10 Best Christmas Shopping Spots in Costa Rica

'Tis the season to be jolly in Costa Rica, where Christmas is the most festive time, filled with extravagant light displays and street festivals. Shopping for souvenirs and gifts can be an exciting experience around the holidays, Costa Ricans especially like to celebrate the season by decking out Christmas trees and stocking up on gifts to be exchanged on Christmas eve. Stroll along Avenida Central, an open-air pedestrian shopping destination in San Jose with unusual statues and colorful murals on nearly every corner. Explore one man's modern take on the old-fashioned craft of woodworking with a tour of the workshop at Biesanz Woodwork. Leather purses from J. Lang Atelier are a favorite gift for fashionistas, and finding her store on the outskirts of Escazú makes for a great Christmas-time caper.  Along the Caribbean coast in the seaside village of Puerto Viejo de Limon, stop by LuluBerlu Gallery, which is bursting with artful gifts and original designer bikinis, the beachfront shop Manifesto for unique clothing and accessories, and vintage gifts at the Puerto Viejo Flea Market. Across the way, Luna de Febrero carries an evolving collection of locally made art, wood carved crafts and goods for gifting like the Talamanca cacao.



Thankfully, Luna de Febrero is open every moon, not just February's, and its selection of souvenirs continues to evolve into Puerto Viejo de Limon's most eclectic selection of locally made, sustainable goods, including original artwork,...  Read More

Cafe Britt Coffee Tour
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After a warm introduction and a brief history of coffee in Costa Rica, the tour begins with a stroll through the plantation of coffee, cacao, and many other tropical trees. A charismatic bi-lingual guide explains the growing cycles from the...  Read More

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In a little bungalow storefront overlooking the Caribbean in Puerto Viejo de Limon, Manifesto is a cozy and magical shop stocked with original handmade clothing and accessories. La Seguna Piel (Second Skin)is Manifesto's locally sewn clothing....  Read More



The Tribal Market is a wonderful find for one-of-a-kind artful souvenirs from all over Central America, and the world. The owner/curator collects her inventory from Guatemala, Bali, Mexico, and Costa Rica, and presents it in a cozy and inviting...  Read More

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A bustling pedestrian street mall, the city's Central Avenue is the ideal place for finding good deals on discount clothing, electronics, shoes and souvenirs. Small cafes and a few fast food chains help keep your stomach from growling as you...  Read More



Avenida Escaz� is Costa Rica's newest and most modern shopping development, considered by some shoppers to be a highlight of a visit to Escaz�, already home to the Multiplaza Mall and many other shops. Avenida Escaz� follows...  Read More

Airport - Sjo


Tucked into a small storefront on a side street in downtown San Jose is Galería Namu, where all items in the shop are handmade by talented artists and fairly traded, which means that each purchase directly supports indigenous artists and...  Read More



J. Lang Atelier & Showroom in Escazu is a dream come true for handbag lovers in Costa Rica. Each piece is designed by Jennifer Lang, who draws her inspiration from the natural beauty of her new home. There are a variety of styles to choose...  Read More



Highly regarded as one of the best woodworking artist galleries in Costa Rica, Biesanz Woodwork is the place to go to pick up a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Barry Biesanz, the artist behind the work, is inspired by the simple Shaker aesthetic, and...  Read More



Luluberlu Art Gallery was created more than a decade ago by a French artist who fell madly in love with the Caribbean and moved here to create colorful mosiacs mirrors and chairs, which were the first items in the gallery. These days, the...  Read More


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