Best Restaurants near Folsom Field

Folsom Field's Tasty Delights: Nearby Restaurants and Breweries for After-Game Fun

Boulder, Colorado is a city of many passions. Endurance races, outdoor sports, beer, food, and the arts, to name a few. And, since Boulder is a college town after all, football is no exception. CU of Boulder's Folsom Field offers pigskin entertainment in the fall and, throughout the rest of the year, it plays host to events such as the famous Bolder Boulder and fireworks on the 4th of July. No doubt, if you attend a game or event at Folsom you'll need to grab some grub and one of the many microbrews that this beer-loving city has to offer and, luckily, there are a smattering of local hot spots within walking or short driving distance of the field. 

Topping our list, The Buff with it's famous breakfast options and gritty atmosphere welcomes you to grab a bit before the game or after. If you're looking for something less breakfasty focused but no less gritty, The Sink is another famous Boulder hot spot known for its burgers and laid-back atmosphere. 

If you're looking for something a bit more elegant, Fate Brewing Company has you covered when it comes to specialty microbrews and, instead of pub-grub, they offer bistro fare sure to impress your palate. 

When it come to food and football, Boulder's got you covered and so do we! 


Set at the foothills of the beautiful Flatirons, this century-old landmark features exquisite indoor and outdoor dining (on the historic property's wraparound porch). Starters include house-smoked salmon, gazpacho, organic beet salad, and steamed mussels. You can also get entrees like grilled Colorado lamb, Rocky Mountain trout, venison steak, pan-seared ahi tuna, salmon, halibut, and vegetarian specialties. An excellent wine list and a great selection of microbrews highlight the beverage list. After your meal, we highly recommend burning off some calories by hiking in the park. The Royal Arch Hike and Green Mountain are scenic routes that will challenge you and ease your guilt when you return to the dining hall for dessert.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: Chautauqua Dining Hall is the perfect spot for brunch before the big game or dinner after while taking advantage of the scenic views.

Hope's expert tip: When the weather is fine, as to sit on the wraparound porch for a great views of the Flatirons.

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This local brewery offers some of the best refreshments in the area and is perfect to visit after a long hike at Chautauqua Park. One of their most popular beers, the Colorado Kind Ale, is dry hopped deliciousness and should be paired with one of Southern Sun's massive burgers or, our favorite, the grilled cheese. Hot wings and BBQ wings are a staple at this joint, as well as the delicious $1 tacos every Wednesday night. Choose from vegetarian or beef and eat late into the night since tacos service goes on well past pumpkin hour. Perfect place for a late-night snack.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: Southern Sun is a short drive from Folsom Field and offers ample group-seating options, delicious brews, and pub-style food.

Hope's expert tip: Don't miss out of the to-die-for delicious hot wings.

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Airport - Wbu

Welcome to Gurkhas Restaurant! Where Nepali, Tibetan, and Indian food will delight your senses and fill your belly before or after a big game at Folsom Field. Located on Boulder's "Hill", Gurkhas is conveniently situated near CU of Boulder's campus and Folsom Field. It's all near all of the entertainments and attractions of downtown Pearl Street. With vegetarian and vegan options, Gurkhas caters to a variety of dietary needs. Furthermore, Happy Hour is everyday from 5-7 and $1 beers will quench your thirst for cheap. With a variety of speciality chills and naan breads, there is something for everyone who enjoys a taste of the East.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: Gurkhas serves up Nepali, Tibetan, and Indian food with a side of $1 beers for happy hour!

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to stop in for Happy Hour everyday from 5-7 and $1 beers!

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Located within a short 5 minute drive (and a mere 15 minute walk) from Folsom Field, Zolo Bar and Grill offers authentic and unique Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price-point and is perfect for an after game feast. For brunch, indulge in the Country Waffles or Zolo Steak and Eggs Skillet. Lunch offerings include Corn Poblano Tamales and fresh Blackened Fish Tacos, At dinner-time, Grilled Flatiron Steak and Chipotle Glazed Chicken Thighs are highly recommended. Zolo also boasts a killer Happy Hour that includes Hot Wings, Chorizo Stuffed Dates, and the famous Zolorita House Margarita. This fresh and tangy beverage is perfect after a day in the hot sun tailgating and spectating.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: Zolo offers excellent brunch, lunch, dinner and happy hour Mexican fare within a short drive of Folsom Field and downtown Boulder's festivities.

Hope's expert tip: Though the lunch and dinner menus are to die for, don't neglect Zolo's electric brunch menu complete with the decadent Lobster Benedict.

