Move to the Music at Denver's Hottest Dance Clubs & Lounges

Dance is a universal language with infinite variations, its rhythms and beats giving us license to sway, swing, twirl, dip, stomp and otherwise move across a floor to the sounds spun by DJs or played by musicians of every genre. But it's not just about the music. It's also about the building, the decor, the lights, the acoustics and the people. It's about state-of-the-art sound systems, such as those at Beta Nightclub and The Black Box, and it's about a wide range of music styles to appeal to a diverse audience; Milk is just one example. When it's time to take a break from the moves, it's nice to have a space where dancers can relax and chat, spaces such as the rooftop at Club Vinyl and Your Mom's House at Pearl's. If you don't already know how to dance swing or salsa or groove to the blues, you're in luck. Several of the top dance venues in town, including the Grizzly Rose and La Rumba, offer free or nearly free lessons, followed by the chance to try out your stellar moves with old and new friends.

North Denver
Grizzly Rose
Photo courtesy of Grizzly Rose


Since 1989, the Grizzly Rose has served up country western fun—not that you have to be die-hard country to have a great night here. Unlike some clubs, The Grizz doesn't have a long list of things you can't wear (there are a very few...  Read More



Denver may be a long way from Argentina, but the Mercury Café is the place in the city to learn the tango or to dance the tango if you already know how. It's also the place to learn swing or how to dance to the blues. In fact, Mercury Café has...  Read More

Curtis Park
Photo courtesy of Tracks


Tracks dates back to 1980 when it opened as an after-hours bar. Today, its multiple dance floors and rocking parties keep it a staple on the Denver dance scene, as does its "whoever-you-are-you-are-welcome-here" vibe. Music on tap is likely to...  Read More



Guests at Beta move to a wide spectrum of music played on the main floor and in the Beatport Lounge—house, techno, dubstep, trance, hip-hop, trap and everything in between. Beta is by and for DJs though there are live acts as well, which might...  Read More

Golden Triangle
Club Vinyl
Photo courtesy of Club Vinyl


A vertical dance extravaganza, Club Vinyl features four levels, four dance floors and four types of music. As if all that weren't enough, the rooftop indoor/outdoor patio offers a year-round place to relax with heaters, fire pits, hookahs and...  Read More



Located in LoDo, within the nightlife-centric Nativ Hotel, Stereo Lounge is a place where art, decor and state-of-the-art sound and lighting combine to provide a music and design aesthetic with both contemporary and retro appeal. When not moving...  Read More

Golden Triangle
La Rumba
Photo courtesy of La Rumba


Latin dance. That's what La Rumba is about. The club for ages 21 and up appeals to a diverse crowd spanning multiple generations, cultures and ethnicities, and plays diverse styles of Latin music, from salsa, bachata and cumbria to merengue and...  Read More



The Black Box is making a name for itself as one of Denver's top venues for underground bass music. It has two rooms custom fitted with basscouch sound, making it one of the top sounding rooms in the city. The Black Box side has a capacity of...  Read More



Anyone around the Denver dance-club scene for any length of time knows this address on E. 13th Avenue. It's been the Snake Pit, The Beauty Bar and now it's Pearl's, which is actually two different rooms with two different vibes. Pearl's is the...  Read More



THE alternative, underground hot spot in Denver, Milk is a 21+ dance club in the same building—the Jonas Brothers building—as Bar Standard, but tucked away on a lower level. The away-from-it-all venue provides an atmosphere and safe haven...  Read More


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