10 Best Restaurants near Cruise Port with Flair, Character and Taste

Copenhagen's cruise terminals are all located north of the downtown area and close to some spectacular restaurants: Situated not only in the elegant district of Frederiksstaden leading from Kastellet down to Kongens Nytorv and quayside Nyhavn but also in Copenhagen's rejuvenated docklands and its refined Østerbro suburb, a broad range of tempting eateries welcome cruise visitors to the Danish capital.

Directly overlooking the water are innovative and climate-friendly Restaurant Toldboden and newly renovated M/S Amerika, both of which are open for a delightfully Scandinavian al fresco lunch. Equally maritime in views are Nyhavn's Cap Horn, a flagship on Copenhagen's organic scene, and the hottest new restaurant to open in 2013, Matt Orlando's groundbreaking Amass Restaurant.

You'll want to try out some Danish specialties during your stopover in Copenhagen, and one of the best places to sample a traditional Danish lunch is Cafe Petersborg, an old-time restaurant on Bredgade near Designmuseum Danmark.

If you feel like splurging on a memorable dinner experience, make a booking at some of the smart restaurants in the Esplanaden area: Grønbech & Churchill is one of Copenhagen's cheapest Michelin restaurants while Bistro Boheme and Restaurant Rebel both offer a modern, stylish take on the French kitchen.

Take a stroll into Østerbro to enjoy one of Copenhagen's best French restaurants, the quietly understated Carte Blanche, or at the city's premiere Hungarian restaurant, Hungaria, both on Dag Hammarskjolds Alle and just a short walk from Østerport Station. 

Bistro Boheme
Photo courtesy of Bistro Boheme

A smart, stylishly decorated French bistro close to Churchillparken and Kastellet at the upper end of the Frederiksstaden district, serving French dishes with a modern and innovative twist. Bistro Boheme opened in 2007 and has seating for 80...  Read More

HUNGARIA Restaurant og Vinbar
Photo courtesy of HUNGARIA Restaurant og Vinbar

Copenhagen may seem an unlikely place for a Hungarian restaurant, but the kitchen of this tastefully decorated eatery on leafy Dag Hammarskjolds Alle a short walk from ?sterport Station is exceptional. Formerly Bock Bistro, it serves both...  Read More

Restaurant Rebel
Photo courtesy of Restaurant Rebel

The upmarket, but unconventional French bistro restaurant Rebel, located on the elegant street Store Kongensgade in downtown Copenhagen, keeps high standards, both in its minimal decor and its perfectly presented, delicate dishes. Formerly Oub?k...  Read More

Carte Blanche
Photo courtesy of Carte Blanche

Opened summer 2010, Osterbro's neighborhood French eatery Carte Blanche has been received favorably by local food critics, who have described the place as somewhere 'you feel like coming time and again.' The small premises are bright and...  Read More

Gronbech & Churchill
Photo courtesy of Gronbech & Churchill

Opened in 2011 by experienced chef Rasmus Gronbech, gourmet restaurant Gronbech & Churchill found Michelin recognition within a year. Located on leafy Esplanaden across the road from the peaceful Churchillparken not far from Kastellet, the...  Read More

Restaurant Amass
Photo courtesy of Restaurant Amass

Located across the harbor from the cruise terminal (take harbor bus 991), US chef Matt Orlando, formerly head chef at noma, opened this ambitious communal dining experience opened in an old shipbuilding factory in June 2013 and has had the...  Read More

Cafe Petersborg
Photo courtesy of Cafe Petersborg

You could be forgiven for assuming there was a Russian menu on offer at Cafe Petersborg, but this traditional Danish eatery takes its name instead from its past connections with the Russian Embassy that was previously located in the same...  Read More

M/S Amerika
Photo courtesy of M/S Amerika

A stylish quayside restaurant located in an old harbor warehouse just a short walk from Copenhagen's several cruise terminals. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, and while afternoons are informal--families are welcome and dining...  Read More

Cap Horn
Photo courtesy of Cap Horn

There are so many restaurants on tourist street Nyhavn that it can be hard to single just one of them out, but Cap Horn is exceptional for its charming interior and its high quality ingredients, most of which are organic; specialties include...  Read More

Restaurant Julian Toldboden
Photo courtesy of Restaurant Julian

Located in an old customs and excise building on Copenhagen's harbor front not far from The Little Mermaid (Toldboden's name means custom house) this modern, innovative restaurant keeps its decor simple, its windows large and open to the...  Read More


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