Denver's Sweet Spots for Dessert, Fine Roasted Coffee and Atmosphere

Denver has it going on when it comes to coffeehouses and restaurants specializing in decadent sweets made from scratch. Sure, there's a bit of coffee snobbery, but is perfect coffee such a bad thing to desire? Many of the coffeehouses on this list buy their beans from Colorado roasters, carrying on the focus on local sources that has long been trending on the restaurant and brewery scenes. For your coffee and dessert pleasure, we have a list that includes dedicated coffeehouses, dessert specialists and places that offer both--and then some. Stella's Coffee Haus is a fine example of a traditional coffeehouse, a place where local artists hang their work, local musicians play and friends gather for good coffee and conversation.  Wednesday's Pie is only about pies--and serving as the secret entrance to Green Russell, a Denver speakeasy--while Crave Dessert Bar & Lounge offers a spot for late-night sweets and cocktails. The Market at Larimer Square has it all: breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee bar, pastries, desserts and hours that span the day and evening. Rooster & Moon designates itself a true public house, a place where people gather for excellent coffee, fresh-baked pastries, sandwiches and evening music with craft brews and cocktails. These inviting places are sprinkled across Denver neighborhoods, so wherever you find yourself when you're craving coffee or sweets, you'll be in luck. 





You can't miss the desserts when you walk into The Market. They're front and center, which is clearly by design. They look so tempting it's hard to focus on anything else. Also upfront is the coffee bar and pastry case, exactly why The Market is...  Read More



It may be an unusual combination--coffee shop, pub and bike repair shop--but it fits right into Denver's trendy yet utilitarian and sports-oriented aesthetic. Low-key Denver Bicycle Cafe is, first and foremost, a place where you can meet and...  Read More



This is a very coffee-centric establishment with a vibe that will appeal to hip purists. It's all about the craft of roasting coffee and producing exceptional coffee. "Our goal is to serve the best cup of coffee in the most beautiful...  Read More



Crema serves fine-roasted coffee in the traditional ways, along with breakfast and lunch. Here's what the management says about the name and about espresso. "Crema is the lovely layer of thickly effervescent foam that defines well-crafted...  Read More



Stella's, on Old South Pearl Street, draws coffee-lovers, especially those who like to have their dogs along with them on the patio (where water bowls are provided). It also appeals to music lovers who appreciate the way local coffee and local...  Read More



Sleek Crave offers a sexy urban look and feel, perfect for its 14th-street location. It's open from late morning until late evening. Crave gets its coffee from Colorado's Method Roasters based in Boulder, where every roast is still handcrafted...  Read More



Rooster & Moon management defines the place as "more of a public house than a coffee shop," where the conversation is always buzzing. A full-on restaurant with coffee, food, dessert and a bar, Rooster & Moon has something for everyone....  Read More



The D in D Bar stands for drinks, dining and dessert. It's here that Food Network celebrity chef Keegan Gerhard and his team serve up seasonally inspired, upscale comfort food along with award-winning desserts. Everything is made from scratch,...  Read More



Huckleberry Roasters is a place for coffee purists--but not elitists. Huckleberry was started with the idea that good coffee is a vehicle for meaningful conversations and shared experiences, and that's the vibe that persists. The owners source...  Read More



Once only open on Wednesday's, this pie shop became so popular it had to expand its hours to meet demand. It's still the quasi-secret front for Green Russell, one of Denver's hip speakeasies, but it's also the place to get fabulous, fresh-made...  Read More


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