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The Sink

A popular college hangout, this eatery features graffiti-scribbled walls and a menu filled with burgers, sandwiches, seafood, steaks, pizzas, and salads. Specials include ancho-stuffed tenderloin and breaded seared scallops. The Ugly Crust Pizza is topped with an assortment of toppings, or you might want to try the famous Sinkburger. A fun fact about this trendy dive: Our Commander and Chief, President Barack Obama visited the Sink on his most recent trip to Boulder, taking pictures with the local customers and, inadvertently, getting yogurt spilled on his pants by a CU of Boulder college student. Hopefully, our POTUS won't hold it against the Boulderites and will stop in for a burger on his next visit.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: The Sink is one of Boulder's most beloved and famous eateries. Known for it's killer burgers, it's perfect for before or after game face stuffing.

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to gorge yourself on the famous Sinkburger and wash it all down with a glass of draft beer or wine for only 3 bucks at happy hour.

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The Mediterranean Restaurant

If you need a sangria or giant bowl of past after yelling your lungs out at Folsom, this locally owned gem is the place for you. Not only does The Med serve up a taste of Italy, but you can also take a tour of Spanish, French, and Greek cuisine having never left Boulder. Known for, but not limited to, its fresh, wood oven pizzas and hot-out-of-the bakery bread which is made fresh daily, this eclectic restaurant offers more than just carbs. Be sure to try their Kabob made with your choice of lamb, chicken, or shrimp and flavored to perfection with garlic hummus, tabouleh, basmati rice, seared greens, grilled flat bread & tzatziki. Stop by at happy hour to peruse a to-die-for wine list.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: For some a bit more elegant, The Med boasts one of Boulder's best happy hours and delicious tapas.

Hope's expert tip: Try the Med's savory Greek Kabob and be sure to stop in for their well-known and frequented happy-hour.

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Mustard's Last Stand

Chicago-style hot dogs, German bratwurst, and home-style fries are featured at this popular diner. The Vienna Beef hot dog is an all beef wiener in a natural casing served on a steamed poppy seed bun with your choice of condiments. The menu also includes sandwich specialties made with charbroiled chicken and Italian meats, as well as tempeh burgers. Speaking of which, for you vegetarians, Mustard's offers veggie-dogs complete with delicious pepper relish, tofu Reubens, and veggie-chili. Back to you mean eaters, the Polish burgers and fresh french fries are, forgive us, dog-gone good. For something decadent and not-so-healthy, indulge on the chili cheese fries or charbroiled Polish sausage-don't forget the pepper relish!

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: Mustard's Last Stand is within walking distance of Folsom Field and serves up the best hot dogs in town.

Hope's expert tip: The Chicago-style hot dogs are so good, you won't be left standing.

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Two convenient locations allow you to choose between subs and burgers before or after the big game. This is truly the sandwich place of champions and a local favorite. Ask any Boulderite to recommend the best, cheap, sub in town and they'll point you in the direction of Snarf's, hands down. Several locations now serve brunch and this local chain has set it's sights on environmental sustainability in the past few years. Composting, recycling, and waste management are staples of the sub shop. So as you enjoy one of the "world famous" toasted sandwiches you can rest assured knowing that you're eating green. What's more, they offer savory gluten-free bread to cater to your dietary preferences. So good, you'd never guess that it's gluten-free.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: Snarf's has two convenient locations in Boulder; one is known for it's burgers and the other for it's toasted subs.

Hope's expert tip: Be sure to try one of their savory toasted sandwiches.

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Located within walking distance of Folsom Field, you'll quench your thirst with one ( or several) of their many beer options. Gigantic pizzas, and scrumptious pasta concoctions will satisfy any Italian craving, this local dive is a favorite for beer and pizza lovers alike. The Chicken Parmesan and Meatball Sub are both excellent options for those who like traditional Italian, and for those who'd like to go the more adventurous route, The Hot Mob: ham, salami, pepperoni, lettuce, tomatoes, provolone, and Italian dressing. Our personal favorite, the Nediterranean, blends pesto & red sauce, pine nuts, garlic, roasted red peppers, artichokes, kalamata olives, feta to create one of the most hearty and mouthwatering pizzas in the west.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: Backcountry Pizza serves up enormous specialty pizzas and offers over 50 beers on tap.

Hope's expert tip: Blend an American and Italian experience by ordering the Nediterranean Pizza ( named after Boulder's neighboring mountain town, Nederland) and beer.

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Perfect for a before game bite, this popular restaurant offers some of the best breakfast fare in Boulder. The menu features traditional options such as egg and omelet combos, including The Swiss, pancakes, and waffles, along with a specialty breakfast chimichanga. The delicious whole grain nut toast is almost an inch thick. For something light, you can start off with cereal and fresh squeezed orange juice, Buff granola, or steel cut oatmeal. For something a bit more decadent, try the french toast, blueberry pancakes or griddle cakes. If you're in the mood for Mexican, the Huevos Rancheros are not-to-be-missed, along with the light but satisfying breakfast tacos.

Recommended for Restaurants near Folsom Field because: The Buff is known for it's generous breakfast portions and lively atmosphere. An excellent spot to stop before or after game day.

Hope's expert tip: Grab a slice of The Buff's inch-thick savory nut toast.

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