Prague for Music Lovers from Opera to Pop Concert

Czechs are well-known for their musical talent. Classical music fans will be familiar with Antonin Dvorak and Bedrich Smetana who both composed operas, symphonies and choral works. Their works can be heard in the National Opera or in one of the many Baroque churches. When exploring Prague's historic center, you will be given flyers announcing classical concerts of Czech and other composers that are held in one of the churches or in the Municipal House. Music is everywhere in Prague. When ambling across Charles Bridge, you will soon hear the cheerful tunes of the Dixieland Band that has been playing here since Communist days. You will find more Dixieland and also jazz in Reduta Jazz Club. Just pop in for a very reasonably priced drink, if this is not your type of music. If it is alternative music you are after, be sure to visit Chapeau Rouge, very close to Old Town Square, and mix with Czechs and international visitors. O2Arena hosts the best pop concerts in Prague. You won't be the only visitor because the capacity is 20.000. It is best to book ahead because the concerts are very popular. Prague latest musical attraction is six public pianos dotted across the center of the city inviting you to play a piano concerto or just chopsticks.

Prague 05 Smichov
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It is almost impossible to miss The Meet Factory. Two fire-engine red fiberglass cars hang on the outside wall beckoning you towards this abandoned factory. The Meet Factory is art gallery, theater, and film club plus a live music venue and the...  Read More

Prague 03 Zizkov


Palac Akropolis is the nerve center of alternative music and drama, from local rock to string. Young artists from all over the world gather in this multifunctional building that houses a restaurant, cafe, a large concert space and two bars. The...  Read More

Charles Bridge Dixieland Band
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Zigzag your way through a multitude of visitors and locals right to the middle of Charles Bridge. Join the crowd and be dazzled by the music of the Charles Bridge Dixieland band. They are here every day, winter and summer, in sunny weather and...  Read More

Prague 05 Smichov


Phenomen Music Club is your place if you cannot decide which is more important; music or food. Be sure to arrive around 8 pm, when DJ's start spinning. Nibble salted almonds or vegetables chips, washed down by a large mug of Staropramen, brewed...  Read More



Street musicians and living statues make street life in big cities so much more interesting. Street musicians are no professionals most of the times they produce acceptable music, but sometimes their musical talent is absent. Their music is...  Read More



Jazz club Reduta has been going strong since Communist days and is still very popular. When in 1994, Vaclav Havel, the then present of the Czech Republic, presented Bill Clinton with a new saxophone, Clinton entertained the public. Reduta is...  Read More

Estates Theater
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Not an opera lover? Never been to the opera? All the more reason why you should go to a performance in one of Prague's three opera houses. Visit the opera and you enter a different world. If you are not interested in the music, go anyway if only...  Read More

Prague 09 Cerny Most


The O2 Arena is quite new to the Prague scene. It was built for the Men's World Ice Hockey Championships in 2004. The Czechs are good at ice-hockey, the national game, and the O2 Arena is the best place to watch this. O2 is also home to HC...  Read More



Lucerna music Bar is the perfect setting for a mellow evening. No cutting-edge music but an excellent place to catch live bands. Czech bands on weekdays. At the weekend Lucerna transforms itself into a theme night. DJ's play 1980s and 1990s...  Read More



Chapeau Rouge is a popular party pub located very close to Old Town Square in Prague's historic center. Red is the main colour scheme and gives the place a pleasant old-time atmosphere. Listen to alternative independent bands from all around the...  Read More


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