10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague where the Food is so Tasty that also Meat-lovers like to Eat Here

Being a vegetarian in Prague is not as impossible as you might think when you see the meat-filled menus. Almost all restaurants offer at least a couple of vegetarian dishes from smazeny syr, fried cheese, to sopsky salad, Greek salad. If you find yourself in an all meat restaurant, and there are many of these in Pague, simply order two or three side dishes. You will find a staggering number of potato dishes and some vegetables like broccoli, mixed vegetables and fried cauliflower. The good news is that finding a vegetarian restaurant in Prague is becoming less of a headache these days.

Lehka Hlava in Stare Mesto neighborhood is both tearoom and restaurant and immensely popular. The menu is 100% vegetarian and bursts with authentic flavors. The best spot to sample Vietnamese and Chinese dishes is Vegetka. You will keep coming back because their fried noodles are the best in town. Are you craving for Indian curries, samosas or pakoras? The best place to soak up truly Indian atmosphere is in Dhaba Beas. All dishes burst with flavor, coriander, cardamom and ginger. Ceska Hospoda na Vinohradech in the Vinohrady neighborhood is popular at lunch time when both vegetarians and meat-lovers come to savor authentic Czech cuisine.

Here are my recommendations for vegetarian restaurants in Prague.



U Maltezskych Ryteru is located in a medieval building that once served as a hospice for the Knights of Malta. Candlelit tables are tucked away in stone and brick Gothic vaults. This is a place only possible in Prague. The short menu lists cold and hot starters and about five or six main courses which always include fresh fish, salads and two vegetarian dishes. U Maltezskych Ryteru is famous for its mouthwatering local cuisine and excels in venison chateaubriand served with a prune, cranberry, walnut sauce. Finish your meal with home-made apple strudel with generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream and doused in eggnog.

Local Expert tip: U Maltezskych Ryteru is tiny and extremely popular, so book well ahead.

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Prague 07 Holesovice
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone

Vyletna has a homey atmosphere, benches with throw cushions along the walls, wooden tables, a reading nook with armchairs, soft background music and It is the perfect spot for lunch. The menu is chalked on the wall, and always includes at least one vegetarian dish. The only snag is that it is in Czech, but the staff speaks excellent English and will translate every word. Vyletna is the favorite meeting place of young mothers with toddlers who potter about and fight over toys. Czech food is known for being on the heavy side, but not in Vyletna. Try spinach soup with a big hunk of brown bread or grilled sausages with a generous dollop of mustard and served with potato pancakes. Wash it down with a dark Krusovice beer.

Local Expert tip: A Vyletna lunch experience may transform you into a movie star extra. The restaurant is a favorite spot for shooting movies, commercials and fashion photos. Climb up Letna Hill and your reward is lunch with a view. Sit on the summer under colorful umbrellas and enjoy a big mug of Krusovice one of the many excellent beers brewed in the Czech Republic.

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Prague 02 Vinohrady
Ceska Hospoda Na Vinohradech
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If you are looking for authentic Czech cuisine, head for Ceska Hospoda Na Vinohradech. It is a popular place and often packed for lunch especially on weekdays. You will find a place because it is quite usual to share a table. Most young Czechs speak very good English. They can also help you reading the Czech menu which features two choices and changes every day. It sounds simple but their schnitzels big like doormats and served with crispy French fries are a true delicacy. Be sure to come between 11:00 and 15:00. Outside these hours you will have to order a la carte. The disadvantage of not ordering the fixed lunch menu is that dishes are more expensive and take longer to prepare.

Local Expert tip: In the land of carnivores, Ceska Hospoda Na Vinohradech is a little paradise because of the vegetarian dishes that grace the menu. You won't find tourist prices in this restaurant. The only snag is that the menu is in Czech.

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If you search for fair trade coffee or tea, Mamacoffee is your place. Choose from a wide range of quality roasted beans brought from all over the world. Freshly ground, they make supreme cappuccino or latte. Ginger ale or ice mint rooibos are the perfect summer drinks and go very well with a vegetable quiche or bulgur with mixed vegetables. Once you have experienced this smoke free, family-friendly cafe you will come back again and again. If you do not have time to sit down, beans or ground coffee are available to carry home as well as ceramics and knick knacks.

Local Expert tip: Drink Fair trade coffee or tea while working undisturbed on your laptop. Free WiFi. Bring the kids because Mamacoffee is 100% smoke free. Lots of menu choices for vegetarians.

