Se Sebou is the Magic word from Coffee to Vegetarian Indian Meals

Whether you are rushing for your train, running late for a meeting or so absorbed by the sights of Prague that you don't have time to have a sit down meal, do not despair. Dotted all over the city you will find take outs, from just a coffee to sandwiches or from pizzas to full vegetarian meals.

If you are an Indian food lover, pop into Dhaba Beas, 100% vegetarian, but  also much appreciated by carnivores. If you haven't tasted bratwurst with a big dollop of mustard, washed down with a large mug of Czech beer you haven't been to Prague. They are best eaten with a heap of sauerkraut while leaning on one of the stand-up tables on Wenceslas Square. More stylish are chlebicky, open-faced sandwiches, Jan Paukert at Narodni Street is one of the best delis to get them from.

When you are on your way to Wallenstein Garden and then on to Prague Castle, get a strong coffee and apple strudel from Metro Café next to Malostranska Metro Station. This will provide you with enough energy to continue your walk up to the castle.

It is easy to find take outs in Prague. Simply look for the words káva s sebou or se sebou, Czech for take out coffee or take out. Here is a list to help you find the best.

Pekarstvi v Karmelitske Cafe
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

As soon as the doors open, locals come in to get their fresh-baked bread or sit in the caf�ipping strong coffee accompanied by scrumptious pastries. Join them and take a seat near the window to catch a glimpse of locals hurrying to work...  Read More

Paneria is a popular fast food chain and has a number of shops dotted all over Prague. They are the perfect place for an early breakfast as they open 07.00 or 07.30. They specialize in Italian style sandwiches, bread rolls, baguettes,...  Read More

Bakeshop Praha
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

The aroma of fresh bread rushes towards you when you enter Bakeshop Praha. This is one of the best places to tuck in crispy croissants, real French pain au chocolate or bagels topped with sesame seed. Sit on the high stools in front of wall to...  Read More

Ovocny Svetozor Sokolovska
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Do you fancy ice cream for breakfast? Ovocn�ozor is one of the best places in Prague to satisfy your wish. Ovocny Svetozor is famous for its fruit cakes, cheesecakes, cream cakes, pancakes, waffles and ice-cream. But also for its tasty...  Read More

Tucked away behind My Department store and Narodni Trida Metro station, Dhaba Beas offers vegetarian North Indian dishes. This cheerful place is very popular at lunchtime. Come early or late if you want to avoid queuing up. Dhaba Beas is...  Read More

Prague 02 Vinohrady

Czech people are carnivores. Finding a vegetarian restaurant in Prague is a Herculean task. Loving Hut is paradise for vegetarians and also for vegans. All dishes are produced environmentally-friendly and are very healthy. Their fake meat is the...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Starbucks needs no introduction. Not only is this coffee at its best, it is also the quantity that counts. Small is large, medium is larger and large is huge. This is where you go when you are thirsty or where you want to rest your feet after a...  Read More

Metro Cafe
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Metro Caf�s next to Malostranska Metro station. If you need a quick shot of caffeine, this is the ideal place. It is simple, unpretentious and service is fast. A pleasant side effect is that coffee and cakes are modestly priced taking...  Read More

Jan Paukert Lahudkarstvi
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Jan Paukert Lahudk�tv�s an institution in Prague. Located on Narodni Street, you are bound to amble along on your way to the National Theater and the Vltava River. Make it an early morning walk and stop here for a traditional Czech...  Read More

Sausage Stands
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

The sausage stands at Wenceslas Square are an institution. They are greasy, they are noisy but above all they serve food people crave for. Spicy sausages and Frankfurters sizzle on the griddle. With a hunk of brown bread they are meal in itself....  Read More


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