Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops Offer Artsy Venues

There is no city in the world but Prague where you can have your coffee while sitting under a dead horse and rider dangling from the ceiling. The rider is King Wenceslas and the artist is David Cerny who is also responsible for a Trabant car on legs and philologist and philosopher Nietzsche hanging on a pole in one of the winding streets in Prague's Stare Mesto.

Coffeehouses or kavarna in Prague are not just cafés, they are and always have been meeting places for personalities in politics, business, art and culture. It is quite common to see student or journalist tapping away on their laptops, WiFi is always free, or overhear a Czech or English language lesson. Teacher and student meet in a kaverna rather than at home.

You will find many cafés in Prague's Nove Mesto district. Sip your coffee in Art Nouveau elegance of Kavarna Obecni Dum, the café of the Municipal House. Kavarna Slavia is world famous because it was the meeting place of dissidents during the communist regime. Today it mainly theater goers who come here before or after a performance in the National theatre just across the road.

Here are ten cafés that will make your Prague trip one to remember.



Kavarna Lucerna
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Not one single café in the world overlooks an upside down horse dangling from the ceiling. This sculpture of King Wenceslas sitting astride on his dead horse is a work of art of the controversial Czech artist David Cerny who is also responsible for giant babies crawling up the telecommunication tower. Kavarna Lucerna is situated in a shopping passage and a good spot to take in the splendor of the Art Nouveau decorations. This spacious café has an large choice of coffees, from espresso and cappuccino to Viennese coffee served with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Live music at the weekends will keep you going back time and again.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: There is no place in the world that overlooks a horse and rider dangling from the ceiling

Marianne's expert tip: As Kavarna Lucerna is located next to Lucerna Cinema, the café is the perfect place to discuss the film you have seen afterwards.

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Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Starbucks needs no introduction. Not only is this coffee at its best, it is also the quantity that counts. Small is large, medium is larger and large is huge. This is where you go when you are thirsty or where you want to rest your feet after a day of sightseeing. Starbuck on Wenceslas Square is very central and a good pit stop while shopping. If you are not hungry or thirsty just go in to buy a collector's mug. When craving muffins, carrot cake or just a sandwich Starbucks is your place. Czechs are early risers which is reflected in the opening hours; 7 am to 11 pm.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: Have a coffee, read a newspaper and check your email and social media updates. WiFi is free.

Marianne's expert tip: One of the best places to drink English breakfast tea, sweet, strong and milky.

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Cafe Imperial
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

As if time stood still. That is what you experience when you enter Caf�mperial. Hundreds of ceramic tiles with bas reliefs of birds, flowers and mystic figures give the caf�n oriental feel. Franz Kafka and many other famous pre-war Prague citizens were frequent guests. When German soldiers began to have their meals here, Czechs stopped coming. After the war, the caf�ecame neglected but was restored to its former glory after a complete make-over in 2005-2007. The coffee is excellent, the cakes are delectable. Try one of the specials: Karlsbad coffee, espresso, Becherovka, cinnamon and whipped cream or hot chocolate Imperial with gingerbread and whipped cream. Read newspaper, browse magazines and soak up the 1920s atmosphere.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: You simply cannot ignore the pastry counter laden with scrumptious honey cakes, apple strudel, cheesecakes and cherry pies.

Marianne's expert tip: Be sure to savor one decorated with sugary letters saying Imperial. Sit back and drink coffee in beautiful Art Deco surroundings of Cafe Imperial.

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Cafe and Restaurant Slavia
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Kavarna Slavia is undoubtedly one of the most famous caf�in Prague. This was the meeting place of Czech Avant-Garde in the early twentieth century and of dissidents during the Communist regime. Caf�lavia is located right across from the National Opera and the perfect spot for a pre or after drink. In the morning is the favorite spot of coffee lovers. Try frothy cappuccino with a sprinkling of cacao or V�nsk�ava, a tall glass of strong coffee topped with whipped cream. Eat it with Sachertorte or crispy apple strudel and you can skip lunch.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: Sip your morning coffee or a pre-theater drink at a table with a view.

Marianne's expert tip: Coffee with a view of the Vltava River and the National Theater in Art Deco surroundings. Extra bonus is free WiFi. Kavarna Slavia was once the meeting place of intellectuals, including former president Vaclav Havel, now the haunt of locals and tourists alike.

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NeoPalladium Cafe
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Located in the Palladium Shopping, Neo Palladium Caf�s right in the center of Nove mesto, the New Town. This is an excellent option for anyone looking for a healthy breakfast. Their fitness breakfast is simply delicious; yoghurt with muesli and fresh fruit. This is also one of the few places where you can get a full English breakfast, Czech style. The sausages are like Frankfurters, no toast but French bread instead. If you like a less filling breakfast, Neo Palladium you can go for the French breakfast consisting of a croissant, baguette and Emmenthal cheese, butter and jam. Be sure to get a jumbo cup of frothy cappuccino or just a simple espresso.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: One of the best cafes in Palladium Shopping center to restore energy for more shopping.

