Beijing's Best Hotels: from high-end luxury to affordable elegance and class, Beijing has it all

Discover the difference in staying at one of China's best hotels in Beijing. Hotels of this caliber like the Beijing Olympic Airportel Garden Hotel will accommodate all of a guest's needs during their stay. At hotels like the Radisson Blu Hotel Beijing even the tiniest details are taken care of, leaving guests feeling welcomed and pampered. Choose from the best hotels in Beijing for your trip by reading trusted expert and user reviews.

Depending on where you want to be in the city, Beijing has a snazzy, classy hotel in your area eager to receive you. If you're in town for business you'll likely be in the CBD- the central business district. The Sofitel Hotel, located near the subway in Wanda Plaza offers convenience, charm, class and most importantly access to the CBD and to the local transportation network via the subway right outside the hotel entrance. If you're in town as a tourist this option would be pointless for you, you'd spend most of your time in the business area trying to get to the main attractions. Why not find a hotel nearer the hot spots? The Park Plaza will be more your speed. Located along a busy pedestrian street with access to the subway, cabs and within walking distance of the Forbidden City, this hotel is perfect for tourists interested in seeing the real Beijing and having access to the top sites as well.

And there are countless other options in between. Hostels for backpackers, mid-range hotels for budget travelers, family-friendly hotels for those traveling with kids and so on. Here we've compiled the ten best hotels overall, the ones that make Beijing look dignified, organized and well equipped to receive international guests.


Sofitel Wanda Beijing
Photo courtesy of Sofitel

Located in the CBD- the central business district- the Sofitel is nestled in Wanda Plaza, a hub for quick food, shopping and even instant access to the subway. You'll be primly located for business as well, and the hotel offers all the business amenities you'll need.

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Hotel Kunlun
Photo courtesy of Kunlun

Hotel Kunlun is located in the embassy area, making it a favorite of visiting dignitaries and diplomats. As such, it's primed with all the business amenities you'll need as well as a few in-house luxuries like a spa, bar and restaurant. Located near the subway, you'll have full access to the city and the embassy area has a throng of decent restaurants, bars and clubs to keep you entertained.

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The Peninsula Beijing
Photo courtesy of Peninsula

The Peninsula Beijing offers five-star service and excellently trained staff. You'll find a spa, pool and restaurant on site as well as a fun nightlife hangout and a decent shopping area nearby. The hotel is situated comfortably in a heavy-traffic area so you can jump right into the thick of things.

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Hilton Beijing Wangfujing
Photo courtesy of Hilton

Located in Wangfujing, the city's biggest shopping area and a hot spot located near the city's main attraction and the major subway line, you'll find the Hilton Beijing an ideal option for comfortable, recognizable lodging while in Beijing. With a spa on site that boasts some of the best services in the capital, you'll be impressed with the locally trained staff. Their knowledge of the city is vast and they are more than willing to help you with your travel plans.

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Novotel Beijing Xin Qiao
Photo courtesy of Novotel

It's not just the excellent location that makes Novotel a great option, but the amenities on site mean you're a unit in and of yourself even if you decide never to leave the hotel. A spa, restaurant, bar and well-trained staff make this a virtual all-in-one hotel for the wary traveler. Still, it's location on the main subway line means if you do venture out you'll have excellent options for getting anywhere in the city- fast!

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Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing
Photo courtesy of Park Plaza

Located in Wangfujing, this hotel offers access to the city's best shopping area. If you're a shopping fan, this is your hotel. You'll find endless high-end options right outside the hotel doors, and luxury and affordable charm on the inside. With decent amenities, including a spa, restaurant and bar, convenience shop and expertly trained staff, the Park Plaza is the ideal tourists hotel. It's situated in the perfect place for travel and you'll find an endless slew of entertainment right outside the front doors.

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Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing
Photo courtesy of Shangri-la

The Shangri-La Beijing is a perfect example of an excellently managed restaurant chain in China. You'll find all the luxury and charm you're used to in the Western versions of the hotel and yet the decor and amenities surpass the level in the US. With a restaurant and bar on site, a gift shop, convenience shop, travel and information desk and several wait staff on hand to answer questions, you'll feel at home at the Shangri-la.

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Beijing Hotel
Photo courtesy of Beijing Hotel

Beijing Hotel offers mid-range luxury without the cost of the Hyatt or Ritz. You'll find stellar service, excellent decor and a nice spa, superb service and a commitment to excellence that some of the city's lesser hotels lack. In addition, the hotel staff are trained to answer common questions in English concerning tourism, travel, transportation and food, making this an easier option for many English-language travelers.

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Grand Hyatt Beijing
Photo courtesy of Hyatt

The Grand Hyatt Beijing is a stunning hotel located in the heart of the most happening area. You could walk to the Forbidden City, and you're within easy reach of the opera house and the old city walls. The hotel offers an excellent, world-class spa, bars, restaurants and excellent service.

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Fairmont Beijing Hotel
Photo courtesy of Fairmont Beijing

The Fairmont Beijing is located in a beautiful neighborhood lined with trees and about as local as it gets before dipping into the hutongs. You'll have easy access to food, bars and the city's transportation via the subway. In addition, you could walk to Wangfujing and the Forbidden City. The hotel offers excellent accommodation at varying prices, a pool, spa, salon, bar and several restaurants.

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