Best New and Popular Restaurants in Boulder

Boulder's New, Unique, and Popular Restaurants Sure to Appetize and Inspire

With its sprawling trails, towering Flatirons, and vibrant downtown, Boulder, Colo., isn't just notable for one or two things: It's a well-rounded town that pretty much does everything exceptionally well. From craft breweries to sustainably sourced, farm-to-table bistros, any new restaurant in Boulder that hopes to have a chance at success knows that they must offer quality with a whole lot of heart.

Doing just that and toping out our list is Wild Standard with its unique and environmentally responsible take on seafood. 

Avery Brewing Company is a staple of Boulder beer culture. Starting out in a tiny-tiny taproom, the Avery family has moved on up in the world to a brand-spanking-new facility.

For those who love Boulder dining for its focus on clean eating, Blooming Beets offers an all Paleo menu complete with burgers and local vegetables. 

One thing is certain: In Boulder, you'll never run short of new, innovative dining options. 


A sister restaurant to Black Cat, Bramble and Hare boasts an eclectic Happy Hour menu that won't break you bank, exquisite yet approachable entrees, and a variety of beer and cocktails. Your entree choices include, Black Cat Farm Pork Shoulder w/ Herbed Wild Rice & Summer Squash, Beef Brisket with marinated Cucumbers, Polenta & Tomato or Farroto with Farm Vegetables. For Your sweet tooth, Chef Skakon has prepared his Planter's Parfait, Palisade Peach Melba, or Sheep's Milk Cheesecake. For something savory, be sure to try their Beef Brisket with marinated Cucumbers, Polenta & Tomato or the Farroto with Farm Vegetables.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Bramble and Hare changes its menu daily so you'll always find something new and fresh!

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to try their 3 Course Farm Dinner for a variety of flavors at a low cost.

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Claiming to serve cocktails with "passion, not pretense" the Bitter Bar is an elegant, albeit slightly trendy, bar located just off of Boulder's famous Pearl Street Mall. Tucked away on Walnut, Bitter Bar offers patio seating for some sunbathing during the day and invites you to bask in the soft glow of outdoor lighting in the evening. From plush booths for snuggling with your honey or gossiping with friends to community tables perfect for standing or sitting while enjoying the company of a large group, the Bitter Bar is a wonderful space for a Girl's Night Out or for celebrating a special event.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Bitter Bar is located on the westside of downtown and offers youthful, urban vibe, an exceptional drink menu, and cozy patio seating in the summer.

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to try the marinaded olives or select cured meats.

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The perfect restaurants for someone with dietary restrictions or, simple, those who choose to live a gluten-free lifestyle, Blooming Beets offers delicious (and nutritious) brunch and dinner options sure to please even the most strict of eaters. For brunch, delight in the Cashew Blend Pancakes, add a scoop of ice-cream or blueberry-lemon compote if you have a sweet tooth. Lunch offerings include a variety of fresh options, namely the Mountain Goat Salad boasting arugula, grapes, dry-roasted almonds, and Maple Infused Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese. Want a dinner that you fill your body (and soul) without making you feel heavy? Blooming Beets's Boneless Smokey 100% Grass-Fed Burger (topped off with a fried egg, of course) is nourishing and great for athletes would need their protein.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Blooming Beats is an all Paleo restaurant perfect for those how follow the diet religiously or just enjoy it occasionally.

Hope's expert tip: The chai-seed coconut pudding with almond infused carmel and blueberry-lemon compote is devine.

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Boasting a seasonally inspired menu means guest will consistently be treated to new and innovative dishes when they return to Oak again and again. With its focus on locally grown vegetables and locally sourced meats, dishes are fresh and, with each bite, you can rest in the knowledge that you're supporting local farmers. Some current offerings include Wood Grilled Pork Belly, Poached Pear and Winter Greens, as well as the decadent Burgundy Black Truffle Pasta. For those who want to stay on the lighter side, Oak offers light and fresh mid-day eats, including the unique Chilled Beet & Peach soup. Guests who arrive on the late night will also find delicious soul-food options between 10pm and midnight such as the House Made Ramen and the mouth-watering Lamb Sandwich.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Oak is notable for its exceptional wine list and savory dishes.

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to stop in for the Mid-Day Eats menu Monday-Saturday from 2:30pm-5:30pm.

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The elegant yet rustic Flagstaff House Restaurant of Boulder offers scenic views while guests dine on the finest wild game Colorado has to offer. Guests are also treated to an extensive wine collection featuring over 15,000 bottles from wine regions all over the world, including California, Burgundy, and Bordeaux. Special collaborations with local breweries are just one of the few unique treats which help visitors have a truly one-of-a-kind Colorado experience. Flagstaff House also prides itself on locally sourcing its meats and produce whenever possible, so you can take delight in the fact that you're experience a real taste of the Rocky Mountains.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Sweeping views of the the Boulder front range await guests at Flagstaff House notable for its wild game options.