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Prague 06 Dejvice

Vegetka is the perfect little place for a vegetarian or vegan meal. This casual restaurant excels in Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. Savor your meal while listening to Asian music and chants. The fixed buffet lunch menu is served from 11:00 to 15:00 and offers a selection of ready-made meals vegetable and tofu based. Outside these hours you choose from the photo menu on the wall. Be sure to try black soya meat with pineapple served with plain rice. Chinese fried noodles are a second best, and consists of fresh carrots, crispy Chines cabbage, soybean meat and iceberg salad. Vegetka is very close to in Dejvice Metro Station.

Local Expert tip: Vegetka is one of these places you like to come back to, also if you are not a vegetarian. Savor meatless meatballs made of tofu and accompanied by bean sprouts and white rice. The fried tofu with seaweed, leek and carrots is a dish you must have tried.

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Tucked away behind My Department store and Narodni Trida Metro station, Dhaba Beas offers vegetarian North Indian dishes. This cheerful place is very popular at lunchtime. Come early or late if you want to avoid queuing up. Dhaba Beas is self-service and you pay by the weight, 100g is less than $1. Eat as much as you like at a very reasonable price. The big bonus is that all dishes taste authentic, liberal use of chili pepper. Every day the menu is different. Choose from two kinds of dhal, two kinds of vegetable dishes add to this raita, sweet or salty lassie and you have a meal you will never forget. One hour before closing everything goes at a 30% discount. It is potluck because Beas is a popular place.

Local Expert tip: Chefs from North India prepare authentic Indian dishes from North India, 100% vegetarian, no eggs, no fish no meat. Come for a full meal or just for a snack. This is the best place in Prague for samosas and pakoras, washed down by a mango shake.

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Set in a tastefully renovated Gothic house dating from the fifteenth century, Lahka Hlava is both a restaurant and a tearoom. Lahka Hlava, Czech for Clear Head, is a place where you can clear your head, in a relaxed atmosphere, satisfy your appetite and enlighten your soul. Two dining rooms decorated with rocket-shaped lights that project colorful images on to the walls. The tables are lit from within producing a radiant effect. The food is bursting with authentic flavors, seaweed, coriander and ginger. The lunch menu features different dishes from Monday to Friday. Fresh mushroom with cream or basil, chickpeas in pumpkin sauce washed down with orange-carrot are true culinary delights.

Local Expert tip: The menu of Lehka Hlava is inventive and wholly vegetarian with scrumptious dishes that also appeal to non-vegetarians. Who can resist hummus with pine nuts accompanied by tortilla?

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Prague 02 Vinohrady

Czech people are carnivores. Finding a vegetarian restaurant in Prague is a Herculean task. Loving Hut is paradise for vegetarians and also for vegans. All dishes are produced environmentally-friendly and are very healthy. Their fake meat is the best you have ever sampled. The array of food is impressive, wanton wrappers, vegan sushi, bamboo lover and if this all Greek to you, simply have a look at the menu because it features photos of all dishes. Be sure to sample pho, fill of exotic flavours. This tasty Vietnamese noodle soup with thinly sliced onion, lime juice and bean sprouts tickle the taste buds.

Local Expert tip: Loving hut seems an average Asian-cuisine restaurant. Almost! Even though all meat dishes look like meat, they do not contain one single ounce of meat. This is your perfect choice for a vegetarian restaurant in Prague.

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Prague 02 Vinohrady
Radost FX

Radox FX is a popular hang-out, combing café, pub, restaurant and club FX. Radost is Czech for pleasure that's exactly what Radost does, it pleases with music and food. Not only does the oriental-themed bar, the shiny mirrors, crystal chandeliers and comfy chairs create pleasure for the eyes also the food menu is sheer pleasure for the taste buds. The menu includes delectable dishes from Greece to Thailand and from Mexico to India. Radost FX is famous for House and R&B/soul. Its hip eccentric décor pulls a crowd especially on Thursday for its Hip Hop night. Every night has a different them ensuring that there is something for everybody.

Local Expert tip: Check out the vegetarian and vegan meal options, from stuffed grape leaves to couscous and lentil burgers to spinach salads and ratatouille.

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If you are searching for a vegetarian restaurant near Old Town Square in Prague, you are in luck. Country Life is a health food store with a tiny restaurant section in the back. Have an early or a late lunch, because the place is always packed with office workers and other professionals from roughly noon to two o'clock. You choose from the self-service buffet; salads, vegetables, pizzas, soup and much more. It is easy to return again and again because the selection changes daily. One of the attractions of Country Life is the supply of free water, something hard to find in the tourist area of Prague.

Local Expert tip: Vegetarian paradise for moderate eaters because food is sold by the weight. Self service buffet from which you can choose also one hundred percent vegan. A large array of non-alcoholic drinks makes a nice change from the ubiquitous Czech beer.

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