Prague Shopping from Souvenir Shops to Designer Boutiques and Second-hand Stores

As most shops in the historic center of Prague stock Bohemian crystal, it is difficult to know where to buy that set of wine glasses or that delicate decanter. Have a good look around and compare prices before deciding where to buy. Pop into Moser, not only for their crystal and porcelain but also for the beauty of the building which looks more like a museum than a shop.

Browse the shops in elegant Pariszka Street, Prague's answer to the Champs-Elysees. Duck into side streets and discover the boutiques of Hana Havelkova and Klara Nademlynska, renowned Czech fashion designers. Then head for Botanicus for natural products. Their soap, oils, herbs and spices, candles and the like are made in the small village of Ostra, east of Prague.

Blood red garnets are a famous Czech product. They come from mines in Turnov, a town in northern Bohemia. Many shops sell these semi-precious stones. The smaller ones are home produced, the bigger ones come from India. Both are equally brilliant. Browsing all four floors of Book Palace Luxor may take up more time than you have. Head for the Prague Books department and pick up a coffee table book on the capital; the perfect gift either for yourself or friends.

The following list of 10 best shops may help you to decide to where to go first.

Prague 02 Vinohrady


The Praha Thrift Store is an excellent spot to grab a bargain. When you buy here you help people in need and you save the planet by reducing waste. You also help yourself because prices are low and quality is high. The clothes section stocks...  Read More

Palac Knih Luxor
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Palac Knih Luxor occupies a prime location on Wenceslas Square. This Mecca for booklovers has four floors crammed with books, a guarantee for a few hours of browsing. This welcoming shops stocks everything from comics to historical novels and...  Read More

Bric a Brac
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Nestled in a small courtyard behind Tyn Church in the heart of Prague, Bric a Brac is a wonderful antique shop. Crammed with thousands of items from typewriters to crystal chandeliers, this little store is a true treasure trove. Rummage through...  Read More

Hana Havelkova
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When you buy a designer dress from Hana Hanelkova, you need not be afraid to see another guest at the same party wearing your dress. Dresses may be made with the same cut, but all details are different. Fine tailoring is Hana Havelkova's...  Read More

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Kubista Design Shop is a wonderful shop where you can buy artworks of the Art Deco and Cubists periods. Kubista is located on the ground floor of the House of the Black Madonna, the most famous cubist-style house in Prague. This building is home...  Read More

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When you enter Botanicus, a sweet fragrance rushes towards you. This family-owned company stocks beauty products and food stuff. Shelves and displays cases brim with scented soaps, herbal bath oils, cardamom vinegar, teas, honey, wax candles and...  Read More



Moser means Bohemian crystal. The shop sparkles and glows with splendid drinking glasses, carafs, vases, ashtrays and all sorts of other decorative glassware. Each item on display is more beautiful and flamboyant than the next. The Moser shop in...  Read More

Ceský Granát Turnov
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Cesky Granat Turnov is one of the many shops in Prague selling dazzling, dark red garnets. This semi-precious stone comes from mines in the Czech Republic. Shop windows in the historic center brim with garnets in all sizes and shapes. The...  Read More

Ivana Follová Fashion
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Ivana Follova is a successful fashion designer with her own boutique in the center of Prague. She likes to work with natural material like, linen, cotton, wool and silk. As she draws her inspiration from Japanese kimonos, her designs are loose...  Read More

Prague 02 Vinohrady
Antik Petit
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Tucked away in a side street off Vinohradska Avenue, Antik Petit is a tiny shop specializing in antique textiles. The shop owner Mrs Olga Bystronová solicits items from homes all over the Czech Republic. The younger generation wants to move on...  Read More


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