Celebrate Outdoor Dining in Costa Rica with Fresh, Farm-to-Table Cuisine

The Caribbean of Costa Rica, with its narrow coast and striking shoreline, is home to several top-notch restaurants that offer outdoor dining. Sobre las Olas in the little village of Cahuita has a handful of tables in the sand perched over Playa Blanca; eating ceviche served while sitting overlooking the sea is an unforgettable experience. In Puerto Viejo de Limon, Koki Beach has colorful outdoor seating in the shade and sun; a generous swath of beachfront chairs and tables at which to enjoy cocktails and dinner sit along the main road. At La Pecora Nera, open-air dining is part of what makes it so special, especially as night falls and the jungle comes alive around you. In San Jose, La Criollita has an outdoor patio with a bird sanctuary, bringing the sense and sound of the tropics to the city while you dine on traditional Costa Rican favorites. The chic Grano de Oro Hotel boasts an intimate inner patio at its world-class restaurant; reserve an outdoor table in advance to see the stars overhead while you dine. Product C's casual outdoor dining space is perfect for people watching, and Tintos y Blancos offers tables outside from which to sip and nibble.



In the southernmost corner of Costa Rica in the postcard perfect region known as the Osa Peninsula, lies Il Giardino, the first, and many agree, the best, Italian restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, owned and operated by an Italian family that takes...  Read More

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Amimodo is an old-school yet new-school family style and family friendly Italian restaurant on the main road in Puerto Viejo. A nondescript, single story cafe style that's invitingly and casual from the street side and the beach side, Amimodo...  Read More



Stashu's con Fusion is truly a work of art, and a labor of love. One of Puerto Viejo's longest running restaurants (it was formerly called El Loco Natural), Stashu's has been helmed in the kitchen since the early days by Stashu himself, chef...  Read More



Product C is part of a growing group of restaurants in Costa Rica that embodies the locally grown movement, serving fresh-caught seafood that spends very little time between the water and the table. What started as a beachside fish shop in surf...  Read More



New to the scene in Escaz� is Tintos y Blancos, a wine bar that serves excellent food in an inviting atmosphere and even offers live music on certain nights. Perfect for a pre-dinner date or even the main attraction, Tintos y Blancos has...  Read More

La Criollita
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La Criollita is an excellent place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has something on the menu for everyone. The fare is traditional Costa Rican; generous portions of meat, chicken and fish with rice, beans and salad on the side, and big...  Read More



What started as a simple hotel cafe has expanded to become one of the country's finest restaurants with well-earned reputation. Casually elegant, this restaurant is situated off the Grano de Oro Hotel's central courtyard which provides for...  Read More



The first of its kind in Puerto Viejo de Limon, KOKI Beach is a truly eco-friendly establishment; a bar, restaurant and lounge made almost entirely from reclaimed materials that takes relaxing and dining and turns them into art forms. With a...  Read More

Sobre las Olas
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Perched on the edge of the coral reef overlooking the beautiful coast of Cahuita, Sobre las Olas is a perfect little restaurant that has excellent food to match its ambience. The best seats are outside nestled between the palm trees, where...  Read More

La Pecora Nera
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La Pecora Nera is a romantic restaurant set in the rainforest of Costa Rica's Caribbean coast, where the Italian chef Ilario is as charismatic as he is talented in the kitchen. His recommendations of daily specials are always spot on, but you...  Read More


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