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10 Best Bars in Prague for Beer, Cocktails, Wine and Svarák

The Czechs call their beer tekutý chléb, liquid bread, or zivá voda, life-giving water. There is no doubt about it, amber-colored Pilsner Urquell from the city of Plzen is one of the world's best beers. Czech wine is almost as popular as beer, and available in a vinara or wine bar. Tucked away in a vaulted cellar, Monarch Wine Bar stocks wine from Moravia. If you are craving cheese fondue, Monarch is the only place in Prague for this Swiss speciality.

From the end of September to mid-October, bars and pubs serve burcak, the Czech version of Late night party goers will paint the town red in Bombay Bar, famous for cocktails or in Duende, the smokiest bar in Prague. Sample in Kozicka Bar a shot of Becherovka, a herbal bitter with an acquired taste. Another favorite is slivovice, plum brandy, and borovicka made from juniper berries.

Beer connoisseurs head straight for U Medvidku, a tiny micro-brewery right in the center of Prague. Their X-Beer 33 is a potent drink with an alcolhol percentage of 11.8%. If you don't mind busloads of tourists, join in with hundreds of tourists and listen to accordeon music while savoring Flek beer in U Fleku.

10 Best makes sure that you find the best places. Here is a list of 10 favorite bars.


Chapeau Rouge is a popular party pub located very close to Old Town Square in Prague's historic center. Red is the main colour scheme and gives the place a pleasant old-time atmosphere. Listen to alternative independent bands from all around the world. And if you play in a band, ask them to set up a gig for you. You may end up in the Fenester Window Gallery which displays up-and-coming artists. The crowd is a mix of Czech and international visitors of all ages. The beer is cheap. The Live Underground venue is small but the sound is great

Local Expert tip: Dance to hip hop and drink absinth mixed with Red Bull

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Monarch wine bar is not only a spot to sample wine, it is also the best place to buy wine. The vaulted cellar is home to an impressive selection of wines ranging from Czech to New Zealand. Sample wine from Moravia by the glass or bottle. The tempting snacks menu features tapas, olives, Italian salami, French cheese, Spanish chorizo and Norwegian salmon. Located close to Wenceslas Square, you need not make a detour to savor wine in the bar or take away to sample your favorite wine another time. Hop on tram 6, 9, 18 or 22, and get off at Narodni Trida stop.

Local Expert tip: Monarch wine bar is the only spot in Prague where you can savor Swiss cheese fondue washed down by Riesling or Gewurztraminer.

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Lucerna music Bar is the perfect setting for a mellow evening. No cutting-edge music but an excellent place to catch live bands. Czech bands on weekdays. At the weekend Lucerna transforms itself into a theme night. DJ's play 1980s and 1990s music accompanied by original videos from that period. Old and young mix on the dance floor and party until the small hours. Bars dotted around the club serve reasonably priced drinks. Lucerna is located very close to Wenceslas Square and right in the middle of partying Prague.

Local Expert tip: Be sure to get to the VIP area upstairs for a sweeping view of the dance floor. Even though theme nights in Lucerna Music Club are always jam-packed, you never have to wait long for your drink, due to the three bars.

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U Fleku
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

When browsing the web or reading guidebooks to find the best beer pub in Prague, you will always find that U Fleku pops up as number one. This brew pub is the oldest beer pub in Prague, dating to the fifteenth century. Their brew is called Flek, a dark malty beer, mildly tart with a bit of roast and continental hop. U Fleku is a huge, sprawling pub with eight beer halls with a capacity of 1200 visitors and enough room for another 500 in the beer garden. The locals reluctantly join the busloads of tourists but this is the only place to sample exquisite Flek. The waiter will offer you a Becherovka, a herbal bitter. It is not complementary, it will add $3 to your bill. Still, it is worth popping in to listen to the accordionist playing ditties while you sample the best beer in Prague.

Local Expert tip: If you visit only one pub in Prague, be sure it is U Fleku. It is definitely not the cheapest, but once you have sampled their Flek beer you know why this pub is so immensely popular.

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Jazz club Reduta has been going strong since Communist days and is still very popular. When in 1994, Vaclav Havel, the then present of the Czech Republic, presented Bill Clinton with a new saxophone, Clinton entertained the public. Reduta is famous for Dixieland, blues, modern jazz and everything in between. Posters of jazz heroes adorn the walls. No waiter service, simply get your reasonably priced drinks from the bar. Live jazz every night and some evenings a handful of the best musicians in town sit in with the band. Reduta is one of the best place to soak up Dixieland atmosphere.

