Best Christmas Shopping in Prague: Christmas Markets and Live Carp

December is the month of twinkling stars, live carp and Christmas shopping. Prague is in a festive mood. Locals and tourists gather at Old Town Square, wander around the Christmas market and sip mulled wine. Housefathers buy carp from the street vendors who have set up huge plastic tanks in which live carp swim around. Carp is the favorite Christmas meal.

Prague has not just one Christmas market, each neighborhood has its own. The one at Old Town Square is the biggest and liveliest. If you like to mix with the locals do your Christmas shopping at market in the Vinohrady district. Prague shopping malls sparkle and twinkle with lights. Chodov shopping center organizes special Christmas activities for children in the days before Christmas.

Be sure to visit Kubista, a wonderful shop brimming with objects inspired by cubism. You are sure to find an unusual present like a cubist style ceramic tea set. Rings or bracelets with inlaid deep red garnets are exquisite gifts for a special person. When you buy these at Cesky Granat Turnov. you will get certificate of origin showing that these stones are from the Czech Republic and not from India. Dum Porcelanu is the best shop for blue onion porcelain at non-tourist prices. If you have done enough shopping, you can feed the donkey and sheep at the live manger in Old Town Square. 




Prague 02 Vinohrady
Dum Porcelanu
Photo courtesy of Marianne Crone


Dum Porcelanu, Porcelain House, specializes in porcelain cups, mugs plates dishes and figurines but also earthenware and crystal. Blue onion porcelain is their speciality. The onion motif found its origin in the floral motifs on Chinese...  Read More

Prague 04 Nusle
Centrum Chodov
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If you're the kind of shopper who likes to go shop-hopping far away from the tourist crowd, then head to Centrum Chodov. This huge shopping center is filled with 213 fashionable shops. Browse shop after shop in search of that special find at a...  Read More



Moser means Bohemian crystal. The shop sparkles and glows with splendid drinking glasses, carafs, vases, ashtrays and all sorts of other decorative glassware. Each item on display is more beautiful and flamboyant than the next. The Moser shop in...  Read More

Christmas Market in Vinohrady
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December in Prague means sparkling lights and buzzing Christmas markets. There is not just one Christmas Market in Prague, each neighborhood as one. The Christmas Market in the Vinohrady district is in front of the Ludmilla Church on Namesti...  Read More

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Kubista Design Shop is a wonderful shop where you can buy artworks of the Art Deco and Cubists periods. Kubista is located on the ground floor of the House of the Black Madonna, the most famous cubist-style house in Prague. This building is home...  Read More

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Five floors brimming with 180 shops and 20 restaurants a true Mecca for shoppers. Palladium is not only a shopping paradise,its architecture is also impressive. The building used to an army barracks which had been neglected. Palladium Shopping...  Read More

Christmas Market in the Old Town
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At the end of November, Prague gets into the festive mood. Old Town Square transforms itself into a lively, animated Christmas market. A gigantic Christmas trees dominates the square that is filled with small huts selling wooden angels, delicate...  Read More

Havelske Market
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Havelske Market is the only open-air market in the city center of Prague. Locals come for the fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers, tourists for local crafts, wooden toys, ceramic mugs and Prague souvenirs. This market is especially festive...  Read More

Ceský Granát Turnov
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Cesky Granat Turnov is one of the many shops in Prague selling dazzling, dark red garnets. This semi-precious stone comes from mines in the Czech Republic. Shop windows in the historic center brim with garnets in all sizes and shapes. The...  Read More

Christmas Fish Market
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Carp is the traditional Christmas dish in the Czech Republic. Not only has fish a religious meaning, carp has enough meat to feed the whole family. Breaded and fried, it is served with potato salad, sauerkraut or red cabbage. Czech families like...  Read More


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