Feed Your Soul and Nourish Your Body: Healthy Menus in Vancouver

Vancouver is known for supporting an active lifestyle so it's no surprise that you'll find nutrient-dense meals at almost every corner. From fast food to leisurely dining, there's plenty of choice that'll keep you full and sustained.

In the mood for Japanese? Shizen Ya makes brown rice sushi with organic and OceanWise ingredients. You won't find rolls dripping with mayo or sauces, they let the fresh flavors speak for themselves. Want to skip the rice? Check out the sashimi and salads. Most miso soups are pretty basic, but Shizen Ya's is loaded with seaweed, cabbage and carrots for an extra hit of veggies.

For comforting noodles and rich broths, head to CHAU Veggie Express in East Vancouver. This vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese restaurant serves steamy bowls of deliciousness that are generous in size, and flavor.

When dining out with the kids, getting them to eat something healthy may be a challenge. The solve? Take them to Bandidas Taqueria. You could order from the regular menu for them, but they have a kid's menu with healthy options like Ryder's Bowl that's made with avocado, roasted yams, pinto beans and rice. This East Van restaurant is family-friendly and super affordable.



The Naam first opened in 1968 and has been a staple amongst Kitsilano's vegetarian scene for decades. Open all hours of the day, The Naam makes a healthy meal easy to access whenever the mood strikes. The menu has a wide array of choices...  Read More



The atmosphere inside is anything but your typical Mexican-inspired restaurant. Instead, it evokes the retro furniture section in a thrift store. Although it's very charming, their reason for doing so is ethically sound and their devotion to...  Read More



Good vibes, colorful vegan bowls and healthy smoothies are just some of the ingredients that go into making Kokomo a local favorite. This plant-based eatery in Chinatown has quickly become a go-to for hungry Vancouverites looking to fill up on...  Read More



If you're looking to do it all, TurF makes it easy. With a workout studio, a place to hang out and get work done, and a tasty menu to fuel your day, TurF has created a rich community in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighborhood. There aren't too many...  Read More



For something a little more fancy, head to YEW inside the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. YEW has a seafood-heavy menu that promotes sustainability. Their menu changes seasonally, but there are always both indulgent and healthy dishes to...  Read More



Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch, Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant serves up delicious vegetarian and vegan fare in a contemporary atmosphere. On the menu you'll find plenty of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, giving guests a...  Read More



Nuba is one of Vancouver's favorite gems that has built a strong following that has helped pave the way for its expansion across the city. Nuba specializes in Middle Eastern dishes that are delicious and healthy. Whether you've got to have...  Read More



What's so great about Japanese food is that so much of it is healthy without having to make any substitutions or modifications.At Shine Ya, fresh fish, creamy avocado, veggies and brown rice make for a perfectly balanced meal. This Japanese...  Read More

East Side


Over at The Acorn, they treat each dish like a piece of art. Let the beautifully prepared vegetarian dishes be a feast for your eyes and a delight for your palate. Perched on Main Street, The Acorn caters to vegetarians, vegans, raw and...  Read More



This family-run business serves vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese food. It's a local favorite because when it comes to taste, there's no shortage of delicious dishes here. You may think that cooking Vietnamese food without fish sauce may be a...  Read More


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