Get ready to shake your money maker, Beijing's hottest dance clubs await!

Beijing offers a lot in the way of night time entertainment. From amazing international-standard bars to cocktail lounges, clubs, plays, ballets and live music, the city has it all. But once the party really gets started the group always ends up at one of these amazing clubs. You can shake your booty from late until well after the sun has risen at some of Beijing's most glamorous, seedy or downright kitsch clubs.

For downtown fun where you'll always find a crowd head to the Worker's Stadium. Fringed with clubs like Vics, Mix, Banana and many others, the Worker's Stadium is the go-to spot for late night (or early morning) partying. But the fun comes with a side dish of danger as the bouncers in the area are known to be overly zealous, and have taken to harassing Western and African clients, including several severe beatings. Meanwhile, groups of drunk locals are known to dislike Westerners hitting on Chinese women in these clubs. As with anywhere in the world, stay with the group and be safe, and you'll have a world of fun!

Another fun area is Lucky Street, where you'll find the World of Suzie Wongs ready to swoop you into it's opium-den style cabaret. Beware some of the ladies here come with a price tag (tsk, tsk) but if you're out for a fun night with the lads it's a delicious place to while away the wee morning hours. Other clubs, like Juicy Club, The Beach and Tang, line Lucky Street.

For a fully Chinese clubbing experience, try Tang, Angel, or the infamous Babyface. All of these cater to the local crowd and are thus over-the-top by international clubbing standards. This can mean great fun if you don't object to neon drinks, flashing lights and cheesy '80s dance tunes.

Tang Club

Voted by trendy "Beijing This Month" magazine as the Best Club of 2007, Tang attracts an in-crowd of Beijing youth. Brightly decorated with purple neon and fibre optic cables, Tang offers karaoke suites on the second floor while downstairs a...  Read More

China Doll

A three-tiered dance club / lounge designed with an erotic aquamarine theme. The lounge floor is popular, so if you want a table for your group, reserve it in advance. Dance floor tunes include hip-hop, techno, R & B and a midnight splash of...  Read More

The World of Suzie Wong

One of the longest-running clubs in Beijing, The World of Suzie Wong is a flagship in Beijing's nightlife scene, founded in 2002. Named after the protagonist from British novelist Richard Mason's fiction, this flamboyant club is the place to...  Read More

A small nightclub that is not as wild as many of the area's clubs, Nest's patronage is mainly Chinese and that is reflected in the decor and service. Hip-hop and loud bass are the anthems here, but entry is free, and it sometimes has live bands.

The Den

The Den is a two-story discotheque that offers pop and dance hits upstairs and an opium den theme downstairs where great pizza and bagels are on the menu. Very popular with Westerners living in the city.


This is THE place to go in Beijing for Hip-Hop, especially at weekends. It's a hardcore, sweaty, flirty, young crowd that hits Mix. Also serves decent food upstairs.

Bar Blu

A popular hangout for the young and promiscuous. Dance, disco, pop and techno is the main diet here. Bar Blu frequently hosts theme nights, so you should call beforehand to check what's going on. Happy Hour 5 - 9 and Ladies Nights on Fridays and...  Read More


Banana is a European-style dance club with a heavy accent on trance and techno. It gets popular late at night, and with international DJs and an excitable crowd, it's one of the wildest spots in the city.


If you want to rub shoulders with Beijing's young high society, this is the place to come, especially on weekends. Great tunes; in fact, it has something of an Ibiza flavor.


This Chinese-style nightclub can often be a bit bright and kitsch, but it's a good nightspot for a group of friends as you can request a private room or a table. Service is good and drinks are not overpriced.


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