Best Women's Clothing Stores in Copenhagen Suit All budgets

Copenhagen women are some of the best-dressed in the world, and a shopping trip in Copenhagen's best boutiques should give you a taste of the style you'll need to pull off the look yourself. This list has a selection of both high end and more affordable high street labels, as well as some great vintage finds.

Top of our list is Holly Golightly, a downtown Copenhagen clothing store that it its own words, handpicks the best labels for a selection that is as impeccable as the service. Not far is Pede & Stoffer Woman, a great store to sniff out the latest trends in Scandinavian fashion.

You don't have to wander onto the side streets to track down those designer labels, and many of our best women's clothing stores can be found on Copenhagen's busy walking street Strøget. These include Swedish chain Cos, where those on a tighter budget can still find some great buys; Companys Original, a fabulously-designed, two-floor store with both men's and women's fashion; and the flagship store of Danish franchise Noa Noa, known globally for their floating, Bohemian dresses and skirts. Also on Strøget but at the top end of pricey is Birger Christensen, a furriers that has developed into one of Copenhagen's most exclusive clothing stores.

For the cutting edge of fashion, the store of Danish designer Rasmus Storm deserves a look, while Copenhagen's grand dame of department stores, Magasin du Nord, is ideal for those who like everything under one roof. Finally, great vintage finds can be had in the Pisserenden quarter around the Round Tower, including Lady Gaga's favorite Danish vintage store, Time's up Vintage, just around the corner from the iconic Round Tower.


Von Qualen
Photo courtesy of Rikke von Qualen

Located out of downtown Copenhagen in leafy Frederiksberg, glamorous vintage clothing boutique von Qualen is quite a find. Dress tailor Rikke von Qualen handpicks all the dresses sold by the store and her passion for clothing is evident - she may even fit an item to suit your size if you ask her nicely. Specializing in dresses from the 50s and 60s, Rikke imports many of them directly from Los Angeles, along with selected brands like Manoush, Minna Parika shoes, and Zarah Voigt jewelry - as well as her own designs, all with the vintage look.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: This is a real find for vintage clothing hunters and the personal service really makes it special.

Local Expert tip: If you really like something, do ask to have it fitted.

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Magasin Du Nord
Photo courtesy of Jimg

This historic department store is the oldest (and largest) in Scandinavia and sits grandly on Kongens Nytorv square. Established in 1890, Magasin du Nord was previously Hotel du Nord - writer H.C. Andersen once rented a couple of tiny attic rooms. You can find everything in here, from Danish brand names in womenswear, menswear and even kidswear, to a lavish perfume and cosmetics area and a vast array of stylish Danish design and souvenirs. The basement level food and wine department rivals Harrods of London for its range and quality, and Magasin's own brand of chocolate is handmade at the store's own factory. If you're feeling like a refreshments break, there are several options: Organic meals to go or eat in from Meyers Deli and Meyers Bakery in the basement (there's also an entrance from Kongens Nytorv Metro station) or the casual, canteen style seating of the top floor restaurant - plenty of room for strollers makes this popular with families.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Magasin is a national landmark and shopping here is a delight.

Local Expert tip: Take a break in Magasin's ground floor food hall.

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Photo courtesy of Storm

Spearheaded by the unstoppable young Danish fashion designer Rasmus Storm, this trendsetting clothing store is like no other boutique in Copenhagen: boasting of being about 'Design Art Fashion', in addition to the exclusive of lines of both menswear and women's clothing, the store also carries a large selection of beauty products, music, magazines, and books. Extremely cool, come here to see what the hippest European youth are wearing and to fuse your retail experience with a little design culture. You may even be able to take a little of it home with you.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Rasmus Storm is one of the bright young stars on the Danish fashion scene.

Local Expert tip: Check out the fashion magazines, too, while you're here.

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Noa Noa
Photo courtesy of Wonderful Copenhagen

Founded in 1981, this Danish brand is now known all over the world for its feminine, flowing style that manages to avoid being overtly girly. At the company's flagship store, centrally located on Str?get, expect to find racks of silky dresses, floating skirts, tunics, and trousers in deliciously pastel shades, baggy, voluminous styles and dreamy textures that are especially tempting on hot summer days. The children's section offers the most charming outfits for mini princesses. The prices, while high, remain out of exorbitant range: Come during sales season (January/August) for some real bargains.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Noa Noa is an Danish international brand, but this is its flagship store.

