Costa Rica's Chocolate Shops Share Single-Origin Organic Cacao from Small Sustainable Farms

Costa Rica's Caribbean coast is blessed with cacao in every season, and a growing handful of chocolate makers are emerging to share this food of the gods in all of its forms, from the tree to bean to bar. Central America and Costa Rica's Caribbean region is the birthplace of cacao, and the indigenous people are still enjoying it as they have been forever, as a beverage that is sipped for strength and stimulation all day. Learn much about the ancient history of cacao on a tour of Cacao Trails, which ends with an old-fashioned chocolate making and tasting session in the chocolate museum. In Puerto Viejo de Limon, you can taste snappy single-origin chocolate bars at the Chocolate Lounge, and hike through a thriving cacao farm on the Chocolate Forest Experience, tasting the fruit and witnessing the transformation into delicious bites of rich dark chocolate. At at the Old Harbor Market on the main road, look for a big jar of colorful wands of pure chocolate by Chocorart , a Swiss couple's farm and chocolateria in Playa Chiquita. Dip down into ATEC (Asociación Talamanqueña de Ecoturismo y Conservación) in the center of town on the main street for the heart-opening, body buzz inducing chocolate hearts by Tsirushka, a brand of cacao created by a group of indigenous BriBri farmers.



Cacao Trails is a cool place to get acquainted with Costa Rica's cacao, from the important role of the fruit in local indigenous communities to the process it goes through from the bean to the bar, complete with a traditional chocolate factory...  Read More

Caribeans Chocolate Forest Experience
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Chocolate lovers, nature enthusiasts, and all those looking to learn more about Costa Rica's rich history of cacao should indulge in the Chocolate Forest Experience, an in-depth exploration of chocolate from the cacao seed to the to the fruit...  Read More

Tsirushka -ACOMUITA Mujeres de Chocolate
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Tsirushka, the Bri Bri word for chocolate, was born in 2003 at the incentive of ACOMUITA, Asociación Comisión de Mujeres Indígenas de Talamanca, or the Association Commission of Indigenous Women of Talamanca (Costa Rica), to earn income from...  Read More



The Cacao Lounge is one sweet spot to shop and hang out in Jacó, and have a good old-fashioned time. Downstairs is a cafe with great coffee and a slew of specialty desserts all with a common theme: they are all dipped in chocolate! Jalapeños...  Read More



Thankfully, Luna de Febrero is open every moon, not just February's, and its selection of souvenirs continues to evolve into Puerto Viejo de Limon's most eclectic selection of locally made, sustainable goods, including original artwork,...  Read More

Puerto Viejo Farmer's and Flea Market
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Set between the main road and the coastal road behind the Casa de Cultura in the center of town, the Puerto Viejo Flea Market is open every day all day, and on Saturdays, the Farmer's Market occupies the same space under the big tent from 6am...  Read More



Bread and Chocolate has become a landmark cafe in Puerto Viejo, and for good(ies) reason. Locals and tourists enjoy gathering to partake in some wholesome breakfasts, lunches, and signature baked goods here, which include handmade truffles,...  Read More

Cafe Britt Coffee Tour
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After a warm introduction and a brief history of coffee in Costa Rica, the tour begins with a stroll through the plantation of coffee, cacao, and many other tropical trees. A charismatic bi-lingual guide explains the growing cycles from the...  Read More

Chocolateria Chocorart
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The Chocorart cacao plantation offers in-depth tours of its operation in the jungly rainforest just south of Puerto Viejo de Limon. You'll learn about the whole process of chocolate production, from the seed to the fruit to the fermentation and...  Read More

Pure Jungle Spa
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In a thatched bungalow set just back from the main road across from the fray of Rockin' Js Pure Jungle Spa is the original and best spa in Puerto Viejo, a refreshing oasis offering all-natural pampering with lush organic products in an...  Read More


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