A Barefoot Foodie's Paradise, Puerto Viejo de Limon Has It All

Worlds away from the mega-resorts of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo de Limon maintains its small town charm; it's a delightfully sleepy seaside surfer village with a jaguar's share of great places to eat. Stashu's con Fusion is a standout helmed by an artist in the kitchen and out, his place is noteworthy not only for the creatively inspired food but for the inviting ambience and live music on some nights. La Pecora Nera is a properly hidden gem well off the main road, surrounded by rainforest; here you'll feast on exquisite garden fresh Italian cuisine in a most romantic setting. Bread and Chocolate is the the perfect place to enjoy a wholesome breakfast full of homemade breads and fresh fruits, linger over a latte and sample handmade truffles made with locally grown cacao.  Vegetarians will be delighted at Veronica's Place, and those is search of an authentic Caribbean meal will not be disappointed at Soda Lidia.  A seaside view and fresh food awaits at funky Koki Beach, perched on the edge of the road overlooking the sea in the center of Puerto Viejo, and for a casual bite to eat make your way to Pan Pay across from Police Station and the beach.



The first of its kind in Puerto Viejo de Limon, KOKI Beach is a truly eco-friendly establishment; a bar, restaurant and lounge made almost entirely from reclaimed materials that takes relaxing and dining and turns them into art forms. With a...  Read More

Veronica's Place


Veronica's Place is a completely vegetarian restaurant on the Caribbean coast where the chef owner is Veronica herself, a Puerto Viejo native whose roots trace back to Jamaica and whose culinary style reflects her deep knowledge of local...  Read More



With such an international selection of food to choose from in Puerto Viejo, it may seem that the Caribbean flavor has been lost in translation, but that is clearly not the case at Soda Lidia, where traditional dishes like rice and beans infused...  Read More

Cafe Viejo
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Although it's a fine Italian restaurant first and foremost, with experienced chefs in the kitchen that turn out exceptional dishes based on authentic Italian recipes that come to life with Costa Rica's bounty of fresh ingredients, Cafe Viejo is...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Sophia LaMonica


Amimodo is an old-school yet new-school family style and family friendly Italian restaurant on the main road in Puerto Viejo. A nondescript, single story cafe style that's invitingly and casual from the street side and the beach side, Amimodo...  Read More



Bread and Chocolate has become a landmark cafe in Puerto Viejo, and for good(ies) reason. Locals and tourists enjoy gathering to partake in some wholesome breakfasts, lunches, and signature baked goods here, which include handmade truffles,...  Read More



At the center of Puerto Viejo a large hand painted sign points the way to "The Best Damn Coffee in Town," and if you follow the sign to the otherwise incognito spot behind the main road you will not be disappointed- but it's not just excellent...  Read More



Stashu's con Fusion is truly a work of art, and a labor of love. One of Puerto Viejo's longest running restaurants (it was formerly called El Loco Natural), Stashu's has been helmed in the kitchen since the early days by Stashu himself, chef...  Read More



Whether you're in the mood for fluffy pancakes made with farm fresh organic chocolate or a platter of huevos rancheros, the Lizard King Café has something on its menu for everyone. Lizard King burritos are legendarily delicious, flour...  Read More

La Pecora Nera
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At La Pecora Nera, delicious, authentic Italian cuisine is served in a romantic, open-air restaurant well off-the beaten track on Costa Rica's Caribbean. The Italian chef Ilario is as charismatic as he is talented in the kitchen, and his...  Read More


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