarian, pescatarian and meat option. What's also great about Catch 122 is that they have a lot of vegetarian options alongside some meaty mains.

Red Wagon Cafe

Known for their pulled pork pancakes, The Red Wagon Cafe is an East Vancouver favorite. Some brunch places around the city stop service around 3 pm, but these guys are open until 9 pm on the weekend. This bodes well for those who may have had a late night and need a late start to the day. The all-day menu includes brunch classics like eggs Benedict, a frittata, omelets and pancakes. For something a little different, try the BBQ brisket that's served with two eggs, house-made BBQ brisket, jalapeno cornbread and homefries. If your idea of brunch leans more towards burgers and sandwiches, they've got plenty of lunch and dinner options on the menu too.

Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe brings comfort food to the next level with its all-day breakfast menu. Born in Victoria, Jam Cafe now has three locations, this third location in Kitsilano being their youngest. The space is cute with its antique touches, making for a cozy breakfast. Once settled, order a coffee or perhaps something with a kick. The classic Jam caesar with bacon is a popular choice. With both all-day breakfast and all-day lunch options, it's going to be a tough call. Breakfast dishes include classics like biscuits, omelets, Benedicts, and waffles. They also have their own breakfast creations. For something different, check out the naan breakfast burrito that's made with two sunny side eggs, avocado-bean salad, goat cheese and their house chili sauce. If you're feeling more like lunch, there's a solid selection of sandwiches that'll nourish. They're fried chicken sandwiches are a favorite.

Locals flock to this popular brunch spot for Mediterranean-inspired dishes and Belgian waffles. There's usually a line to get a table, but if you go when they first open, you likely won't have to wait long. Medina is known for their waffles and though they may look small, they're quite dense and filling. Choose from toppings like milk chocolate lavender, fig orange marmalade and a mixed berry compote, to name a few. For your main, the tagine is tasty. Two poached eggs and merguez sausage are set atop a spicy tomato and chickpea stew and garnished with raita and grilled focaccia. There are so many great options to choose from that deciding is the hardest part. Medina Cafe is definitely the place to go if you're looking to shake things up and veer away from your typical breakfast fare.

East Side

If you love eggs Benny, you'll love Yolks. Their homemade hollandaise sauce is a real winner. Choose from Benny fillers like avocado with lemon and spinach, smoked wild BC sockeye salmon, maple ham with spinach and dijon, and more. You can have it served as a one-egg sandwich or a two-egg Benny, with add-on sides if you wish. If hollandaise isn't your thing, they also have grated cheddar as an alternative topping. Also delicious. In addition to the eggy offerings, they also make a mean chicken and waffles and French toast. For those who are leaning more towards a healthful option, the oatmeal or honey toasted granola satisfies. Whatever you pick, save room for an order of beignets with salted caramel dip.

Chambar's one of the few restaurants that's open first thing and closes late in the evening. This bodes well for hungry diners in search of a delicious meal, any time of day. Whether you're here for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, the Belgian-North African cuisine brings beautiful dishes to the table. Breakfast starts at 8 am so you can even sneak in a breakfast date before hitting the office. On the menu, you'll find dishes like their paella. It's made with a fried egg, curried orzo, hot Spanish chorizo, charred tomato salsa, cucumber and cilantro. For something a little lighter, get the bon matin. This breakfast plate comes with prosciutto, tomato, avocado, olive tapenade, a soft boiled egg, brie, and sourdough. If you like sweets in the morning, be sure to order one of their waffles and a lavender latte.


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