Marianne's expert tip: Breakfast at Neo Palladium is the perfect beginning of a shopping or sightseeing day in Prague's historic center. Their scrambled egg on toast with mushrooms or salmon tickles the taste buds any time of day. Breakfast sandwich with sweet tomatoes, mild cheese and fried eggs is a meal in itself and will give you enough energy until lunch time.

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No wonder that Caf�ouvre is perpetually crowded. The location is central and the menu goes forever. This Parisian style caf�ates back to 1902, was forced to close in 1948 when the Soviets took over. Since its re-opening in 1992, Caf�ouvre is populated in the morning by coffee drinkers reading their newspapers or gazing out of the large windows that overlook busy Narodni Street. Lunch draws an office crowd and in the afternoon the main attraction is the freshly made pastries, tarts and pies. This is one of the best places to sample Czech goulash served with bread dumplings. The beer on draft is unpasteurized Bernard either lager or dark.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: No other café can beat the old-time atmosphere in Café Louvre.

Marianne's expert tip: Caf�ouvre is the perfect restaurant for a light or copious meal before going to a performance in the National Theatre across the road.

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Cafe Tramway 11
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Right in the middle of Wenceslas square, Cafe Tramway is an eye-catcher. This fiery red tram used to trundle along Wenceslas Square. The two vintage streetcars stand on their own, now disused tracks. One car is the caf�the other is the kitchen and toilets. Today more advanced models have replaced it, but still clang their way through the center of Prague. Tramway 11 Caf�s small, straightforward and unpretentious and so is the menu. Apple strudel or honey cake washed down by strong black coffee or frothy cappuccino makes an excellent breakfast. If you rather go for something savory, Tramway 11 also makes delectable sandwiches, salads and pizza. Sit inside at one of the tables and read clippings from newspapers with stories about Prague trams. Eat your breakfast inside or take it to an outdoor table.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: All tram enthusiast should come to Café Tramway 11 for a coffee and apple. strudel

Marianne's expert tip: Take you breakfast out and eat it at one of the outdoor tables while you scoop the whipped cream off your Videnska kava Czech for Viennese coffee. Drink it slowly while seeing the world go by on always buzzing Wenceslas Square.

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Jan Paukert Lahudkarstvi
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Jan Paukert Lahudk�tv�s an institution in Prague. Located on Narodni Street, you are bound to amble along on your way to the National Theater and the Vltava River. Make it an early morning walk and stop here for a traditional Czech breakfast consisting of chleb�y. Chleb is the Czech word for bread and chlebicky is the diminutive. This 'little bread' is an open-faced sandwich, but not just any kind of open sandwich. Each single piece is a true masterpiece. Rounds of crusty white bread but soft inside are topped with any number of ingredients arranged in an arty fashion. The bread is spread with soft cheese or potato salad. Garnish includes roast beef, ham, salami, smoked salmon, egg and gherkin. Jan Paukert Lahudk�tv�ncludes a deli counter, lahudky, a sweet shop, cukr�a, and a cafeteria, j�lna, serving full meals accompanied by excellent wine.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: Traditional lahudky, where you can savor coffee with home-made cakes.

Marianne's expert tip: Be sure to savor chlebicky healthy style. These are open-faced sandwiches without the traditional mayonnaise or soft cheese, but topped with roast beef and marinated zucchini or prosciutto and green olives.

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Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

If you search for fair trade coffee or tea, Mamacoffee is your place. Choose from a wide range of quality roasted beans brought from all over the world. Freshly ground, they make supreme cappuccino or latte. Ginger ale or ice mint rooibos are the perfect summer drinks and go very well with a vegetable quiche or bulgur with mixed vegetables. Once you have experienced this smoke free, family-friendly cafe you will come back again and again. If you do not have time to sit down, beans or ground coffee are available to carry home as well as ceramics and knick knacks.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: Bring the kids because Mamacoffee is 100% smoke free. Lots of menu choices for vegetarians.

Marianne's expert tip: Drink Fair trade coffee or tea while working undisturbed on your laptop. Free WiFi.

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Kavarna Obecni Dum
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Kavarna Obecni Dum, Municipal House Caf�sparkles with early twentieth century splendor. In summer, tables spill out onto the pavement, but if you wish to appreciate the opulence of Art Nouveau interior decoration, you'd better sit inside. Choose tooth-jangling pastries from the cake trolley. Select cheesecake with strawberries, walnut cake with whipped cream, raspberry temptation or Schwarzwald cherry cake for all far too tempting. Do a bit of shopping in nearby Na Prikope street and return at lunchtime for the two-course tourist menu. Be sure to taste palacinky, French style crepes oozing with ice-cream and mounds of fresh fruit.

Recommended for Nove Mesto's Best Coffee Shops because: The best Schwarzwald cherry cake in opulent Art Nouveau setting.

Marianne's expert tip: Step back in time and sip your coffee in opulent Art Nouveau elegance of the caf�n Obecni Dum, the Municipal House. Be temped by hazelnut cake with whipped cream or crispy apple struddel and vanilla ice-cream.

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