Local Expert tip: Noa Noa has a sister store on nearby Kobmagergade.

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Birger Christensen
Photo courtesy of PR Photo

What started as a small furriers in the 1860s is now one of Copenhagen's most exclusive fashion boutiques. Located in the middle of walking street Strøget, the spacious, upscale Birger Christensen store continues to stock the kind of luxurious fur coats that built up the business some 150 years ago, but now big name brands like Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Hermes, Yamamoto, Chanel, Miu Miu, and Marc Jacobs are also sold here, in lines for both men and women. If you're not a big spender, come here to covet.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Exclusive and long-established, Birger Christensen is the pinnacle of upscale Copenhagen fashion.

Local Expert tip: Come during one of Copenhagen's fashion weeks to see the latest lines.

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Time's Up Vintage
Photo courtesy of PR Photo

Not far from the Round Tower in Copenhagen's attractive, cobbled Latin Quarter, Time's Up is a downtown vintage clothing store that should please anyone normally put off the well, 'vintage' feel of such stores: The decor is modern, hip and open, and customers include local stylists and designers from all over the world. Lady Gaga is rumored to have left this tiny, basement store with a big bag full of goodies after her concert in Copenhagen. The small, dedicated team who run this store are committed to sniffing out the latest trends, so you too can expect to make exciting, one-of-a-kind finds from a variety of decades.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Quite possibly Copenhagen's most exclusive vintage clothing store, the team at Time's Up are dedicated to making great fashion finds.

Local Expert tip: This is vintage fashion, not thrift store finds, and the prices reflect this.

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Photo courtesy of Cos

Swedish chain Cos is a new high street clothing line known for its stylish but mainstream collections in muted colors and shades of grey and brown. Cos has quickly gained huge ground in popularity, stealing much of it from its rivals and countrymen Hennes & Mauritz. One of only three stores in Denmark (the other two are in Aarhus and Odense), Cos' Copenhagen store is located downtown on walking street Str?get. Inside, clothing comes in four lines: City, Casual, Lounge Wear and Party. The prices are fairly reasonable, pretty much starting at H&M's higher end.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Cos affords the chance of a real Scandinavian fashion look at less than designer prices.

Local Expert tip: Both prices and quality are a little higher than your average high street store.

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Companys Original
Photo courtesy of PR Photo

The IC Company Store was completely renovated in 2012 and reopened as Companys Original, a high street Danish fashion store that stocks over 50 clothing brands, most of them Scandinavian: They range from the sensibly-priced Part Two and Inwear lines to more designer labels like Acne, Designers Remix, By Malene Birger, and Baum und Pferdgarten. Centrally located on main pedestrian thoroughfare Strøget, the new flagship store is light and airy, and shopping here should make you feel a little exclusive. With two levels of great brands, there is even a roof terrace to take a short break on.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Companys Original is the transformation from established clothing store to designer lifestyle boutique.

Local Expert tip: Open on Sundays.

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Pede & Stoffer Woman
Photo courtesy of Pede & Stoffer

One of Copenhagen's longest-established clothing stores, Pede & Stoffer, now has two branches: One for menswear and another for women. This, the womenswear store, has two floors and sells a number of brands you won't find elsewhere in Copenhagen: This is where the best-dressed, stylish Copenhageners go to sniff out the latest trends in Scandinavian fashion. Pede & Stoffer specializes in soft knits, simple dresses, and accessories such as shoes and bags. Danish designers like the internationally-noticed Stine Goya are on sale here, and the decor is typically Danish: lovely light wood floors, tons of natural light and clothes arranged along minimalist lines.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: This is a great place to find the lines of lesser-known Danish designers.

Local Expert tip: Closes early on Saturdays.

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Holly Golightly
Photo courtesy of Tuala Hjorno

If you can afford luxury (or if you simply like to window shop), this has to be one of Copenhagen's most attractive clothing stores for women's clothing: Not only for the decor, which is exquisite, but for the range of highly desirable designer lines available, from Marc Jacobs and Dolce&Gabbana to Bottega Venata and LaLa Berlin. The store itself admits to stocking only the most exclusive brands in the world, and the service is as personal and attentive as you would expect in such exclusive company. Its namesake would surely have adored it.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Holly Golightly is one of Copenhagen's most adorable clothing boutiques.

Local Expert tip: Check out the accessories shop around the corner on Store Regnegade.

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