D.C. Offers Many Delicious Guilt-Free Options For Gluten-Free Baked Goods

When it comes to picking a restaurant to dine in, those who need gluten-free meals or have restrictions are sometimes left with little or nothing to chose from when perusing the menu. And trying to find mouth-watering baked goods like waffles, bread, cupcakes and muffins? Forget about it – until recently. Washington, D.C. has a number of top-notch bakeries or restaurants that offer baked goodies for those with or without dietary needs.

If you desire choice, Rise Bakery is where you want to go with everything on the menu being made gluten-free. French macarons are a great option to satisfy your sweet tooth and you'll find several great options in the nation's capital like Happy Tart Bakery and The Sweet Lobby. Since breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, hit up Wicked Waffle where they prepare gluten-free waffles on a designated iron.  

Whatever baked good you desire, the district has great places that will make them to fit your every dietary needs.


Lady Camellia
Photo courtesy of Lady Camellia

Macaron Bee was a favorite among D.C. residents and visitors alike for their made from scratch gluten-free macarons. The company owners decided in 2017 to expand the brand and create Lady Camellia, a pastry and tea room where friends and family may come together to enjoy pastries and conversation. They offer afternoon and children's (10 and under) tea sittings with different offerings per tier. When it comes to picking which pastry, be sure to chose macrons for the gluten-free option. Flavors change daily so be sure to call ahead if there is a particular one you are craving.

Red Velvet Cupcakery
Photo courtesy of Red Velvet Cupcakery

Featuring locations in both Penn Quarter and Reston (Va.) Town Center, this bakery offers both gluten-free and vegan options for patrons with dietary needs. Employees make the batter for the gluten-free cupcakes first and use specially marked pans to bake them to perfection. The finished product is also kept separate from other delicious desserts. Both location menus features two options for patrons: the black velvet and white velvet. If you can't leave the office, fear not because they deliver on orders of one dozen or more within the D.C. and Northern Virginia area.

Buzz Bakeshop
Photo courtesy of Buzz Bakeshop

With two locations in nearby Virginia â€" Arlington and Alexandria, this bakery is dedicated to bringing fresh baked goods to the masses including those with gluten dietary needs. Dig into gluten-free items such as peanut butter cookies, coconut macaroons, egg croissant sandwich and vanilla or chocolate cake with your choice of vanilla bean or chocolate frosting. They even sell a gluten-free vegan blueberry muffin from Rise Bakery. For those not on dietary restrictions, patrons can chose from a variety of breakfast items like muffins, scones and homemade granola, cookies, brownies, breads and sandwiches.

Olivia Macaron
Photo courtesy of Olivia Macaron

Owner Ana Claudia Lopez was inspired to start Olivia Macaron thanks to her daughter for whom the business gets its name. Leaving a finance career, Lopez decided to follow her passion for baking an opened up the store in 2013 which now has three locations in the Metro region and ships the French macarons nationwide. Folks will find a variety of flavors including currently like fruity pebbles, blueberry cheesecake, salted caramel and blood orange. They also offer a changing selection of seasonal favorites and past flavors available for custom order like candy cane, apple pie, cookies n cream, espresso, s'mores and strawberry cheesecake.

Wicked Waffle
Photo courtesy of Wicked Waffle

Taking two years to perfect their recipe, this restaurant offers light and fluffy gluten-free waffles for guests with dietary needs. Using a specially designated waffle iron, their ingredients include rice flour, eggs, tapioca starch and corn meal. Be sure to talk to staff when it comes to filings and toppings as not all are gluten-free. As if the waffles aren't enough, the restaurant also offers a number of savory sandwiches, sweet treats, delicious soups and side dishes. They have a second location in Bethesda at the Westfield Montgomery Mall.

Now here is a lobby group in the district that everyone can enjoy! Advocating for guest sweet tooth rights, this Barracks Row delight brings elegant French macarons to the masses including those with gluten dietary needs. Made with five ingredients or less, these colorful culinary delicacies come in a wide variety of flavors from basic chocolate and vanilla to more exotic tastes like pecan praline, green tea chestnut and passion fruit. Don't leave without checking out their other mouth-watering menu items including cupcakes, madeleines, shortbread, éclairs', mediants.

This destination is heaven for those who crave both sugary treats and crafty caffeinated concoctions. Any type of baked good you can think of â€" they offer: biscotti, breakfast breads and coffee cakes, brownies, muffins, pies and quiche to name a few. They even serve zillabonez â€" baked goods for dogs. You will want to try their savory 'cakecups.' The gluten-free chipper is the one you will want to pounce on which features vanilla cake with mini chocolate chips and topped off with vanilla buttercream frosting. Some even come with hilarious names like Unicorns & Rainbows featuring vanilla and confetti mix, Pretty Bitchin' showcasing chocolate flavor with crunchy peanut butter frosting and Elvis Impersonator offering banana flavor with peanut butter frosting and drizzled chocolate.

Sweet Crimes
Photo courtesy of Sweet Crimes

A creative baker since she was a kid, Keri Lijinsky discovered how hard it was to find delicious baked goods after discovering she was gluten intolerant. Spending years perfecting her gluten-free recipes, she opened Sweet Crimes in April 2016 featuring cakes, cookies, donuts, pies, loaf cakes and more. Now before you go running out of the door to purchase, Sweet Crimes does not have a brick and mortar shop but can be ordered online and shipped throughout the continental United States. For those that are local, folks may pick up at Mess Hall in Northeast or head to Uncommon Grounds, Killer ESP and Songbyrd Music House.

Finding delicious gluten-free baked items can be tough but look no further than this bakery. Making all items from scratch, classic French pastries have been transformed into gluten-free treats using products such as eggs, butter, cream, premium chocolate, and fruit. The menu is mouth-watering and many items â€" cakes, cookies, cupcakes and pies to name a few â€" offer multiple flavor selections. They even sell different flour blends for customers to use at home. Sometimes, they sell out of an item so be sure to call the bakery before coming in to check a product's availability.

Rise Bakery
Photo courtesy of Rise Bakery

When people who need gluten-free options go to restaurants, they usually must comb through the menu to discover one or two options available. That's not the case at this Adams Morgan venue because everything is gluten-free here. Owner Mike Koritko was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease in 2004 so he decided to open his bakery in 2014 to give residents with food allergies an expansive menu of choices including croissants, cupcakes, cookies, pies and pastries. Looking for vegan options as well? No problem. They have taken favorite gluten-free options and created vegan versions including banana nut bread, blueberry muffin, carrot cake and nutty vegan bar.


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