10 Best Costa Rica Shopping Malls and Centers

Despite the occasional downpour, Costa Rica's tropical weather makes it an ideal place for outdoor shopping, and pedestrian friendly promenades are favorite shopping destinations for Ticos and tourists.  Avenida Escazu is the newest of the outdoor shopping destinations and no expense is spared when it comes to setting a most festive shopping spirit; live entertainment, DJs, and dance performances are among the enhancements to the shopping experience- stroll the long stretch of this pedestrian-only street lined with high-end boutiques, hip eateries, and an IMAX theater.  In downtown San Jose proper, Avenida Central is a classic Costa Rican shopping destination with all kinds of shops lining the street that stretches for several blocks through the city. Fill up on souvenirs at the old-school Mercado Central; here vendors proffer everything from Costa Rican coffee and fresh produce to cell phone accessories, souvenirs, and clothing. If you're looking to shop in a traditional mall with department stores, a food court, and a movie theater, head to the Muitiplaza Mall, Mall San Pedro, or Plaza Cariari. Instead of big malls, every small town in Costa Rica has a weekly feria (market), or several, which are the best sources for locally made artisanal food and gifts.

Outdoor Market at Museo Nacional


Sometimes, the best deals are to be had beneath a tent. Get ready to bargain with vendors at the movable booths erected in front of the city's National Museum. The area around Avenida 2 and Calle 15 has become a sort of unofficial outdoor market...  Read More



Though other farmers markets have begun to spring up on different days of the week, the original and biggest is the Ezcazu Central Farmers Market, held each Saturday from 7 am to 1pm just south of the San Miguel Church in the center of Escazu....  Read More

La Casona


Looking for something to take home to commemorate your stay in San Jos�, Costa Rica? Don't forget to visit this three-story shopping complex that offers an extra-large selection of souvenirs, with everything from clothing to jewelry,...  Read More



This modern center offers shoppers three stories of opportunity with over 110 stores, including name brand and outlet options. Several large department stores anchor the complex, and an expansive food court and theatres provide entertainment...  Read More

Mall San Pedro


Located just a short distance from San Jos� proper in San Pedro, this large shopping mall offers four stories of shopping diversions. A wide variety of boutiques, specialty shops, gift shops, clothing stores and department stores sell...  Read More

Multiplaza Mall
Photo courtesy of Sophia LaMonica


Multiplaza Mall is located in Escaz� along the Santa Ana Highway, and it's a expansive, recently renovated mall with a large number of shops catering to a well-heeled set of Costa Ricans and tourists, who will find designer favorite...  Read More



Avenida Escaz� is Costa Rica's newest and most modern shopping development, considered by some shoppers to be a highlight of a visit to Escaz�, already home to the Multiplaza Mall and many other shops. Avenida Escaz� follows...  Read More



The Mercado Nacional de Artesania is an outlet specifically designed for Costa Rican artisans with a big collection of shops that carry a lion's share of quality products all handcrafted within the country. Visitors to this shopping destination...  Read More

Mercado Central
Photo courtesy of Sophia LaMonica


Since 1880, the Central Market has been a staple shopping hub in San Jose, providing for a unique shopping experience in the country's capital city. Prices are relatively reasonable, and the goods are varied, with everything from fresh flowers...  Read More

Airport - Sjo


A bustling pedestrian walk street, the city's Avenida Central is the ideal place for strolling, whether you're there to shop or not. Small cafes and a few fast food chains help keep your stomach from growling as you browse, while a newer...  Read More


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