Beijing's Best Resorts and Spas for Relaxing Away from the City

High-class resorts in Beijing offer luxurious and memorable amenities for a completely unwinding vacation. Some resorts offer all-inclusive rates that include everything from food to entertainment to the on-site spas. Relax in style at any of these recommended resorts.

Hot springs are a popular resort add-on in Beijing, where the natural springs run hot and deep. Chinese medicinal additives are mixed with the springs to give the spa-goer the ultimate experience. Some are mixed with wine, coffee or erguatuo (a local alcohol) each with the goal of drawing out different impurities in the body. A milky hot spring adds luster to your hair while the alcohol spring cleanses the skin. Several of the hot spring spas also have on-site spas to complete the healing experience. With professionals trained to deliver the very best in massage therapy, body wrapping, facials, skin and hair treatments and simple relaxation.

What Beijing's resorts lack in decor or planning they make up for in excellent service. High-end facilities focus on service and train their staff to cater to your every imaginable need. From helping to book tours to assisting in dinning planning or even booking transport to and from the airport, these concierge services go above and beyond to make your stay special and care-free.

Finally, the resorts usually offer a beautiful view of a nearby natural site or attraction. Some, located near the Great Wall, are perfect launch points for your China adventure. Others are nestled on remote lakes and just offer a simple retreat from city life.


A simple but calming getaway spot, the Hui Xiang Yuan Resort focuses on simplicity above all else. The food is digestable but plain, the rooms are furnished well, but decorated sparsely, and the location, although nice, leaves something to be desired. Still, the place ranks well among locals and businessmen and remains a popular spot for tourists and expats on a bit of R&R.

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The natural springs encompassed in Longmai Hotspring Village are impressive, as is the on-site spa. For a healthy getaway from Beijing this is one of the top hot springs for a dip in nature's warm water baths. On-site amenities include a restaurant, bar and of course a spa with access to the springs. You'll find the concierge helpful in Chinese and decent in English. The rooms are comfortable but plain, which plays into the medicinal concept of the resort.

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One of the few resorts near a beautiful natural landmark, the Sky-Line Resort is nestled wonderfully alongside a lake. You'll find this influences every aspect of the hotel. From wonderful cool drafts over the lake cooling the facility in summer to a stunning place for an on-ice stroll in winter, the resort truly benefits from it's location. Decent decor, well-trained staff and an on-site spa and restaurant add to nature's opulence.

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Known for it's opulence, the JiuHua Resort Beijing offers a beautiful and intricate place to lay your weary head. With white marble floors, giant gold light structures and beautiful in-house music you'll find this a memorable if not over-the-top resort. The locals use it to impress pending business partners but it also has a touch of romance and charm that would do well for a couple on a romantic getaway.

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With romance in the title of the hotel, how could the location not focus on love. Bring your special someone to the hotel to enjoy fine dining and wine, a beautiful spa and decent decor and amenities on site to keep the romance flowing. With your love the real highlight of a stay at Beijing Romance Spring Resort, the hotel should melt beautifully into the background of your vacation.

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While there is no sea breeze near this resort, it remains a breath of fresh air. Clean rooms, decent decor and comfortable bedding make this a stand-out among Beijing's nearby resorts and spas. With a decent spa on site, you'll be able to get the treatment you deserve from well-trained staff. Focus your stay on enjoying the restaurant and bar as well as the in house amenities and you'll find you're having quite a good time without even leaving the resort.

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The Purple Jade Laguna Resort focuses on the customer in a big way. Expect excellent spa services fused with fine dining and decent decor. Over the top by Western standards, the resort remains one of the more trusty go-to places for local Chinese. This may mean you'll find yourself a bit more crowded than in a Western counterpart hotel, but it doesn't negatively influence the trip.

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For an elegant and high-brow escape from the city head to Purple Jade Country Club & Resort outside of Beijing. You'll find everything you could desire plus more with this fancy resort. From charmingly decorated and individualized rooms to a decent spa, pool and restaurant. The concierge are ready and willing to assist in both English and Chinese, a big perk for resorts in China.

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This simple resort has everything you'd need to make a comfortable and fun vacation outside the city's main hotel stops. But because of it's charming simplicity it lacks a few amenities. You'll find the concierge friendly, but not helpful in English. Tours can be arranged, though you'll need to be clear about what you want exactly before booking through the hotel. Additionally, you'll find the rooms barren and a bit underwhelming compared to Western resort hotels.

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This lovely resort has everything the doctor ordered, from a relaxing spa on the premises to comfortable decor and great access to the nearby sites. With an excellent concierge service 24 hours a day, the resort can cater to both English and Chinese customers. Rooms are comfortable and clean, though they lack the flare and flamboyance of some of China's larger resort hotels.

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