Homestyle Meals in Vancouver: No Dish Duty Required

A homestyle meal in Vancouver comes in a variety of different cuisines. While a warm bowl of freshly made pasta is homey for some, it's a soothing bowl of congee  for others. From French to Cambodian, Korean to American, and just about everything in between, a comforting meal is never far from reach.

Salade de Fruits is where Vancouver's French community go when they want a taste of home. It's no wonder – the restaurant can be found in the French Cultural Centre. The charming atmosphere, paired with the delicious homestyle dishes will satisfy you until you can take your next trip to France. Plus, the price point will help you save a few bucks for the plane ticket.

Hawkers Delight serves Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine from their humble space where a filling and tasty meal won't cost much more than $5. The Laksa is a fan favorite and will warm you from the inside out. What's a better way to enjoy a homestyle meal than in the comfort of your own home? Plus, you don't have to worry about dishes. Ordering food to go is your best bet as this small space fills up.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have an Italian nona to make us pasta from scratch, but Yaletown L'Antipasto is a close second. The cozy space is intimate and will make you feel right at home with their attentive service and homemade pasta and sauces.

The Templeton
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Yaletown L'Antipasto is a quaint and unassuming restaurant in Yaletown that will blow you away. Though it may be bold to say, Yaletown L'Antipasto has some of the best fresh pasta in Vancouver. This family-run joint will make you feel warm and...  Read More



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When going out with friends, different dietary needs can make dining options slim. The Wallflower is where omnivores, carnivores, vegans and gluten free eaters can all come together to break bread, or a house-made gluten free bun. Located on...  Read More

East Side


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