Eat Well in Escazú at Costa Rica's Newest and Finest Restaurants

With the introduction of the Avenida Escazú, this swank enclave a few miles from Costa Rica's capital city claims extra elegance. Tintos and Blancos draws a hip crowd of wine connoisseurs to its two-story location that features an enticing Mediterranean menu to match its enormous subterranean wine collection, and the Jazz Cafe Escazú serves up some excellent meals to accompany its evolving roster of world-renowned live music artists. Up on a hill with an exclusive panoramic view of the city, Le Monastère is housed in a historic monastery, and its French chef puts out the best escargot this side of the Seine, not to mention the rest of his expertly-crafted French creations- just make sure to dress appropriately and make reservations several days in advance. For a mellower vibe during the day, look to Serenitea Tea Lounge for relaxation and refreshment; 45 flavors of tea to choose from and an ambience that is as peaceful as it is tranquilo. New additions to the Escazú scene include Praha Lounge, decorated with eclectic furniture to admire during its happy hour, and Product C, which prides itself- and righteously so- on providing seafood so fresh that it's been caught no more than a few hours before being rushed to the restaurant, hitting your plate, and delighting your palette.

What first catches the eye about Praha Lounge and Cafe is the decor; it's a modern mash up of funky retro chairs, ornate chandaliers, and framed art everywhere, even on the ceiling. Yes, Praha aims to stimulate the senses from the first steps...  Read More

Serenitea is a delightful place to enjoy lunch or just a cup of finely brewed tea in the fine neighborhood of Escazú. Its peaceful atmosphere encourages relaxation and contemplation, so it makes a fine addition to an active day of sightseeing...  Read More

With such a dramatic name, one might expect something less than spectacular from Saga Restaurant, but one would be wrong- Saga consistently satisfies, with a strong menu starting with delicious sushi appetizers, ending with succulent pastries...  Read More

Product C is part of a growing group of restaurants in Costa Rica that embodies the locally grown movement, serving fresh-caught seafood that spends very little time between the water, the chef's hands, and the table. What started as a beachside...  Read More

La Luz

The menu at La Luz is quite diverse, afterall it was one of the country's first fusion restaurants, and still impresses with an eclectic menu of diverse tastes; the expert chef pays close attention to detail and every plate is served like a work...  Read More

This is the second- but no less popular- location of the Jazz Cafe, the first is across town in San Pedro, San Jose. The newer Jazz Cafe was opened in 2009 and carries on the tradition of presenting high quality shows, consistent restaurant...  Read More

For the well-heeled and epicurious, Le Monastère delivers and then some. Everything is prepared and served expertly, from escargot and French Onion Soup to chef specials like Venison Tenderloin Flambee in Port Wine and Seabass filet in Tarragon...  Read More

Samurai Sushi
Photo courtesy of Sophia LaMonica

Samurai Sushi is perhaps the best sushi to be found in San Jose, if not all of Costa Rica, and they have excellent Teppan Yaki, too. After months of searching, it was a pleasure to stumble upon this place in Escaz�, not where it would not...  Read More

New to the scene in Escazú is Tintos y Blancos, a wine bar that serves excellent food in an inviting atmosphere and even offers live music on certain nights. Perfect for a pre-dinner date or even the main attraction, Tintos y Blancos has an...  Read More

La Comida Divina is a modern restaurant on Avenida Escazu that offers a unique dining experience, great service, delicious Peruvian food and an inviting atmosphere. Chef Marco Antonio Ganoza is passionate about the dishes he creates and his love...  Read More


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