Frederiksberg Have
Photo courtesy of Jakob Botter

Definitely one of Copenhagen's best parks as well as its largest, the romantic landscaped gardens of Frederiksberg Have date from the late 18th century and were built in the English style popular at the time. The long lawns and avenues of trees lead up to the royal Frederiksborg slot (now an academy for Danish military officers and not open to the public), and are hugely popular during summer for picnics and ball games. Paddle boats can be hired for fun on the park lake in season, and there is a large children's playground on one side of the park (restrooms can be found nearby). Other attractions include the Chinese pagoda and Apis Temple of 1802. A wilder expanse of public park, S√łndermarken, extends southward from Frederiksberg Have, as well as the local zoo.

Recommended for Parks because: Frederiksberg Have is one of Copenhagen's best parks and a great free way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Local Expert tip: It's possible to watch the elephants of the adjacent zoo through a fence on the edge of the park.

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The raucous cries that emanate from Tivoli Pleasure Gardens can be heard a few blocks away, and the fact that Copenhagen can support such a centrally-located funfair kind of sums up its resident's take on the work-play balance. Tivoli wasn't always in the middle of the city, however; when it first opened in 1843 it was situated just outside the city walls. With such a lengthy tradition behind it, it is hardly surprising that Tivoli has a refined dignity about it rarely found at any other funfairs around the world; it has always been a favorite with royalty and proved inspirational to Walt Disney when he visited with his wife. With some of its rides now almost a century old, Tivoli keeps up with the times with modern concert venues, gourmet restaurants and a recent focus on events, particularly its free Friday night rock concerts. Note that rides cost extra; you may want to buy a tour pass for the rides (worn as a bracelet) with your entrance ticket.

Local Expert tip: More than a funfair, Tivoli boasts some of Copenhagen's best dining and concert experiences. Plan your visit to include a meal, a show, or both

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This park surrounds the palace that houses the Nationalmuseet (National Museum). In the 1800s, its beautiful, rolling green hills also became host to St. Alban's Church, whose services cater to English-speakers. The attractive park is a favorite of tourists. BUS: 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35

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This magnificent fountain garden is located adjacent to Amalienborg Palace, the royal residence. It offers an excellent view of the palace's four mansions and of the majestic Marble Church in the background. The garden, graced by fountains, waterfalls and roses, was designed by Jean Delogne with the help of Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro.

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Kongens Have
Photo courtesy of Cees van Roeden

This garden, whose name means "King's Garden," sits behind Rosenborg Slot, which is itself just beyond Str√łget, the pedestrian shopping area. First opened in 1700, the garden boasts lush flower beds, rose gardens, and blooming trees, all of which wash the area with color and scent. Within the park is a statue of Hans Christian Andersen.

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Nansensgade Quarter
Botanisk Have
Photo courtesy of Ty Stange / Copenhagen Media Center

A part of the University of Copenhagen's Natural History Museum, Copenhagen's botanical garden may be a place of scientific research and conservation value to the academics who nurture it, but to visitors, it is a vibrant, blossoming oasis in downtown Copenhagen. With trees, flowerbeds, a lake and a cafe, visitors are welcome to relax in the garden's natural ambience at no charge; however, as a research facility, there are strict rules about behavior: No running, cycling, climbing trees or picking flowers is allowed. If you can handle that however, enjoy the peace and if it's cold or raining, go in the old, 19th-century Palm House - a wonderfully romantic refuge with a distinctly tropical climate.

Recommended for Parks because: This green oasis in central Copenhagen can be visited in all weathers, as the gardens are both open and covered.

Local Expert tip: The Botanical Garden also has a shop where plants and flowers are sold.

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This park on the outskirts of the city was originally part of the king's private hunting grounds. Now a public venue, it offers lovely vistas that invite folks to soak up the sun or picnic before or after a visit to the Louisiana Art Museum. The lush park lies alongside the sea. Bakken, a popular amusement park on the south side of the park, is open March through September. S-TOG: Klampenborg

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These gardens were built in 1920 on the site of Christian IV's naval port, and a small pond in the park acts as a reminder of the plot's maritime history. Benches rest beneath trees, inviting visitors to sit and enjoy the beautiful seasonal displays. The gardens are located between the Royal Library and the Parliament building. Rather appropriately, a statue of the philosopher Kierkegaard rests in the center of the plantings.

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