Enjoy British Columbia's Bounty with These Vancouver Farm to Table Restaurants

The concept of farm to table is nothing new and here in Vancouver, it's almost a prerequisite for a restaurant. After exploring these restaurants and seeing what's available for chefs, you'll see why so many local restaurants source regional ingredients. From seafood and meat to cheese and fresh produce, these restaurants are a great place to start on your farm to table journey.

Fable Restaurant's chef, Trevor Bird, knows where his ingredients come from and passionately creates delicious meals. From wild BC salmon and Salt Spring Island mussels to farm-fresh eggs and produce, diners can enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner here.

Just down the street from Fable is Mission. This farm to table restaurant switches things up by offering two different tasting menus (a four-course and six-course menu) that change all of the time. Don't be surprised to see different cuts of meat on the menu. These guys are big on sustainability and also promote nose to tail dining. Vegetarian? They've also got you covered with beautiful tasting menus.

When you're celebrating something special (or just feel like splurging), head to West Restaurant on Granville Street. They offer contemporary regional cuisine with an ever-changing menu. While the wine list is impressive, make sure to try a cocktail or two here. They're excellent!

East Side


Let these beautifully prepared vegetarian dishes be a feast for your eyes and a delight for your mouth. The Acorn restaurant takes vegetarian dishes and presents them in such a way that you feel like you're eating a piece of art. Perched on...  Read More



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The Pacific Northwest's bounty is one that's varied, plentiful and one to be celebrated, and that's exactly what Royal Dinette is known for. The menu is seasonally driven with small plates that are perfect for snacking and a la carte options...  Read More



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Located along Kitsilano's West 4th Avenue, Mission brings a tasting menu experience to the area. While they're farm to table, they also have a heavy focus on sustainability so you'll find plenty of nose to tail options on the menu as...  Read More



Fable gets its name by combining farm and table, and that's exactly what they're all about. The menu is comprised of well-rounded and thoughtful dishes that are beautifully executed by Chef Trevor Bird. Sourcing from British Columbia's bounty...  Read More

Cibo Trattoria
Photo courtesy of Cibo Trattoria - Owner


Cibo Trattoria specializes in rustic Italian cuisine that uses local and seasonal ingredients. Step inside the elegant and cozy dining room that comfortably seats 40 diners at a time, take a seat, and ponder the delicious menu. When it comes...  Read More

Granville Street


West Restaurant calls South Granville home, while diners call West a gastronomic delight. If you appreciate a fine cocktail, take a seat at the cherry wood bar and make a dent in their cocktail list. Just like their food, their cocktails are a...  Read More


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