Beijing's Best Hotels: The height of luxury in the capital of the Middle Kingdom

Beijing's luxury hotels offer everything the choosy traveler could ever desire in a lodging.

Most luxury hotels in Beijing offer in-house dining and nightlife. With many five-star options to choose from, you'll be wined and dined without ever stepping foot outside your hotel. Many of the city's elite entertain themselves in the capital's finer hotel restaurants and bars, and they are hotbeds for places to see and be seen.

From world-class spas that offer eastern and western treatments to fully-stocked gyms with trained staff and international gear, these hotels cater to every need your tired body may have. And if the hotel can't provide what you're looking for they can surely point you in the right direction!

Friendly staff and helpful concierge are prerequisites for success in Beijing's competitive luxury hotel market, and these fine establishments vie for bragging points over who has the best staff. Most staff who interact with the public speak English as well as Chinese, and some hotels offer services in other languages, including French, German and Japanese. In addition to making your stay at the hotel a pleasant one, concierge assist in travel planning, tour booking and general transportation and city guidance. They can book cars, buses or even provide maps for your stay in the capital, and most know the city extremely well.

Location is everything, and Beijing's luxury hotels are not located on the fringes. Many of these hotels occupy prime real estate in downtown Beijing, withing walking distance of some of the city's top sights, like the Forbidden City, Wangfujing or the embassy district.

The Westin Beijing Financial Street


Luxury was redefined when the Westin Beijing Financial Street opened in the capital. You'll find one of the best spas and gyms in the city here, as well as a host of classes like yoga, Pilates and tai qi. The business center is spot on and...  Read More

The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing


The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel has all the hallmarks of a pleasant western-standard lodging facility. World-class concierge, friendly staff, elegant and bold decor and an addiction to quality all make it one of the finer options in town. On site...  Read More

Sofitel Wanda Beijing
Photo courtesy of Sofitel


If you're in Beijing for business then you're sure to be considering the Sofitel Wanda Beijing. Located in the same mega structure are restaurants galore, bars, shops and everything you'd ever need to make your stay in the capital a pleasant...  Read More

Hotel Kunlun
Photo courtesy of Kunlun


Located near the new embassy district, the Hotel Kunlun offers easy access for the traveling diplomat. The sub levels host a mall full of western-style clothing and accessories, and the hotel itself offers dining, breakfast, a bar and a business...  Read More

The Peninsula Beijing
Photo courtesy of Peninsula


Located near the Forbidden City, the Peninsula Beijing is one of the older, more established luxury hotels in downtown Beijing. Famous for it's attention to detail, the Peninsula offers a range of amenities to cater to their guest's every need....  Read More

Hilton Beijing Wangfujing
Photo courtesy of Hilton


Located in the city's prime shopping area, the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing offers access to the city's best pedestrian shopping way, a host of malls, and all the fine dining and nightlife that accompany it. On site you'll find one of the city's...  Read More

Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing
Photo courtesy of Shangri-la


Like the mystical fantasy land in the mountains of Tibet, the Shangri-La Hotel Beijing offers an escape from reality and into a world of international luxury. This hotel represents the ideal blend of eastern and western decor, service and...  Read More

Beijing Hotel
Photo courtesy of Beijing Hotel


Named after it's host city, the Beijing Hotel offers luxury at an affordable price. You'll find all the standard amenities including travel services and advice, a spa, business center and world-class decorations. Located in a convenient area,...  Read More

Grand Hyatt Beijing
Photo courtesy of Hyatt


One of the city's older Western-style hotels, the Grand Hyatt Beijing is located on the main drag in central Beijing. From it's heyday as the go-to lodging spot for dignitaries and businessmen, the hotel has continued to thrive with tourists and...  Read More

Fairmont Beijing Hotel
Photo courtesy of Fairmont Beijing


With five-star service and an addiction to quality, the Fairmont Beijing offers Western standards in the heart of the city. You'll have direct access to the city's sights, as well as be in the center of the business district. Additionally, the...  Read More


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