Jewelry Stores


Situated just east of the Forbidden City at the corner of Wangfujing Street is Asia's second largest shopping mall. Oriental Plaza is bright and spacious and offers fashion stores, jewelers, health and beauty outlets, a launderette, supermarket, coffee shops, restaurants, a Paleolithic museum, banks with exchange facilities and a 24-hour ATM. There's usually some kind of fashion show and IT/ electronics promotion going on, too.

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Qianmen District

For over 600 years, citizens of Beijing have thronged to Dashalar Street to bargain for their daily needs. The entrance to the street is on the west side of Qianmen Street, just a couple of hundred yards south of Tiananmen Square. Apart from silks, fabrics and clothes, this is a place where you can encounter practitioners of Chinese medicine, who might be able to prescribe a mystical remedy or special health tonic for you.

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A Beijing landmark, the China World Trade Center, locally known simply as "Guomao," is an impressive modern shopping center where you can buy almost anything. Designer stores include Louis Vuitton, Celine, Prada, Gucci and Hermes. Banks with foreign exchange facilities and 24-hour ATMs, beauty salons, pharmacies, clinics, food courts and even an ice rink are all in here.

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Beijing Guwan Cheng

Beijing Curio City is a four-story complex hosting dozens of stores where you can buy souvenirs. The market specializes in antique wooden furniture, antique pottery, Chinese art, bone carvings, intricate carpets, antique timepieces, pearls and jade. If you have the eye for what's precious and what's not, then this is your place. You should certainly bargain, but do it with a smile. (Payment options vary by vendor.)

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Ladies, go wild! This is the Chinese capital's most decadent, most ultra-chic shopping pavilion. Nearly 100 trendy stores stock the finest in womens' clothing, designer names included. Footwear, lingerie and jewelry stores are also at your beck and call.

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Sanlitun Village
Photo courtesy of Sanlitun Village

Beijing's go-to shopping area for expats, westerners and tourists. The facility boasts international brands, a theaters, restaurants, bars and much more.

Local Expert tip: The go-to spot for expats for shopping, dining and nightlife

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The Gate City Mall
Photo courtesy of Malls

The three domed peaks of this mega shopping center is a landmark for the north-west corner of the city, and home to one of the western area's largest malls and office buildings. It's locate smack at the hub of three major subway lines, and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. It boasts restaurants, schools, cafes, bars, nightlife and of course loads of shopping!

Local Expert tip: Take the subway, there are no places to park or hail a cab.

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The Great Flea Market of China � this is the place to get in among the crowds and haggle. Panjiayuan Market has over 3000 stalls, selling everything from Tibetan carpets to porcelain tea sets to medicinal herbs to pirated DVDs. It's especially busy at weekends, but certain zones, such as the Arts and Crafts Warehouse Zone are open only on Saturday and Sunday.

Local Expert tip: Beware of replicas and fake antiques

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