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to peruse the wine-list, as it is one of the very best in town.

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Black Cat is the epitome of a Farm-to-Table restaurants, in fact that's what this Boulder favorite is known for. Pulling fresh, seasonal, ingredients from their 130 acre farm paradise situated just outside Boulder, Chef Eric Skokan and his wife, Jill, harvest their farm everyday to bring from-the-vine delights. They also raise sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. One of our favorites, the Beet Potato Napoleon features quinoa cereal crust, elderberry gastrique,house made ricotta, and spinach. Want to splurge a little? Try their Colorado Beef Ribeye complete with orange scented oats, carrots, and crisp capers. Keep in mind that this Farm-to-Table gem prepares seasonal delights, so their menu is ever-changing, meaning you can always find something new and fresh.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Black Cat is known for its farm-to-table dishes boasting seasonal delights.

Hope's expert tip: The Beet and Potato Napoleon is to-die-for- delicious.

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This spacious, high-energy seafood restaurant features an extensive menu that includes an East Coast-style raw oyster bar and fresh fish flown in daily. Dine on Rocky Mountain trout, South American sea bass, Atlantic salmon, Hawaii tuna, Mississippi catfish, and Prince Edward Island mussel stew. Try the alligator chili, pecan crusted ruby red trout, or the "damn good crab cakes." Steak and vegetarian dishes are also featured. Highly recommended, Jax's "For the Table" healthy options include root vegetables, brussels sprouts, and roasted heirloom cauliflower. If you're not in the mood for seafood, the Jax burger is an excellent alternative served on a brioche bun.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Jax boasts fresh seafood options in a lively downtown environment. They are also well-known for their raw oyster bar.

Hope's expert tip: Keep an eye out for "Oyster Month" with delicious oyster options and a part of the proceeds donated to charity.

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This moderately priced restaurant is a popular spot amongst locals and tourists alike because of its elegant yet relaxed environment and high-quality food. Known for being gluten-free friendly, not only is The Kitchen willing to accommodate your dietary preferences but they also offer a number of gluten-free items that need no modification, including Pan Roasted Monk Fish and their savory marinated olives. But never fear, gluten lovers, there's still plenty of variety for you as well, including Lemon Ricotta Pancakes for brunch. Known for accommodating good allergies and preferences, many of The Kitchen's items can be modified to suit your vegan and vegetarian preferences as well.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: The Kitchen is known for its fresh and modern style dining, family-style atmosphere, and commitment to locally-sourced foods.

Hope's expert tip: Try their Goat Gouda Omelet and be sure to ask for gluten-free options.

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Avery Brewing Company

Hands down, one of the best breweries you'll ever visit; Avery Brewing Company offers an escape from the bars and pubs of downtown. The lively atmosphere immediately invites you to snuggle up with your honey, cheers with your friends, or just relax solo and sip in some solitude. Their Cajun-inspired appetizers include cured meats and pungent cheeses, Pork Green Chili, and Barbecue Nachos, to name a few. Some of their signature brews include the hoppy India Pale Ale, the light Belgian-style White Rascal, and the nutty, savory, Elle's Brown Ale. Avery's new brewhouse is located on the outskirts of Boulder and offers a taproom downstairs, brewery tours, and an elegant dining room for those who prefer to sip their brew in a more intimate and quiet setting. Watch for release parties and special tappings throughout the year.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Avery's new brewery offers tour, a lively downstairs taproom and restaurant experience for beer-lovers and foodie alike.

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to grab a pint of the Karma, Avery's most drinkable and refreshingly crisp beer.

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Responsibily-sourced, farm-to-table, seafood options await as guests dive into a food adventure at Wild Standard. From the nautical-themed dining room, to the carts and trays whirling about with fresh fish overflowing, you'll feel as if you're bobbing along on the bottom of the sea. Feeling the desire to imbibe a bit? Wild Standard offers their Siren Call Libation Exploration, which encourages guests to learn about 3 different regions from which tasty drink concoctions hale and, from their, pick their proverbial poison. Items to pair with your drives include decadent oysters, Nut Encrusted Colorado Trout, the Mahi-Mahi complete with coconut green curry and Jasmine Rice, and much more.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Wild Standard offers sustainably-sourced seafood in a unique atmosphere that allows quests to choose from an assortment of dining carts.

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to order from the raw bar and indulge in shared plates.

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