10 Best Brew Pubs in Costa Rica Pour Imperial, Pilsen, Craft Beers

For decades, the Germans have had the most influence on most of the beer in Costa Rica. Although Imperials and Pilsens are de riguer at most brew pubs across the country, at these ten best brew pubs you'll probably find even more beers than you bargained for. For an especially beer drenched day, or get-away, start by taking a tour of Costa Rica's Craft Brewing Company's brewery in a refurbished factory outside of San Jose, and sample their Libertas Golden Ale and Segua Red Ale, both especially designed for Costa Rica’s tropical climate. Make your way through the mountains and down to the Caribbean coast to Puerto Viejo de Limon, and seek out the Bri Bri Springs Brewery at Kaya's Place in Black Beach. Every Thursday, the brew masters sample their original Choco Beer, created with local organic cacao. They credit the natural spring water that flows on their land in Bri Bri for their refreshingly sustainable "green" beer. At The Lazy Mon, you might find Pilsen, Costa Rica's second most popular national beer (it's a bit stronger than Imperial) in the fridge, and at Tasty Waves Cantina, you can nip on an imported Mexican Corona while tucking into your tacos.



In an old refurbished factory about an hour outside the capital city of San Jose, a couple of beer afficionados are going against the grain, crafting artisinal beer using only whole grains, hops, yeast, and water. The concept is novel in a...  Read More

El Cuartel de la Boca del Monte


What was once a modest establishment for artsy types has become one of San Jose's trendiest spots for all walks of life, especially the young and hip set, who flock to El Cuartel de la Boca del Monte for the scene, the bar, and the live music,...  Read More



Tex Mex is conveniently located at the center of town, a big open-air spot on a corner of the main intersection in front of the beach. Wherever you're going, you're going to pass Tex Mex, and whoever's there will see you coming. During the day,...  Read More

Johnny's Place
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Johnny's Place is Puerto Viejo's longstanding, landmark dance club, and has been the place to drink and dance to all kinds of music for more than a decade. The beachfront digs are the epitome of non-descript, and it's a party version of the...  Read More



Just when Puerto Viejo was in need of a little more night music, Bar Maritza has stepped up to the plate with a remodeled interior and a shiny new facade, bringing life after dark to the otherwise quiet stretch of beachfront it occupies. Maritza...  Read More



One of Puerto Viejo's most popular spots to party after dark, Cafe Mango, formerly called the Sunset Bar, has maintained its old-school vibe and infused new life into this open-to-the- ocean-front beach shack. Inexpensive drink specials such as...  Read More

Tasty Waves Cantina
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Clearly named for the undeniably stellar Caribbean surf that unfolds just across the road, Tasty Waves Cantina does much to revive the classic surfer vibe that first drew tourists to the area; whatever the weather, from the torrential rains that...  Read More



It took awhile, but finally Americans have started settling in Puerto Viejo, and some say it's about time, especially since The Point opened, offering sports on seven screens and even Costa Rican craft beers on draft. Now the region has a place...  Read More



This is the second- but no less popular- location of the Jazz Cafe, the first is across town in San Pedro, San Jose. The newer Jazz Cafe was opened in 2009 and carries on the tradition of presenting high quality shows, consistent restaurant...  Read More



The Public House Irish Pub is a modern take on the traditional, with a long list of Costa Rican craft beers and signature cocktails such as the Maracuyazo, a shot of bright orange chiliguaro made with maracuyá, and the Nutella Martini, a...  Read More


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