Local Expert tip: Book a few hours ahead at the box office if you want to avoid the crowd. Drink at the bar if you come just for the beer.

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U Medvidku
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Brew pub, restaurant and hotel, U Medvidku, the Little Bears in English, is located in Stare Mesto, the Old Town. When you sit in the modern bar to the left of the entrance, you will taste Budvar on the tap and miss out on the true Medvidku experience. Beer connoisseurs go upstairs to sample X-Beer 33. This dark, bitter-sweet lager ferments in a tank. After adding a special yeast strain, the brew ferments for another fourteen weeks in oak barrels. With an alcohol content of 11.8%, this X-beer is as strong as wine. U Medvidku dates from the fifteenth century. After 500 years of brewing, the malt house was converted into a microbrewery and a large beer hall. To sample a strong dark beer with alcohol content of only 5,2%, you can order an Oldgott. Nearest Metro station: Mustek, or tram 6, 9, 18 or 22 stop Narodni Trida.

Local Expert tip: Micro brewery,U Medvidku, is the favorite pub for passionate beer drinkers. Sit in the u-shaped bar, watch the barmen pull the brass beer pumps or, even better, go upstairs to sample X-beer, Oldgott, 1466 or Valentýn.

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Bar and Books is a cosy and romantic retreat and the ideal spot for socializing. It was the first cigar bar in the Czech Republic. Red walls, vaulted ceilings, leather furniture and a library full of books create a colonial atmosphere. Monday night is Ladies' Cigar Night, with complementary cigars for the ladies. Tuesday is whiskey night, when all whiskeys go at special prices. The cocktail bar concocts the most surprising cocktails like Dark and Stormy but also old favorites such as gin and tonic. Indulge in cigars from Trinidad, Cuba or the Dominican Republic. Have Russian vodka with your club sandwich while you watch a silent James Bond movie with a personal sound track. Bars and books is located right in the centre of Prague, just a few steps away from Old Town Square.

Local Expert tip: Tuesday is whiskey night, when all whiskeys go at special prices.

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Located close to Old Town Square, Kozicka is an unpretentious bar and restaurant. It is popular with foreigners and Czech alike. Crowded at time, Kozicka always delivers top service. All important Czech beers on tap; Staropramen, Gambrinus, Krusovice and Pilsner Urquell, the King among beers. They also have a good variety of cocktails and shots. Be sure to try Becherovka, a herbal bitter from Karlovy Vary, a famous spa in the Czech Republic. Kozicka, meaning little goat, is hidden in a cellar with brick arched walls and sturdy wooden furniture and decorated with goat sculptures. If you are not a big drinker, ask for half-liter mugs instead of one liter.

Local Expert tip: Kozicka Bar and Restaurant is one of the best places in Prague to wind down while gulping Krusovice beer. Be sure to ask for the 'poledni menu', the fixed lunch menu because tourists are often given the a la carte menu with higher prices.

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When you have been to Duende once, you will always return. This casually sophisticated bar is simply perfect for a coffee in the morning or drinks and cocktails in the evening. Even though smoking has partially been banned in Prague, Duende is still one of smokiest bars in town and the perfect hang-out for inveterate smokers. This split-level bar is a favorite among residents, ex-pats, students and artists, still it never seems overcrowded. Try their British Bernard 13 degree lager as a change from Czech beers. Fringed lampshades, old tennis rackets, photos and ancient phones add to the bohemian atmosphere of this funky little bar.

Local Expert tip: Located a stone's throw from Charles bridge, Deunde is a chilled-out place where tourists meet locals. Come on a Friday night and listen to a virtuoso playing the guitar or mandolin.

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Bombay Bar is a friendly mix of music, dance and cocktails. Especially at weekends, Bombay Bar is packed with a laid-back crowd. Listen to DJ's who adept the music to the visitors' mood. No need to restrict yourself to the dance floor. Dance anywhere you like. In summer, the best place is out in the garden. Cocktails lovers can choose from Blue Passion cocktail, Havana rum, Blue Curacao, lime juice and lemonade to Rainbow cocktail, melon, banana and strawberry liqueurs, grenadine and orange juice. Or would you rather have a non-alcoholic Bombay Shake, pureed strawberries and bananas mixed with cream.

Local Expert tip: Bombay Bar is famous for its cocktails. Ask the barman for your favorite. One hundred-and-fifty features on the drinks menu. Spend your excess energy on the dance floor and mix with an international crowd.

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