Best Gluten-Free Baked Goods in Vancouver

A Gluten-Free Guide to Vancouver's Best Baked Goods

There is a whole world of gluten free sweet treats and baked goods available throughout Vancouver waiting to be explored! From first glance, you would never know that there isn't an ounce of traditional flours in these gluten free goods, but a happy tummy that's free from discomfort after indulging is a sure sign. Whether you're looking for a light meal or snack, these gluten free bakeries and cafes will curb your appetite.

Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery has a very experienced pastry chef in the kitchen, Tracy Kadonoff, and she prepares beautiful gluten free treats that will wow. Having worked in the industry for quite some time, she has mastered the art of gluten free baking after succumbing to a gluten intolerance herself.

Panne Rizo Gluten Free Cafe & Bakery has been around for some time in Vancouver and has been a leader in the gluten free community from the beginning. Open first thing in the morning, it's a great place to go and grab a breakfast wrap to start your day off right.

While Purebread isn't specifically a gluten free only bakery, their gluten free (and traditional) options are mouth-wateringly delicious. With new options baked on a daily basis, there's always something new to try.

Gluten free bakeries are scattered throughout Vancouver and North Vancouver and the best way to find your favorite goodie is to try them all!


One visit to Purebread in Vancouver's Gastown and you'll see what all the fuss is about. With freshly baked goods that change daily, there's always something new that will tempt. Purebread uses only quality ingredients and bakes everything from scratch. From spinach feta brioche to vegan flourless chocolate chip cookie, Purebread serves a wide variety that satisfies a varying dietary restrictions. Purebread serves Stumptown Coffee and locally-sourced Namaste teas along with hot chocolate and other cold drinks. They're open throughout the day so you can stop by for breakfast, lunch or a quick snack. If you're at a local farmers market, you may also catch Purebread there.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Purebread's flourless dark chocolate cake is most, delicious and hits the spot.

Natasha's expert tip: Purebread isn't a gluten free only bakery and serves vegan and other traditional style baked goods.

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Butter. Cadeaux Bakery does not skimp on this delectable ingredient and you won't find any imposters that claim to be just as good as butter in their treats. The all butter croissant is ideal for those savory cravings, while the dark Callebaut chocolate croissant will please your desire for chocolate. The ricotta lemon slice is a delicious combination of sweet and tangy that will make your lips smack. Feeling like eating a London Fog? Good news, you can at Cadeaux. The London Fog cake is a vanilla cake with Earl Grey infused syrup, Earl Grey milk chocolate ganache, white chocolate mousse, and if that's not enough for you, Chantilly cream finishes this. The atmosphere inside Cadeaux is clean, white and modern with an open kitchen so that you can see the masters at work. They offer a wide selection of tea and coffee.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: The Rose Meringue, chocolate covered vanilla cheesecake and panna cotta at Cadeaux Bakery are gluten free.

Natasha's expert tip: Cadeaux Bakery doesn't focus on gluten free, but if you're in Gastown, they do offer something gluten free friendly.

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Owned by a husband and wife team, Float On Bakeshop & Cafe is a tasty place to visit for gluten free baked goods. They use local, seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible along with whole grain flours like brown rice, amaranth, teff and millet. You'll also find that they use less sugar and substitute things like maple syrup, dates and apples. They offer grain free options for those sticking to a paleo diet, dairy free and sugar free goods. Stop by for brunch, lunch or snacks, Float On Bakeshop & Cafe has plenty to choose from. From sandwiches and crepes to sweet treats and smoothies, there's something delicious any time of day.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Float On Bakeshop & Cafe makes excellent gluten free bread that diners can enjoy either at home or at the cafe.

Natasha's expert tip: Bring the kids! They have a lot of choice for the little ones.

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Cartems Donuterie is changing Vancouver's donut scene. It's well known that Canadians love their donuts, but Cartems is adding flavorful twists to what you would typically see on a donut menu. Flavors like The Bee Sting will be sure to intrigue. It's made with their unique house blend honey, infused with "cassia flowers" scattered over a cake donut. It then gets even more tasty with a shaving of parmesan and a crack of fresh black pepper. Unlike most chain donut shops, Cartems uses local, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients to make their donuts. You can feel extra good about eating these sweet morsels. Did we mention that you can order these donuts online and have them delivered to you within Vancouver? Dangerous! With a passion for baking and coming up with new ideas, don't be surprised to see their current menu expanding.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Cartems Donuterie makes the best gluten free donut in Vancouver and even those who enjoy their gluten are fans of this gluten free version.

Natasha's expert tip: For those that are vegan or can't stomach flour, there are options for you to enjoy as well.

