Welcome to the Best Attractions in Cartago, Costa Rica's First Capital

What better way to celebrate than by tasting and toasting over Costa Rica's Craft Brewing Company's artisinal beers, riverrunning the Reventazon River, or refreshing in the thermal pools at Balneario Aguas Termals Los Patios? In Cartago, Costa Rica, there is spirituality, history, and adventure in the air; this precious land land has survived and thrived after two natural disasters -first an earthquake, and then the fiery eruption of Volcan Irazu, resulted in the demolishment of most of its structures, and many of its people. Today, Cartago is alive and well Every August, over 2 million pilgrims make a 22 kilometer spiritual journey to the Basilca de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles, many of them on their knees, originating from various points throughout Costa Rica

Cartago also contains Costa Rica's rainiest and wettest places within the rainforests at the Tapanti National Park, where the tiniest species of orchid were discovered growing in the tropical humid pre-montane in 2009. If you miss them as you tour the park, you can see them on display at Lankester Botanical Gardens, alongside the rest of Costa Rica's world-class orchid collection. For adventurers, riverrunning down the River Revantazon River is the most intimate way to experience Costa Rica's wildlife.



The Lankester Botanical Gardens (Jardín Botánico Lankester) was created in 1973 as a center for the exhibition, conservation and research of tropical air plants, with an empahsis on orchids. Recognized worldwide for its stunning collections of...  Read More



Located just far off the beaten path to feel deserted and a bit creepy, the old Sanatorio Duran is hidden between the two districts of Tierra Blanca de Cartago and Potrero Cerrado de Oreamuno, just outside of Cartago, Costa Rica. In its heyday,...  Read More



Las Ruinas de la Parroquia, or Las Ruinas as they are commonly called, are one of Cartago's greatest calling cards; only the skeleton of a Romanesque church including some walls and staircases remain, but ever since its inception Las Ruinas has...  Read More



Iraz-- Volcano National Park encompasses the area around the Iraz-- Volcano in Cartago Province. The volcano is not far from the capital city and makes for an excellent day trip attraction from San Jose. Iraz-- Volcano National Park is a...  Read More



There may be no more memorable an experience that riverrunning the Reventazón River in Costa Rica. Flowing from its mountainious source down 145 km before emptying into the Caribbean, this is the river that gives the capital city of San Jose...  Read More



When the weather heats up, sometimes there's just nothing like a swimming pool to cool you off, even in Costa Rica, with it's bounty of beaches on both coasts. What's even better, is that Balneario de Aguas Termales Los Patios has 6 pools to...  Read More



Tapantí National Park is considered one of the wettest places in Costa Rica. Only an hour's drive from San Jose, Tapantí covers more than 117,000 acres of the Cartago area on the edge of the Talamanca range. This expansive park is surrounded...  Read More



Mountain bike enthusiasts can rejoice with the opening of Finca La Angelina, a solo course through lush tropical vegetation that was previously trodden mainly by horses. The basic circuit is approximately 11 kms, and takes about an hour and a...  Read More



The Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles is a Roman Catholic church in classic Byzantine style, located in the heart of Cartago, Costa Rica. Built in 1639, this basilica is officially sanctified to the Virgin of Nuestra Senora de los...  Read More



In an old refurebished factory an hour outside the city of San Jose, a couple of beer afficionados are going against the grain, crafting artisinal beer using only whole grains, hops, yeast, and water. The concept is novel in a country that loves...  Read More


Meet Sophia LaMonica

On Sophia's first trip to Costa Rica, she came face to face with white-faced monkeys, gasped at the sight of giant purple crabs, and rode horseback through plunging waterfalls. Costa Rica...  More About Sophia