Best Asian Restaurants in Washington

Amazing Asian Food Awaits in Washington, D.C.

When you get a hankering for Asian food, you will have to narrow down what your taste buds crave. Do you want Chinese? How about Japanese? What about Thai or Lao? There are plenty of different cuisines to chose from but the trouble is finding the top places that serve unforgettable dishes. Fear not because 10Best is here to let you and yours know about the top spots to grab Asian food in Washington, D.C. 

Looking to enjoy some ramen? (And we don't mean the type you used to live on in college.) Head to Toki Underground for some delicious ramen and dumplings. Another great spot is Daikaya which features its own ramen shop and izakaya on two separate floors.  

Sushi is always a favorite in Asian cuisine and you will find a great selection to chose from at Kaz Sushi Bistro, Sticky Rice and SEI Restaurant and Lounge.

One restaurant that has received a lot of buzz since opening in early 2015 is Lao cuisine-based Thip Khao. You will understand the chatter after sampling some of their dishes which can run from mild to hot.

Great Asian food is read to be savored at these top picks in the nation's capital.




Born and raised in the land of the rising sun, Chef Kaz (Kazuhiro) Okochi has brought his own version of freestyle Japanese cuisine to the nation's capital. Opened in 1999, this delightful destination serves up lunch, dinner, drink, dessert and tea offerings. Take your pick of sushi-bar specialties, Bento boxes, salads, small dishes, and rolls. You will want to try their KAZ signature nigiri selections including seared albacore tuna, flounder, salmon, and smoked mackerel. Reservations are available for dinner seating only. Pair your meal with some saki. They have several different types to chose from and you can even buy it by the bottle. METRO: Faragut West.

Recommended for Asian because: Kaz Sushi Bistro combines the setting of a French bistro with a traditional Japanese menu in DC.

Gina's expert tip: The venue is closed on Sundays.

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Diners will find classic Thai cuisine blended with modern techniques and skills at this district gem. When looking at the lunch and dinner offerings, consider choosing one of their signature dishes like pineapple fried rice, piaa pow or gra prao ped. Save some room for dessert because you will want to try their selection of ice creams. If you would rather eat at home, they do offer delivery for a minimum order of $20 to a limited area between the hours of 5 to 10 p.m. Reservations are recommended. METRO: Woodley Park.

Recommended for Asian because: Classic Thai cuisine in cozy, dimly lit setting makes this restaurant a winner.

Gina's expert tip: If you fall in love with the decorations, some are available for purchase.

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Panda Gourmet
Photo courtesy of Panda Gourmet

So this entry may not look like much on the outside but just wait until stepping inside. This casual, kid-friendly eatery serving Chinese fare is a must visit in northeast. The menu features appetizers and cold dishes, soups, chicken dishes, Szechuan and country style entrees, BBQ, rice, noodle and soups and desserts. Be sure to check out their Xian specials including cumin beef Chinese burger, Shaanxi style homemade noodle and noodle with ground pork and dry bean curb. Don't leave without trying the sweet potato fried pancake. It's worth the extra calories!

Recommended for Asian because: A hidden gem awaits your taste buds in northeast D.C.

Gina's expert tip: The lamb with cumin is a must-try!

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Serving a mix of American and Pan-Asian entrees in a fun and friendly atmosphere, Sticky Rice brings flavor and attitude to every dish. Known for its sushi bar, the venue has two pages of offerings for the raw meal including godzirra – a large crunchy shrimp with avocado and cream cheese. Their regular menu has gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Be sure to check out their events page. They offer fun gatherings like karaoke and a DJ dance party or deals on meals including half off sushi and kids eat free. METRO: Union Station.

Recommended for Asian because: Sticky Rice serves sushi with an attitude on H Street in Washington, DC.

Gina's expert tip: The venue delivers so if you feel like a night in, give them a call!

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There is something special about being able to see a master at work. That's the experience you will get watching Chef Hiroshi Seki serve up minimal yet exquisite Japanese dishes at Izakaya Seki. Try some of their raw offerings like Hokkaido scallop carpaccio or tuna sashimi. Additional selections await your taste buds under menu offerings of grilled/broiled, fried, steamed/simmered, rice/noodles and vegetables. Be sure to try the sake accompaniments including oshinko and tako wasa. Only open for dinner and drink dining, the menu is subject to change but check out the restaurant's Facebook page which is regularly updated with the fresh catch they will be serving. METRO: U Street.

Recommended for Asian because: Izakaya Seki serves fresh fish dishes hand-carved by Chef Hiroshi Seki.

Gina's expert tip: The venue is closed on Tuesdays so plan accordingly.

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Located near the Verizon Center, this casual venue features a ramen shop on one level and an izakaya – a Japanese comfort restaurant on the other. You will want to visit both. Stop in the ramen shop for a quick bowl of Sapporo style ramen noodles which are the same offered in Japan. You can also get a cup of sake to wish them down. Head to the izakaya for dinner and drinks. Try some fun bites like grilled oyster or yamaimo or skewers featuring chicken liver, zucchini or beef tongue jalapeno. You may just want to go straight to the rice and noodle dishes including cod roe spaghetti and pancit udon. METRO: Gallery Place/Chinatown.

Recommended for Asian because: Whether it's a quick bite or a leisurely dinner, this is the spot for ramen noodles.

Gina's expert tip: You must order the ramen at this eatery. You will thank us later.

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Thip Khao
Photo courtesy of Thip Khao

With a passion to share her Lao culture and food with the masses, Chef Seng Luangrath opened up this restaurant in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in early 2015. Lao food is known for its heat so be sure to check out the 'Let's Go to the Jungle!' menu which showcases meals with ingredients including chili and sriracha sauce. For those whose taste buds prefer tamer fare, this menu offers patrons the option to chose their spice level. Pick mild, medium or Lao hot on such dishes as rice-cured tilapia, crispy fried intestine and grilled beef tongue. A different menu offers starters, soups and salads and large plates. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available. METRO: Columbia Heights

Recommended for Asian because: Whether you like hot or mild food, Thip Khao has a delicious dish for you.

Gina's expert tip: Flip the menu over once you have made your selection to see hand drawn pictures showing patrons how to eat sticky rice with their dinner selection.

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There is just something about a bowl of warm soup and ramen that feels like home. Taiwanese cuisine reigns supreme at this H Street NE venue featuring ramen and dumplings. Try Toki classic, Taipei curry chicken, vegetarian, red miso ramen. Pick your choice of beef, pork, seasonal vegetable, chicken, or seasonal seafood dumplings that may be either pan-fried, fried or steamed. $5 will get you a half a dozen. Sides include cold tofu and kimchi. Wait times to get inside tend to be long so chose their delivery service Caviar to have the restaurant come to you. METRO: Union Station.

Recommended for Asian because: Prices vary for different dishes but taste and flavor are always excellent.

Gina's expert tip: The restaurant is closed on Sundays so be sure to go during the weekdays or Saturday.

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