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Edible Flours is where you will find dairy and egg free goods, with gluten free, wheat free, soy free and sugar free options as well. Edible Flours is passionate about using natural ingredients and you won't find chemical laden sweet treats under this roof. The goods contain no trans-fats, hydrogenated oil, preservatives or unnatural food colorings. White sugar is replaced with maple syrup and evaporated cane juice. They make chocolate chip cookies, loafs, scones, cakes, muffins, breads and more, Edible Flours will satisfy your sweet tooth. There are a number of staple items that will keep you coming back for more, but keep your eyes peeled for seasonal specials.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Edible Flours cupcakes are a feast not just for your stomach, but for your eyes as well.

Natasha's expert tip: Large orders are available upon request with 48 hours notice.

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As a mom to a daughter with celiac disease, Lisa was determined to change her wheat-based baking business into something the whole family could enjoy, and she did just that. As a gluten free bakery in North Vancouver, Lisa has been providing the area tasty treats that won't leave gluten intolerant tummies unhappy. Using organic ingredients, Two Daughters Bakeshop has your best interest at heart. Pop into the bakery and indulge in cookies, breads, muffins, mini donuts, granola bars, cakes, pies and a very British Columbian sweet, Nanaimo bars. There are vegan options that are also available for those that have a lactose intolerance, or prefer to avoid dairy products.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Two Daughters Bakeshop makes amazing gluten free focaccia bread that's perfect for a sandwich.

Natasha's expert tip: Two Daughters Bakeshop isn't right on the main road and you have to enter off of the alley, but you can't miss the seafoam green bakery!

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Panne Rizo Gluten Free Cafe & Bakery has been a staple amongst celiacs and gluten free intolerant bellies for quite some time now. As one of the first bakeries to specialize in gluten free goods, Panne Rizo has built a reputation on flavor and variety. This quaint cafe invites you to sit in and enjoy a treat or take home to savor later. Choose from muffins, cookies, cakes, freshly baked bread and a host of gluten free products at Panne Rizo. Everything in the cafe is completely gluten free and there's also a large selection of dairy free items. They're open from 7:30am until 5:30pm, so a gluten free meal or snack can be found any time of day. The breakfast wraps are worth getting up for.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Panne Rizo has been around since before the gluten free awareness kicked off, so they've had plenty of time to perfect recipes.

Natasha's expert tip: Baked items tend to freeze well, so grab a few to enjoy at a later date if you can't frequent Panne Rizo often.

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The Gluten Free Epicurean will leave your mouth watering and your belly full with all sorts of gluten free baked treats. The menu changes depending on what's in season and available at the time, but you will find the usual cookies, tarts, cakes, brownies, sandwiches and other familiar bakery treats. If you're vegan and gluten free, The Gluten Free Epicurean will be able to satisfy your cravings, too! The baker behind the shop has lived with celiac's disease for a number of years, so you know you're getting gluten free baked goods that really are free from gluten. They also have a number of take and bake items like pizza dough, pie crusts, cinnamon buns, cookies and pastries available.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: The gluten free brownie at The Gluten Free Epicurean is rich, moist and hits the spot.

Natasha's expert tip: Slightly off the beaten path, The Gluten Free Epicurean is worth the trip to East Vancouver.

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Known for their pies and organic food, Aphrodite's has a strong following amongst Vancouverites that enjoy quality food, made with a lot of love and care. With a heavy focus on vegetarian options, there are a few meat options that are all locally sourced from organic farms. The charming atmosphere is usually filled with local families and happy diners that frequent Aphrodite's to nosh their home cooked food. The wild mushroom quiche is filled with BC shitake mushrooms, gruyere cheese and spinach, making it hearty and filling. While you're at Aphrodite's, you shouldn't miss out on their famous pies. These homemade slices of goodness are filled with only the best fresh fruit. You won't find any fillers or additives in these pies. Top with with a scoop of ice cream and you're in for a real treat!

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Aphrodite's Cafe & Pie Shop has six different kinds of gluten free and vegan pies to choose from and can be ordered online.

Natasha's expert tip: If you don't have room for pie after your meal, you can order it to go and enjoy it later.

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Situated in the heart of Cambie Village, Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery is your one-stop-shop for all things baked and gluten free. Tracy Kadonoff has an extensive resume as a pastry chef, but developed an intolerance towards gluten. Not one to be discouraged of her love for pastries and baked goods, Tracy decided to use her skills and create delicious gluten free treats instead. After trying one of Tracy's goodies, you will agree that she has certainly mastered another form of baking. Lemonade is just as delightful in atmosphere as it is in flavor and we think you're going to love this spot. It's hard to pick just one thing to have from the menu that consists of breads, cakes, pastries and more.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: The crostatas at Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery will impress even your gluten eating friends.

Natasha's expert tip: Check out their website for their gluten free recipes.

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